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Inquest reopens after coroner views secret files

lurganlandmine.jpg The North’s most senior coroner John Leckey has revealed that new evidence had been uncovered in top secret Crown force files regarding an IRA attack in 1982.

Published October 31, 2008

Anti-Irish penal law challenged

judges.jpg A British ban on the use of the Irish language in courts in the North which stretches back to 1737 was challenged this week.

Published October 31, 2008

New republican unity project launched

32csmirsp.jpg A number of different republican groups have said they will join forces to explore a united approach in future.

Published October 31, 2008

Republicans to protest RIR triumphalism

rirmarch.jpg Sinn Féin and eirigi are to stage separate protests against a British Army parade through Belfast city centre on Sunday week.

Published October 24, 2008

Riots in Armagh as SAS men testify

burningbus.jpg Shots were fired during serious riots in Craigavon and Lurgan, both in north County Armagh, on Wednesday night.

Published October 24, 2008

DUP claim permanent veto on Justice Ministry

mcguinnessrobinson.jpg Fresh disagreement has emerged between the DUP and Sinn Féin over the selection of a future justice minister, with the DUP claiming a unionist veto over the choice into perpetuity.

Published October 24, 2008

Retrial ordered in sectarian murder trial

mcilveen.jpg The trial of six Ballymena youths facing charges arising out of the sectarian murder of Catholic schoolboy Michael ‘Mickey Bo’ McIlveen in May 2006 was dramatically halted and the jury dismissed yesterday [Thursday].

Published October 24, 2008

Long Kesh stadium in doubt

kesh.jpg The DUP’s Gregory Campbell indicated this week that plans to build a multi-sports stadium at the site of the Long Kesh prison have been scrapped.

Published October 24, 2008

Govt wins crucial budget vote

A vote in the Dublin parliament on proposed cutbacks was carried by the coalition government with a reduced majority of seven votes tonight.

Published October 22, 2008

Dublin govt under threat amid budget backlash

Brian Cowen may be forced to back down on elements of last week’s budget amid signs that the stability of his 26-County coalition government is under threat.

Published October 20, 2008

Arms cache found as UDA get cash

udauvf.jpg Scores of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were discovered by accident this week in a loyalist area of north Belfast as it emerged that UDA death-squads are receiving huge cash hand-outs from the Stormont administration.

Published October 17, 2008

US envoy in crisis talks

dobriansky.jpg The US government’s special envoy to the north of Ireland met northern political leaders this week in a bid to avert the collapse of the Stormont administration.

Published October 17, 2008

‘Get out of jail card’ for Murray

paddymurray.jpg A suspected British Crown ‘agent provocateur’ has simply walked out of Maghaberry Prison in the North.

Published October 17, 2008

Omagh bomb inquiry motion blocked

omaghbomb.jpg An Assembly motion calling for full disclosure of information received by the British and Irish intelligence agencies about the 1998 Omagh bomb was rejected by the North’s two main unionist parties this week.

Published October 17, 2008

Empey in pact with extremist

allisterempey.jpg The Ulster Unionist Party has agreed a joint “strategy” with unionist hardliner Jim Allister to try to ensure that two unionists are returned as MEPs in next June’s European elections in the North of Ireland.

Published October 17, 2008

Budget 2009 - Main points

The main points of the 26-County state budget for 2009, presented this afternoon by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan,

Published October 14, 2008

‘Budget from hell’ warning

Ministers in the 26-County government have admitted that tomorrow’s budget will be a tough one, impacting on everyone, and that major tax increases are on the cards.

Published October 13, 2008

Robinson in bitter personal attack on Adams

DUP leader Peter Robinson directed a stream of invective against Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams tonight in the clearest sign yet that the political stalemate gripping the North is at breaking point.

Published October 11, 2008

Obama backs Finucane inquiry

obama.jpg US presidential candidate Barack Obama has backed calls for an inquiry into the murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane.

Published October 10, 2008

Fermanagh attack claimed

wattlebridge.jpg Two republican groups have separately claimed responsibility for a roadside device which targeted the PSNI police in County Fermanagh this week.

Published October 10, 2008


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