Republican News · Thursday 31 August 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Sligo mast opposed

Meanwhile, The Mayor of Sligo, Sinn Féin Alderman Sean MacManus, has slammed the latest proposals by Eircell to erect a mobile phone mast in Dromore West, in County Sligo. He also called on the government to place a ban on constructing these masts near where people live until a thorough and independent investigation has been carried out into the health and safety dangers posed by living or working close to these masts.

MacManus said: ``The health and safety of local communities must be put before the profits of these wealthy mobile phone companies and it is time that the government acted accordingly. Once again we see Eircell attempting to ride roughshod over a small community in County Sligo with no consideration being given to the rights and concerns of the people who will have to live with the consequences of this mast being imposed upon them. The people of Dromore West have made clear their total opposition to such unwanted masts in their midst and this must be respected and adhered to by Eircell and the planning authority.''

He added: ``At the end of July, Sligo Corporation, on foot of a Sinn Féin motion, called for the Government to place a ban on erecting any further masts in or near residential areas until a complete and independent investigation is held to investigate fully the dangers posed to health and safety by living or working close to these masts. I would now urge all public representatives throughout the region to publicly support this demand. In particular, there is an onus on Fianna Fail TDs, Senators and county councillors to exert pressure on the government to ensure that such a ban is introduced sooner rather than later. They must also ensure that government plans to increase the powers of the phone companies to compulsorily purchase land for their masts will be abandoned.''

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