Republican News · Thursday 31 August 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Mayor of Belfast fails nationalists

The silence and sheer hypocrisy of Belfast Mayor Sammy Wilson about the destruction of Catholic-owned property has been slammed by an Upper Falls Sinn Féin councillor.

``While accepting office, Sammy Wilson made the claim that he would work on behalf of all the people of Belfast,'' said Councillor Michael Browne. ``It has to be said that by his performance to this point, he never had any intention of serving nationalist citizens of Belfast.''

``In a period that has witnessed a sustained loyalist assault on Catholic people living in North and West Belfast, Sammy Wilson hasn't even commented on the attacks:''

``From his silence, it is not unreasonable to conclude that his sympathies most certainly do not rest with those nationalists who have had homes and property destroyed by loyalists.

``Given his own past sectarian ranting and his one time description of the people living in the area which has borne the brunt of recent attacks as ``sub human monsters'' perhaps Sammy Wilson has come to believe that he might have difficulty distancing himself from what is now going on.''

Loyalist sword attack

A Belfast teenager was attacked by a two angry loyalists wielding swords in a sectarian assault in an Indian restaurant on Sunday morning, 27 August.

The teenager and a friend were also beaten by the two men as they fled into the kitchen of the Tandoori House take-away in Glengormley, on the outskirts of Belfast, in the early hours of the morning.

One of the victims received five staples for a facial injury after being struck by the sword, and both youths were badly bruised.

One of the teenagers described how one of the attackers boasted about how he was going to ``cut someone's head off''. His friend then added: ``there's two *****s there we can get''.

The man with the sword swung it at his friend's head and hit him above the ear.

They then started beating and kicking the young boys until they were on the ground. According to one of the boys, the two men had ``Ulster'' tattoos and one had a UDA tattoo.

One of the young boys is now too afraid to go out. The teenager was previously the victim of a sectarian attack two years ago, when he was hospitalised after being beaten by men with baseball bats in Rathcoole.

Assault during Black parade

Despite reports of peaceful parades, loyal order marches were again the scene of attacks on Saturday, 26 August.

A Ballymena woman was lucky to escape serious mob attack when the sectarian march made its way through the town.

She was assaulted as she tried to cross the road during the parade. She managed to fend off her attacker with her handbag and needed medical treatment.

The assault took place as thousands of Royal Black Institution brethren paraded across the North.

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