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McGurk’s families take up legal challenge

mcgurksvictims.jpg The families of victims of the 1971 McGurk’s bar bombing have lodged papers at the High Court in Belfast challenging both the PSNI and the police ombudsman over failings in the recent handling of the case.

Published December 9, 2011

History comes knocking

covenant2.jpg A massive unionist rally is being organised to mark the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant.

Published December 9, 2011

Budget taxes unveiled

noonanbudget.jpg An announcement of new taxes in the Dublin parliament has brought confirmation that those living on low and middle incomes will be the main victims of the 26-County government’s austerity program.

Published December 6, 2011

Families, elderly, students hit by budget cuts

howlinbudget2012.jpg Sinn Fein has accused the Fine Gael/Labour overnment of targeting the vulnerable and low and middle income families with the same failed austerity budgetary measures as pursued by Fianna Fail.

Published December 5, 2011

Police killings shelved

shoottokill1982.jpg A total of 49 cases in which members of the RUC/PSNI police were responsible for extra-judicial killings have been consigned to a “legal limbo”, according to reports.

Published December 2, 2011

Coalition frays ahead of budget

tommybroughan.jpg Tommy Broughan, who represented Dublin North-East in the Dail, has been expelled from the Labour Party after he refused to support an extension of the bank guarantee.

Published December 2, 2011

Deaths of three Newry nationalists ‘a tragedy’

seanruddy.jpg The family of a teenager shot dead by the British Army 40 years ago said they hope a report into the killing will help them finally come to terms with the atrocity.

Published December 2, 2011

Dismay as Diplock judge endorses computer DNA test

trueallele.jpg There was disappointment but little surprise for justice campaigners this week when a judge declared in Antrim Crown Court that controversial DNA evidence, never before allowed in a British of Irish court, was “reliable and acceptable”.

Published December 2, 2011

Convoy for the prisoners

powconvoy.jpg A ‘car convoy’ protest is planned for the weekend to draw attention to the crisis over the treatment of Irish political prisoners at Maghaberry jail in County Armagh.

Published December 2, 2011

O Donnghaile issues apology over royal award ceremony

odonnghailemayor.jpg The mayor of Belfast, Sinn Fein’s Niall O Donnghaile, has been condemned by unionists for not presenting a Duke of Edinburgh award to a British Army cadet at a ceremony in Belfast.

Published December 2, 2011

The DNA of a frame-up

duffyshiverscourt.jpg There is growing concern that the trial of two men for the Real IRA attack on Massareene British Army base two years ago, currently underway, could result in a major miscarriage of justice.

Published November 25, 2011

Public urged to support prison camp-out

maghaberrymural.jpg A 24-hour rally and fast is to take place overnight this Friday night, November 25th, at the gates of Maghaberry prison.

Published November 25, 2011

Protests over PSNI visits to Croke Park, schools

psniplastic.jpg A football match later today [Friday] involving the PSNI police at the Croke Park headquarters of the GAA is to be protested by Republican Sinn Fein.

Published November 25, 2011

Coalition seen using leaks to plan cuts, taxes

imfprotest2011.jpg Dublin cabinet ministers have engaged in widespread leaks this week in an attempt to ‘soften the blow’ of the worst austerity measures and to see how palatable other budget measures were.

Published November 25, 2011

Christmas is recruitment season for British spooks

mi5securityservice.jpg British military intelligence have attempted to lure a man across the border with the promise of cut-price Christmas toys in order to effect his arrest.

Published November 25, 2011

Long memories at Leinster House

martinferris.jpg A civil-war era spat broke out in the Dail this week when Kerry North-Limerick West Sinn Fein TD Martin Ferris sought to remove restrictions on prisoners released under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published November 25, 2011

No to Berlin’s budget

studentprotest1111.jpg It was revealed today that members of the German parliament have already discussed details of the forthcoming 26-County Budget, including a planned 2% hike in VAT (sales tax).

Published November 17, 2011

Ballymurphy delight at inquest news

ballymurphyhappy.jpg The families of 11 people killed during a 36-hour rampage by British paratroopers 40 years ago have described a decision to reopen inquests into ten of the deaths as “a very important step on our journey for truth”.

Published November 17, 2011

Price’s pardon document is ‘lost’, Britain claims

marianpricesquare.jpg A document which could free the North’s most famous female republican from jail has been lost by the British government, its Northern Ireland Office has said.

Published November 17, 2011

Pensioner battered by UDA gang

batteredgranny.jpg A pensioner who was attacked while trying to defend her son and grandson has described being held over a railing and punched in the face by a unionist paramilitary.

Published November 17, 2011


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