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Deck-chairs on the Titanic

deckchairs.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen is facing a potential rebellion among his own backbenchers after a reshuffle of his cabinet of Ministers was widely criticised as inadequate in the face of Ireland’s economic crisis.

Published March 25, 2010

Anger at British tactics on Bloody Sunday

bloodysundayredacted.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has told British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that further delays in publishing the Bloody Sunday report are unacceptable.

Published March 25, 2010

Court to hear amnesty question

gerrymcgeoughposter.jpg A senior loyalist is to be called to give evidence at the trial of a former IRA prisoner following claims that the British government agreed a secret ‘amnesty’ for the IRA and loyalist pamilitaties.

Published March 25, 2010

Church struggles with abuse inquiry calls

bishopjohnmagee.jpg The resignation of Bishop John Magee as Bishop of Cloyne has been described as “too little, too late” by victims of clerical child abuse in Ireland amid calls for a root-and-branch investigation into the Catholic church.

Published March 25, 2010

‘No more cover-ups’, Policing Board told

shoottokillpics.jpg Eight families of collusion victims have met with the Policing Board to express concern at a decision to transfer investigation of the north Belfast murders away from the Historic Enquiries Team (HET) to the PSNI’s Serious Crime Branch.

Published March 25, 2010

British practise war on Derry coast

britishmortars.jpg A Sinn Fein councillor is calling on the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) to pack up and leave Magilligan base in the northwest of county Derry to let residents live in peace.

Published March 25, 2010

MI5 blocks Bloody Sunday report

bloodysunday2.jpg The long-awaited report into the British Army Bloody Sunday massacre will not be released by the current British government, it has emerge

Published March 22, 2010

British MPs criticise Omagh secrecy

omaghbomb.jpg A committee of the Westminster parliament in London has criticised British prime minister Gordon Brown over his refusal to reveal what British military intelligence knew about the August 1998 Omagh bombing.

Published March 22, 2010

Gun attack follows wave of alerts

bombsquad.jpg There was a burst of activity by republican armed groups across the North at the weekend. The most serious incident saw a number of shots fired at the PSNI on Saturday during a bomb alert near the rail line outside Newry.

Published March 22, 2010

Donnelly ends Maghaberry hunger strike

garydonnelly.jpg Jailed Derry republican Gary Donnelly was ended his hunger strike protest after his demand to be housed with other republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail was granted.

Published March 22, 2010

Miscarriage of justice overturned

christywalsh.jpg A West Belfast man has told how his life was ruined as he struggled to overturn a miscarriage of justice imposed by a non-jury Diplock court in a trial 20 years ago.

Published March 22, 2010

Warning over worsening strike situation

passportofficeq.jpg A backlog of more than 40,000 passport applications has arisen as a result of industrial action by public sector workers in the 26 Counties, which this week is set to be joined by the Garda police.

Published March 22, 2010

Irish leaders meet US President Obama

The North’s political leaders have invited Barack Obama to the Six Counties after meeting the US president in the White House to discuss the political situation in the region.

Published March 17, 2010

Cardinal accused of cover-up

cardinalbrady.jpg The head of the Catholic church in Ireland, Sean Brady, is resisting intense calls for his resignation following revelations about his involvement in an 1975 church inquiry into child sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth, in which two children were forced to take a vow of secrecy.

Published March 15, 2010

Donnelly mounts hunger protest

garydonnellyprotest.jpg A prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, Gary Donnelly, is refusing food at Maghaberry jail in protest at what he said is attempt to criminalise him by prison authorities.

Published March 15, 2010

‘Acceptable level of violence’ - Orde

hughorde.jpg Former PSNI Hugh Orde has come under widespread criticism after he said republican armed actions were at an “acceptable level”.

Published March 15, 2010

Prosecutors under pressure

alasdairfraser.jpg The north’s most senior prosecutor is under pressure to quit after being forced to review a controversial decision by the Robert Hamill inquiry.

Published March 15, 2010

Adams and McGuinness in St Patrick’s Day trip

adamsmcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are currently visiting the United States as part of their annual St Patrick’s Day trip, the highlight of which will be a meeting with US President Brack Obama at the White House.

Published March 15, 2010

Wheelock family may take case to Europe

terencewheelock.jpg The family of Terence Wheelock have released photos of injuries he is believed to have suffered in garda custody as they called for a public inquiry into his death.

Published March 15, 2010

Hamill inquiry calls for prosecution

An inquiry into the murder of Robert Hamill has urged the North’s Prosecution Service to “urgently reconsider” a decision not to prosecute a retired member of the PSNI (formerly RUC) police

Published March 12, 2010


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