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Prisoners unite to oppose controlled movement

prisonergroups.jpg The three groups of republican prisoners inside Maghaberry jail, the main British prison in Ireland, have agreed that facilities and space should be shared among them and they have collectively issued a statement calling for the prison administration to recognise the new situation.

Published September 6, 2014

Justice hopes fade for Hamill family


A judge has said evidence of collusion in the sectarian mob murder of Robert Hamill is insufficient to put the accused on trial.

Published September 6, 2014

UDA groups target Catholics, seize arms

sturgeoninjuries.jpg A 22-year-old Catholic man is recovering in hospital after being beaten by a gang armed with iron bars and a hatchet in front of his partner and new baby.

Published August 30, 2014

DUP sees ‘no role’ for Hart

garyhart2.jpg Former US Senator Gary Hart this week met with politicians in the North and representatives from the Dublin and London governments as part of a new US peace effort in Ireland.

Published August 30, 2014

Released killer linked to gun attack

howcroft.jpg The family of two Catholic men murdered by a loyalist double killer have demanded to know why his ‘good behaviour’ release licence has not been revoked - despite being charged with two more attempted murders.

Published August 30, 2014

Thatcher said ‘Yes’ to Crumlin Road escapee, records show

donaldonnelly.jpg An IRA man who escaped prison more than 50 years ago was given a royal pardon by Margaret Thatcher’s government, official records from 1985 have revealed.

Published August 30, 2014

Further evidence of Kincora cover-up

briangemmell.jpg A former British Army intelligence officer has said he was ordered to stop investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at a boys’ home in the Six Counties.

Published August 30, 2014

IRA ceasefire remembered, 20 years on

cavalcade.jpg Republicans have been looking back at the Provisional IRA's ceasefire, twenty years ago this week.

Published August 30, 2014

Gary Hart in new US peace effort

garyhart.jpg Former US Democrat presidential candidate Gary Hart is set to begin discussions next week with the Dublin and London governments in what is being seen as an attempt to again kick start peace talks in the Six Counties.

Published August 23, 2014

Wife of former prisoner denied US visa

wifevisa.jpg Decades after the IRA ceasefire, a former republican prisoner’s wife has been denied entry to the US because of her husband’s role in the IRA’s armed struggle.

Published August 23, 2014

New legislation ‘to imprison an idea’ - RSF

desdaltonardfheis.jpg Republican Sinn Fein has condemned the announcement of draconian new laws in the 26 Counties which appear designed to prevent any increase in support for militant republicanism ahead of the anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

Published August 23, 2014

‘Tit-for-tat’ actions in Derry

strandroadpsnibig.jpg Two hoax bomb incidents in Derry this week have been linked to a series of heavy-handed PSNI raids and arrests in the city.

Published August 23, 2014

Legal actions by families of IRA men

peterclearyalanlundy.jpg The elderly mother of an unarmed IRA Volunteer shot dead by the British Army almost 40 years ago is to sue Britain’s military authorities.

Published August 23, 2014

Parade escalates tensions, but progress seen

rasharkinparade2014.jpg A loyalist parade in a County Antrim village on Friday night breached Parades Commission determinations on numerous occasions, but passed off without violence.

Published August 23, 2014

Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds has died

albertreynolds.jpg Former 26-County Taoiseach Albert Reynolds died in the early hours of this morning following a long illness. He was 81 years old.

Published August 21, 2014

Fitting tribute for republican veteran

tonycatneyfuneral.jpg A furore has arisen over the funeral of well-known republican and former IRA PoW Tony Catney, who died on Saturday after a long battle of cancer. The funeral featured a military-style honour guard.

Published August 16, 2014

Civil rights campaigners hold successful march

ailmarch2014.jpg An anti-internment march passed through Belfast city centre without major violence last weekend, although two people were injured by loyalists who threw fireworks and other missiles at the annual demonstration.

Published August 16, 2014

Loyalists express anger over political leadership

UDAarson.jpg There are fears that loyalist paramilitaries may again ratchet up violence after a spokesperson for one of their biggest murder gangs said the response by unionist politicians to recent marching decisions had “fallen short”.

Published August 16, 2014

Craigavon Two campaign mulls options

craigavon2meeting.jpg A packed lecture room at St Mary’s College in Belfast this week heard John Finucane, the son of murdered Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane, again raise serious questions about the evidence presented by the prosecution in the case of the Craigavon Two.

Published August 16, 2014

Villiers castigated at Ballymurphy vigil

ballymurphyvigil.jpg The British Direct Ruler Theresa Villiers has been condemned for ruling out calls for an inquiry into the Ballymurphy killings during a vigil last Sunday marking the 43rd anniversary of the deaths.

Published August 16, 2014


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