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Thursday 18 June, 1998


Ready for government

The strong Yes vote for the Good Friday Agreement demonstrated a huge sense of hope throughout Ireland. The challenge now is to translate that vote into support for those parties committed to delivering real change. more

We Who Believe in Freedom

Sinn Féin's electoral strategy began 17 years ago during the 1981 hunger strikes. In a special extended feature, Laura Friel reflects on the terrible prison struggle which gave birth to the republican electoral strategy.

Bloody Sunday - Widgery Mark II?

Relatives of the people murdered by British paras on Bloody Sunday in Derry have expressed concern that the `independent' judicial inquiry headed by Lord Saville will go the same way as the now discredited Widgery Inquiry.

Murder bid on SF worker

A South Belfast Sinn Fein election worker narrowly escaped death last Thursday morning June 11 when four shots were fired at him as he was going to work.

Nationalists warned

Sinn Fein's Martina McIlkenny has called on nationalists to be aware of plainclothes British soldiers coming into their areas.

SF delegation slams McArdle brutalisation

A Sinn Féin delegation has condemned the systematic mental and physical torture to which Irish prisoner Séamus McArdle has been subjected.

UDA gun found in Dublin

A machine gun found two weeks ago by two boys in Dublin is believed to have originated in a shipment acquired by the UDA in the 1994/1995 period.

Basque repression intensifies

Toirleach Mac Eochaidh reports from the Basque Country about recent arrests and the death of an ETA Volunteer

FF/FG keep SF out of chair

Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Independent members from yet again kept the republican nominee out of the chair of Monaghan Urban District Council.

London republicans face the future

London-based republican activists gathered on Saturday 13 June for the Wolfe Tone Society's annual James Connolly/Bobby Sands commemoration.

A new era for human rights

A conference focusing on the interconnected issues of human rights and parades in light of the Good Friday document is being held on Saturday.

Targeting the unemployed

Meadbh Gallagher disputes Sunday Independent articles that Ireland's coalition government is about to come apart on the back of the Burke scandal.

A strange Orange outrage

Laura Friel looks at the Orange Order's reaction to the decision to re-route this year's `Tour of the North' march away from nationalist areas.

Freedom for sectarian harassment

South Antrim SF assembly candidate Martin Meehan welcomed Monday's decision by the Orange Order to postpone a planned band contest for 24 June in the town of Crumlin.

Connolly remembered in Edinburgh

On the 30 May nearly 1000 people, complete with Disband the RUC placards, attended the annual James Connolly commemoration in Edinburgh.

Volunteer Patrick Kelly honoured

Republicans last weekend remembered their comrade Volunteer Patrick Kelly who died a year ago as a result of neglect in English prisons.

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