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Patriots and traitors

pearsecowen.jpg Republicans are being urged to turn out in large numbers at Easter commemorations across the country this weekend to reassert “the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland” following shocking revelations of corruption and fraud in the Dublin parliament this week.

Published April 2, 2010

Adams linked to IRA actions

adamshughescages.jpg A new book published this week reveals details of controversial interviews given by legendary IRA figure Brendan ‘The Dark’ Hughes to Boston College in 2001 and 2002.

Published March 29, 2010

Deck-chairs on the Titanic

deckchairs.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen is facing a potential rebellion among his own backbenchers after a reshuffle of his cabinet of Ministers was widely criticised as inadequate in the face of Ireland’s economic crisis.

Published March 25, 2010

MI5 blocks Bloody Sunday report

bloodysunday2.jpg The long-awaited report into the British Army Bloody Sunday massacre will not be released by the current British government, it has emerge

Published March 22, 2010

Cardinal accused of cover-up

cardinalbrady.jpg The head of the Catholic church in Ireland, Sean Brady, is resisting intense calls for his resignation following revelations about his involvement in an 1975 church inquiry into child sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth, in which two children were forced to take a vow of secrecy.

Published March 15, 2010

Unionism divides as key vote passes

stormontpsni.jpg A historic vote in the Belfast Assembly has bolstered last month’s agreement at Hillsborough on policing and parades but led to renewed divisions between the two main unionist parties in the North.

Published March 11, 2010

UUP rejects ‘dysfunctional’ Stormont

uupmlas.jpg Senior Ulster Unionists have said that they will not be supporting the deal to devolve policing powers from London to Belfast at a crucial vote in the Six-County Assembly at Stormont tomorrow.

Published March 8, 2010

Massacre inquiry ‘pointless’ - Ford

davidford.jpg Victims of Bloody Sunday have expressed outrage at comments by the proposed future Six County Justice Minister David Ford in which he said the Saville inquiry into the killings was “pointless”.

Published March 4, 2010

Dirty war in Derry

ciarandoherty.jpg The family of Ciaran Doherty said he had been under “continuous harassment” from the British secret service (MI5) in the months before he was shot last week.

Published March 1, 2010

Real IRA bomb

newrycourtbomb.jpg The dissident ‘Real IRA’ has been linked to the massive car bomb that exploded outside the courthouse in Newry, County Armagh on Monday night.

Published February 26, 2010

Cold war in Armagh

keadyvan.jpg A marathon Crown force operation has followed the abandonment of a mortar rocket inside a van near the PSNI barracks in Keady in south Armagh on Friday.

Published February 22, 2010

A smear too far

willieodeaworried.jpg The 26-County Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea has resigned in a scandal arising from his attempts to smear a Sinn Fein election rival.

Published February 18, 2010

Sword of Damocles

orangeordersword.jpg DUP leader Peter Robinson signed a post-dated letter of resignation as First Minister to secure his party’s support for local policing and justice in the north of Ireland, it has emerged.

Published February 15, 2010

Crucial weeks for parades

paradesworkinggroup.jpg Both the DUP and Sinn Fein have drawn a line in the sand on the issue of sectarian marches as a working group set up under last week’s agreement at Hillsborough held its first discussions on the issue.

Published February 11, 2010

INLA’s leap of faith

inladisarms.jpg The announcement by the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) that it has decommissioned its weapons has been strongly welcomed by the main political parties in Ireland but greeted with condemnation by hardline republican groups and mixed reactions from its own supporters.

Published February 8, 2010

DUP seeks side deal

brownrobinson.jpg Negotiations have ended between Sinn Fein and the DUP but unionists are understood to be continuing to hold private talks with the British government in a bid to ensure sectarian Orange Order parades are forced through nationalist communities.

Published February 4, 2010

Talks enter second week

nightpressconference.jpg Both Sinn Fein and the DUP have said progress has been made in their labyrinthine negotiations over the implementation of the 2006 St Andrews Agreement, and confirmed that the talks will conclude shortly.

Published February 1, 2010

‘It’s not over yet’ - Adams

plenarytalks.jpg Transferring policing and justice powers from the London government to the Belfast administration cannot be held hostage to unionist demands on contentious sectarian parades, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams warned today.

Published January 28, 2010

Now or never

critical.jpg Martin McGuinness has said Sinn Fein has fulfilled its obligations in government and is now insisting unionists and the two government do the same to avoid a political crisis.

Published January 25, 2010

Pan-unionist front

empeycameronrobinson.jpg Secret talks have been taking place between the DUP, Ulster Unionist Party and the British Conservatives which could bolster unionist domination in the north of Ireland for generations to come, it has emerged.

Published January 21, 2010


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