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Thursday 28 May, 1998


Yes vote was for
real change

Last Friday's referenda results heralded a period of intense political activity. The next week's and months will decide whether the potential for a lasting peace will be realised. more

Rule 21 under fire

The Management Committee of the GAA will be putting a second motion on Rule 21 to the extraordinary Congress of the association to be held on Saturday.

Harryville nightmare ends

The loyalist mob which has been picketing the Catholic Church of Our Lady in Harryville, Ballymena have called off their protest after almost two years.

Sinn Fein visit to USA

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams and SF Director of Publicity Rita O'Hare flew out of Dublin on Wednesday to begin a four day visit to the USA.

A day in Dublin

Mícheál MacDonncha visited some contrasting political events in Dublin last Saturday

Residents warn of ``catastrophe''

Garvaghy Road Councillor Breandán Mac Cionnaith warned this week of ``possibly catastrophic circumstances'' if there is ``no attempt by the governments to resolve [the marching] problem.''

Counter the pandering to Unionism

In the north of Ireland, a majority is not a majority when it does not include a majority of unionists writes Laurence McKeown

Nationalists under siege

A number of nationalists in the Whitewell area of North Belfast were warned by the RUC last week that they are on a loyalist death squad list.

NIO try to gag prisoners

On Wednesday 20 May, just two days before the referendum, the NIO gave in to Unionist pressure and blocked home leave for prisoners in the H-Blocks.

The task ahead

Republicans can be forgiven for feeling a little cynical about the hype surrounding the result of last Friday's referenda, writes Sean Brady.

Racist attacks in Swords

A young couple and their children have been victims of an onslaught of racist attacks and intimidation in the Dublin suburb of Swords.

Basques demonstrate for dialogue

The Good Friday Agreement is now an example to follow for other countries. On Friday, more than 3000 Basques attended demonstrations organised by Herri Batasuna (HB), the Basque Socialist Independentist party.

Not yet, sir, not yet

Robert Emmet may need a good solicitor, to protect their intellectual rights and motives from serious misinterpretation after the past week, argues Eoghan Mac Cormaic

Memorial restored

At the re-dedication of the memorial to schoolgirl Carol Ann Kelly, Paul Butler called on the British government to recognise that those killed by the state have the right to truth.

Raymond McCreesh remembered

The 17th anniversary of the death of Volunteer Raymond McCreesh who died on hunger strike was remembered in his home village of Camloch, South Armagh.

LVF ready to return to murder

In a statement to the Toronto Star newspaper, the Loyalist Vounteer Force has declared that ``it is ready to return to violence'', despite their claims of being on ceasefire.

RUC block road calming

RUC objections to road calming measures have at last been pushed aside with the announcement that a traffic scheme is to go ahead in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast.

Lord Mayor's show rerouted

The Lord Mayor decided to reroute his show last Saturday because of protests by loyalists annoyed at the presence of a float by the Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group (LORAG).

Scots Guards' legal bid fails

The two Scots Guards, James Fisher and Mark Wright, who were convicted in 1992 of the murder of North Belfast teenager Peter McBride, have failed in their attempt to gain an early release in the High Court on Friday 23 May.

British soldier fires shot

A British soldier on patrol in South Armagh fired a shot into the air on Tuesday night, Toni Caraher, who lives nearby, told An Phoblacht.

SFY harass Special Branch

Dublin Sinn Féin Youth activists held a protest last Friday outside the Garda Special Branch headquarters in Harcourt Street, Dublin.

DHSS colluding with Crown Forces

Sinn Fein councillor, Michael Browne, has condemned a series of raids by DHSS officials in partnership with the RUC and British Army.

Not a wedding but a funeral

Labour Party leader Ruairi Quinn and Democratic Left leader Proinsias de Rossa are in discussions about the future of their parties.

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