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Historic handshake

handshakegeneral.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has revealed that he has shaken hands with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness and suggested that he could be reinstated as First Minister within two weeks.

Published January 18, 2010

Process fights back

cowenbrown.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen and British prime minister Gordon Brown declared “early completion” of the devolution of policing and justice powers to the North is achievable despite the turmoil within unionism over the Iris Robinson affair.

Published January 14, 2010

Scandal overwhelms Stormont

stormontscandal.jpg The Belfast Assembly at Stormont was in disarray today as the DUP leader Peter Robinson stepped down temporarily as First Minister following revelations of an affair between his wife Iris, and a 19-year-old youth.

Published January 11, 2010

Strange family Robinson

peteririsrobinson.jpg An unprecendented scandal has embroiled the DUP leader Peter Robinson, and his wife, Iris, who has admitted having an extra-marital affair with a teenage youth.

Published January 8, 2010

British fury over IRA attacks

thatcherlynch.jpg British diplomats complained bitterly in secret about the lack of security provided by the 26-County authorities for British admiral, ‘Lord’ Mountbatten, following his assassination by the IRA, historical papers have revealed.

Published January 2, 2010

Abuse questions mount

liamgerryadams.jpg There have been calls for an inquiry into the police handling of abuse allegations against Gerry Adams’s brother Liam, while the Sinn Fein President has also come under pressure.

Published December 28, 2009

Turmoil for Adams

ainetyrellliamadams.jpg Gerry Adams has spoken of how his late father abused family members when they were children following an explosive family fall-out which has deeply embarrassed the Sinn Fein President.

Published December 21, 2009

Catholic church in crisis

archbishopmartin.jpg The Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has admitted the Catholic church in Ireland is facing a “deep crisis” despite the resignation of the scandalised Bishop of Limerick, Donal Murray.

Published December 17, 2009

Stormont pantomine plays out

xmaspanto.jpg The North’s leaders Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness clashed in public today as the problems at the heart of the power-sharing government were air

Published December 14, 2009

A bankrupt budget

budget2010.jpg There has been a furious response to the Dublin government’s decision to reduce social welfare payments and cut the pay of the lowest-paid public service workers in its annual statement of economic policy.

Published December 10, 2009

Social partnership collapses

uniontalks.jpg The Garda police in the 26 Counties are to hold an illegal ballot to join state-wide strike actions following the collapse in pay talks between the Dublin government and Ireland’s main public sector trade unions.

Published December 7, 2009

Confusion and anger as budget looms

cowentongue.jpg The Dublin government has been accused of dithering and weakness after it backed away from a potential deal with the public service trade unions to avert strike action.

Published December 3, 2009

Stormont doubts grow

cowenbrown.jpg The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the 26-County Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, met again in London today [Monday] for talks on the deadlock over the devolution of policing and justice powers to Belfast.

Published November 30, 2009

Govt apologises over abuse, blames church

dermotahern.jpg The Dublin government this afternoon apologised for “failures” by the State in dealing with clerical child abuse and said the “deference” shown to the church in this regard had been “misplaced”.

Published November 26, 2009

Road to conflict?

burntcarclarendon.jpg There have been warnings that armed struggle could once again begin to fill the political vacuum following two incidents in Fermanagh and Belfast involving the breakaway IRA groups.

Published November 23, 2009

Police statelet

marianprice.jpg The PSNI has ramped up a campaign of political arrests with the detention of Marian Price, the National Secretary of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Published November 19, 2009

Maghaberry tense after ‘lock down’

maghaberry.jpg A number of republican prisoners were denied food for more than 48 hours as a ‘lock down’ and search took place at Maghaberry Prison late last week and over the weekend.

Published November 16, 2009

Informer claim denied

kevinmcquillan.jpg A one-time leading member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party has denied he was a top-level informer.

Published November 12, 2009

Govts put on notice

dayofaction.jpg Tens of thousands of workers took to the streets across Ireland on Friday in a mass display of discontent with the policies of the Six and Twenty-Six County administrations.

Published November 9, 2009

Attack on Britain planned - IMC

imc.jpg An official state propoganda agency has claimed that Irish republicans are committed to launching an attack in Britain “if the opportunity emerges”.

Published November 5, 2009


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