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Child victim of loyalist feud

A fresh wave of loyalist violence broke out on Tuesday night, 29 August, and spread across the North. more

Stoneyford Mark II

Files compiled by British intelligence containing the details of more than 80 nationalists have fallen into the hands of loyalist death squads.

H Block trio still face extradition

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has issued an order requesting supplemental briefs regarding the prison release program of three republican prisoners.

Brighton Bomb was a turning point - Magee

Former republican prisoner Pat Magee has spoken publicly about his support for the peace process.

Twelfth Desmond Greaves Summer School

Last weekend marked the occasion of the 12th Desmond Greaves Summer School at the Irish Labour History Museum in Dublin - ``Ireland's only critical political summer school.''

MacManus wants waste plan scrapped

Sinn Féin Alderman Sean MacManus has tabled a motion to Sligo County Council to void the decision to adopt the Connaught Draft Waste Management Plan.

Untold story of EIB fiasco

The political debacle over the Hugh O'Flaherty nomination rumbles on.

Hume to resign Assembly seat

SDLP leader John Hume announced on Wednesday that he is to resign his seat in the Six-County Assembly.

Six-County passport offices on the way

Unionists have launched a fresh campaign to block Irish passport offices in Belfast and Derry.

The real reason McCreevy should resign

At least one in five 26-County citizens are living in poverty in the midst of the longest ever period of economic growth and wealth creation, argues Robbie MacGabhann.

Killing for Rangers

As Celtic hammered Rangers 6-2 last Sunday, the moment for Mick Derrig of Parkhead was spoiled.

Blair has just one chance on policing

In an address to party activists in Strabane at the weekend, Sinn Féin national chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin addressed the vexed issue of policing.

Springfield Road residents living in fear

Several people were injured by stones and glass on Tuesday when a loyalist mob of 20 people launched a fresh spate of attacks on residents of the Springfield Road.

Charges against Stobie changed

The murder charge against loyalist William Stobie in connection with the killing of leading human rights solicitor Pat Finucane has been reduced.

Crowe exposes illegal asbestos dump

A factory unit in Whitestown Industrial Estate in Tallaght is being used as an illegal asbestos dump.

900 jobs for North Belfast

There was good news at last for North Belfast last week after an 11 million high-tech investment package.

Protests against Clinton's Colombia visit

Demonstrations across the United States and around the world took place to coincide with US President Bill Clinton's trip to Cartagena, Colombia.

Artists protest pylon vandalism

Members of Altan and Clannad performed at a successful fund-raising event organised by the Alternatives to Poles and Pylons (ATP) group in Donegal.

Residents reclaim Dunville Park

Residents of the lower Falls Road organised a major clean-up operation of Dunville Park in West Belfast.

Vested housing interests must be tackled

The Supreme Court has decided that developers can be made to devote 20% of their land to social and affordable low cost housing.

McAleese an `EU propagandist'

President Mary McAleese has came under strong criticism for her active support for EU propaganda campaigns in Eastern Europe.

Newry voters disenfranchised

Hundreds of voters in Newry/South Armagh could be struck off the electoral register after problems with voter registration forms.

Supreme Court ruling legalises discrimination

Asylum seekers suffered a major setback this week with the Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of the `Illegal Immigrants (Trafficking) Bill.

Mayor of Belfast fails nationalists

The silence of Belfast Mayor Sammy Wilson about the destruction of Catholic-owned property has been slammed by an Upper Falls Sinn Féin councillor.

Government accused of bowing to landlords

Sligo Sinn Féin Councillor Arthur Gibbons has attacked the 26-County government for refusing to introduce strict rent control.

Thousands are Sailing - Ireland's emigrant legacy

The Wolfe Tone Society has organised a day of commemoration of post-war emigration to England to be held in Camden Irish Centre on 9 September.

Development Plan is not bridging East-West gap

The National Development Plan (NDP) is failing to tackle the growing gap in economic growth between the East and West of Ireland.

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