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denied bail

Judge Nicholson, sitting in the High Court in Belfast, refused bail to Sinn Féin Assembly administrator Denis Donaldson on Wednesday, citing "unchallengeable hearsay from Special Branch". more

Brophy beats trumped up charges

Charges of riotous behaviour against North Belfast Sinn Féin councillor Gerard Brophy were thrown out of a Belfast court on Wednesday.

People's needs a low priority

Finance minister Charlie McCreevy's budget estimates were a battery of cutbacks that struck at the weakest in society.

British attempting to cover-up killings

On Tuesday 19 November, another preliminary hearing into the scheduling of four inquests opened at Cookstown Court House.

Short Strand video launched as attacks resume

A community-made video highlighting the ongoing unionist paramilitary campaign of violence against the Short Strand has been launched.

Trimble's tongue betrays him

Even by the epic standards of hypocrisy normally set by unionism, Trimble's latest outpourings on the 26 Counties have reached a new and transcendent level.

Leaks, double standards and the new Deputy Chief Constable

When is a 'leak' not a 'leak? Easy. When it's a press conference fronted by the Deputy Chief Constable Alan McQuillan. LAURA FRIEL writes.

New Lodge Six Inquiry

Almost 30 years after the killing of six men by the British Army and the UDA in the New Lodge area of Belfast, a community inquiry has been established.

Commander 'assumed' killings were in self defence

The former commander of British troops in Derry at the time of Bloody Sunday is giving testimony to the Saville Inquiry.

Current crisis most serious since Agreement was achieved - Adams

Sinn Féin is not persuaded that the two governments are dealing with the current crisis with the urgency it deserves.

Move to take the London out of Derry

Derry Sinn Féin councillor Barney O'Hagan has proposed a motion for the next city council meeting on Tuesday to officially change the name of the city to Derry.

Dangerous fantasy

JIM GIBNEY on Operation Torsion, the plan to capture the IRA's 'Director of Intelligence'.

Louth remembers brave Volunteers

This Sunday will see the annual commemoration for Sean O'Carroll and Patrick Tierney, two young IRA volunteers murdered by Black and Tans in 1920.

Durkan backs McBride campaign

SDLP leader Mark Durkan has pledged support to the McBride family in their campaign to have the two killer British soldiers discharged from the British Army.

Joe Cahill sells out in Monaghan

Lifelong republican Joe Cahill was in Monaghan on Saturday last to sign copies of his recently published biography: Joe Cahill, A Life in the IRA.

Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes

Amnesty International says there is clear evidence that acts committed by the Israeli Army during 'Operation Defensive Shield' were war crimes.

Basque picket in London

A joint picket was held last weekend outside the Spanish Embassy in London by the Basque Campaign in London and the Wolfe Tone Society.

Former Beirut hostage visits Castlerea POWs

A group from Warrington accompanied by Terry Waite visited Castlerea Prison in Roscommon recently.

Paul Hill will travel to Colombia to observe trial

The Bring Them Home Campaign has announced that miscarriage of justice victim Paul Hill will join the Bring Them Home Campaign when they travel to Colombia on 28 November.

Open prison sale must be used for housing

Sinn Féin's representative for Dún Laoghaire, has called on the county council to buy Shanganagh Open Prison.

Ferris grills Minister on fishing

Martin Ferris questioned the Minister for the Marine in the Dáil on Tuesday on how the government proposes to protect the Irish fishing industry.

Refuse International Criminal Court immunity

A bilateral agreement between Ireland and the United States could give US citizens immunity from the International Criminal Court.

New Sinn Féin cumann in Louth

A new Sinn Féin cumann in Louth to cover the Omeath, Carlingford, Greenore, Cooley and Ravensdale area was established on Thursday 7 November.

Embassy dinosaurs still fighting Thatcher's war

Gerry Adams, Richard McAuley and Rita O'Hare have just returned from another and highly successful trip to America.

Dáil urged to widen terms of reference of Morris Tribunal

The Sinn Féin spokesperson for Justice and Equality has called on the Dáil to support the McBrearty family's demand for the widening of the terms of reference of the Morris Tribunal.

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