Republican News · Thursday 20 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

trim's proud legacy

trim's Patriot Dead 1797-1953
Available at The Art Shop, Falls Road.

First published in the late 1950s, this pamphlet was intended as a fundraiser to get money for the Tom Williams' plot in Milltown cemetery.

Although out of print for a number of years, there has still been a demand for it, hence the decision by the Belfast National Graves Association to reprint it.

Dedicated to County Antrim's republican dead since before the 1798 Rebellion, the booklet gives details on the manner of death of the many republicans listed.

The last entry is to Brendan Boyle, who was killed in a premature explosion in July 1955. On his release from prison in the 26 Counties, Brendan had disagreements with the then leadership of the IRA and carried out `unofficial' operations against the British. It was during one of these operations that he lost his life.

The 1920s' period is probably the most interesting, as it details the deaths of numerous Volunteers at the hands of the newly formed RUC and its Special Constabulary. For that information alone, this booklet is worth reading.

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