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Thursday 16 April, 1998


SF membership to decide

As Sinn Féin delegates gather for their Ard Fheis in Dublin this weekend, the debate on last week's Agreement is gathering pace. more

Easter commemorations

A round-up of reports from dozens of 1916 commemorations across Ireland: Belfast, Armagh City, Portadown, Derrymacash, Lurgan, Cavan, Cork, Derry, The Loup, Swatragh, Castlewellan, Newry, Dublin, Leitrim, Louth, Drogheda, Dundalk, Navan, Monaghan, Sligo, Carrickmore, Loughmacrory, and Waterford

Lily Kempson - her fight for Irish freedom

The remarkable story of Lily Kempson, who fought in the Easter Rising of 1916 before emigrating to the U.S. northwest.

Untried paths - strange vistas

However you view the outcome of the multi-party talks which concluded on Good Friday there is absolutely no doubt that once again the Irish political landscape has been transformed, writes Micheal MacDonncha

Unionist disunity

On Wednesday afternoon the Grand Lodge of the Orange Order refused to endorse the Agreement in what was seen as a blow for the Trimble leadership of the UUP.

Seriously ill after loyalist attack

12 year old nationalist child David Goodall lies seriously ill in the Royal Victoria Hospital after being attacked by a loyalist mob.

British security chief to leave

An Phoblacht has learned that John Steele, Britain's Director for 'Policing and Security' in Ireland, will be leaving his post before the summer.

Watching the Unionists

There's still plenty of entertainment left in Ian Paisley, argues Brian Campbell

Roisín McAliskey returns home

After a 16 month ordeal in British custody Roisín McAliskey has finally returned home to County Tyrone with her ten month-old daughter Loinnir.

Nine POWs released

Nine republican prisoners were released on Tuesday night from Portlaoise Prison.

Ireland must be anti-racist

Marcas Conchúbair speaks to International Brigades veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Mick O'Riordan, about the growing racism in Irish society and the lessons from his own political experience

Removing the gum from Irish politics

People have become more and more given to the wearing of our heart on our lapels, writes Eoghan Mac Cormaic

Closure threatens nationalist children

Community workers have expressed concern that with the threat of closure hanging over a West Belfast training school for young offenders, nationalist boys will be sent to a prison with a reputation for attacks on Catholics.

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