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IRA Statement

In its annual Easter message, the leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann has again avowed its commitment to republican objectives and the search for a durable peace. more

Landslide victory in West Tyrone

An energetic and determined election team was the key to Sinn Féin candidate Barry McElduff's spectacular election success.

British Sellafield cover-up

Louth Sinn Féin County Councillor Arthur Morgan has said that management reshuffles announced at British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) are a 'distraction'.

Soldiers hamper Divis rescue

British soldiers in Belfast delayed the rescue of a woman trapped in a lift for over an hour.

Quinlivan extradition ordered

Brixton escaper Nessan Quinlivan walked free from yet another prison this week.

Unionism's schism

The reasons behind David Trimble's announcement that he wishes his party to sever its links with the Orange Order may not become clear for some time, writes Fern Lane

Loyalist tension in Belfast

A heated argument between loyalists on the Shankill Road this week has further fuelled speculation of tensions between loyalist factions within Belfast city.

Helicopter attack on house

Sinn Féin is accuses the British Army of a cover up following a helicopter incident in Derry.

In the shadow of the enemy

A Strabane mother of two brothers shot dead by the British SAS is to mount a legal challenge against a proposed 40-meter-high military installation.

Mandelson snubs Washington Committee

British Direct Ruler in the Six Counties Peter Mandelson has snubbed the US House Committee on Inernational Relations.

Sectarian bank coughs up

Two women who were subjected to a campaign of sectarian abuse while employed by the Ulster Bank have received substantial damages.

ger at Belfast plaque

Relatives of people killed and maimed by the British Army and the RUC have expressed their anger at the wording of a plague unveiled in City Hall.

Parade decision welcomed

The proposed Easter Monday Apprentice Boys parade is to be rerouted away from the Lower Ormeau Road area.

Call for Passport Office in Belfast

Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin has called for an Irish passport office to be established in Belfast and in other regions.

Challenge the system of greed

The Sinn Féin Ard Fheis last week passed a resolution urging the cancelation of Third World debt.

Combat 18 in sectarian attacks

Thugs affiliated to the racist group Combat 18 are responsible for a wave of unprovoked attacks on Catholics in County Down.

London Friends back Agreement

The London-based group, Friends of the Good Friday Agreement, held its first major conference entitled `Making the Good Friday Agreement Work'

Troops Out demilitarisation call

At its Annual General Meeting last weekend, the Troops Out Movement (TOM) agreed to prioritise its `Demilitarise Ireland Campaign', which is supported by Tony Benn MP.

Gibney recalls political status campaign

Sinn Féin national director of campaigns Jim Gibney talks to Eoin O'Broin about his involvement in the campaign for political status.

Bik to launch new H Block CD

Music from the Blocks 2, a recording of 20 famous `jail songs' is being launched.

Don't panic - Profiteers at work

Falling share prices on US and European stock markets mean little to workers across the world.

Multicultural News

Ireland's first multicultural newspaper, Metro Eireann, was launched in the Mansion House on Monday.

Unions to fight dispersal policies

Over 400 people packed into Liberty Hall on Sunday to plan a campaign against discriminatory policies introduced for asylum seekers.

Govt `stroke' to legalise bin charges

The Dublin government rushed through all stages of a special Bill in less than three hours to impose refuse and other charges on householders.

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