August 30, 2013

UVF arms threat

holeingroundarms.jpg There are fears that loyalist paramilitaries may be rearming after one of the largest weapons caches found in the North in two decades was uncovered entirely by accident this week.

North Belfast mayhem averted with disperse order

unitedirishhenryjoybanner.jpg A republican commemoration in north Belfast was dispersed by organisers on Sunday after hundreds of loyalists threatened to riot on the parade route.

Cowen refuses to apologise for crisis failures

briancowenbig.jpg The former 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen has admitted his government had no plan to deal with the economic collapse in 2008. He claimed that ‘nobody is more sorry’ than him about what happened to the country, but refused to apologise for the debacle.

Rasharkin residents escape bomb attack

rasharkinmarch2013.jpg Residents of the village of Rasharkin, County Antrim, were targeted by a loyalist pipe bomb during a sectarian parade last weekend.

Labour figure sees SF coalition possibility

emmetstaggbig.jpg The chief whip of the Irish Labour party has said Sinn Féin could have a role in a future 26-County coalition administration.

Heaney remembered as greatest Irish poet since Yeats

seamusheaneybig.jpg Tributes to the Nobel prize winner Derry poet Seamus Heaney has dominated the Irish media following the announcement of his death this morning, Friday 30th August.

An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing

cameronwarmonger.jpg The western powers are champing at the bit to increase their leverage in Syria’s grisly struggle for power

Haass should know who he’s dealing with

richardhaassbig.jpg In traditional unionist fashion the DUP has ridden the past year's wave of violence to hold back progress.

August 23, 2013

Price’s torment continues

marianpricebig3.jpg A conviction against former internee Marian Price has been rescinded by a court the day after it was imposed in the latest twist to the saga of harassment and oppression of the former republican prisoner.

Concerns for peace process after DUP move on H-Blocks

martinmcguinnessbig3.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has warned that “the extremes of political unionism” have been boosted after DUP leader Peter Robinson rejected plans for a peace centre on the site of the former Long Kesh prison.

Legal challenge to ‘strangulation’ of McCracken event

mccrackendeadend.jpg Organisers of a republican commemoration in north Belfast are to seek a High Court challenge over a Parades Commission decision to force it to pass through a maze of back streets and into a dead end.

Drug dealers threatened

onhmural.jpg The breakaway republican armed group Oglaigh Na hEireann (ONH) has threatened to punish more than 50 people it says are drug-dealers in west Belfast.

Inequality in housing ’hidden”

housingexecutivebelfast.jpg Six County government officials have been accused of masking the true levels of Catholic inequality in north Belfast, according to a new report.

Call for civil disobedience against unjust water tax

watermeter.jpg As the Dublin government begins to install water meters across the Twenty-Six County state, eirigi Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has called on local communities to “get organised” to resist the installation programme.

The fiery cross of Larkinism

jimlarkin2.jpg The most militant traditions of Irish workers are expressed in one word: Larkinism.

Address to John Joe McGirl commemoration

johnjoemcgirl.jpg The speech delivered by Martin McGuinness to the John Joe McGirl Commemoration, Ballinamore, County Leitrim, on Saturday 17th August.

August 17, 2013

Historic H-Blocks in jeopardy

longkeshbig.jpg The Stormont administration has suffered another blow to its credibility after the DUP ended its support for a plan to develop a peace centre at the site of the former Long Kesh H-Blocks.

The coalition against civil rights

loyalistrioters2.jpg An alliance between the anti-Catholic Orange Order and loyalist paramilitaries has been blamed for the scenes of mayhem in Belfast city centre events last Friday, August 9th, when a nationalist civil rights parade was blocked and then attacked by loyalist mobs.

Injunction on inquest files a test for devolution

inquestfiles.jpg A legal and political power struggle has broken out involving Six County civil servants, Crown officials, a Sinn Fein Minister and British Direct Ruler Theresa Villiers.

Family members targeted by PSNI recruitment attempts

saoirsemurphy.jpg The daughter of a County Tyrone republican has been urged by the PSNI to turn informer on her own father, months after her cousin was subjected to the same pressure.

McCracken parade decision shows republicans ‘second class’

henryjoymarch.jpg A republican march through north Belfast on the same day as a loyalist parade has been rerouted by the Parades Commission.

Booze and bling among Shell’s pipeline ‘bribes’

shellgardaibooze.jpg There have been calls for an independent inquiry into allegations that alcohol was distributed to Gardai and gifts handed out to residents on behalf of Shell’s contentious pipeline and refinery project in northwest County Mayo.

The burning of Bombay Street

bombaystreetpainting.jpg In 1969, a sectarian mob burned 1,500 residents from their homes on Bombay Street, Belfast, 44 years ago this week, helping to give rise to the Provisional IRA:

Unionist mindset same as in 1968

loyalistrioterwoman.jpg When you strip it down to fundamentals, last weekend demonstrated exactly the same unionist attitudes and mindset as they held in 1968.

August 11, 2013

No violence at Castlederg march

castledergmarch3.jpg A republican commemoration in County Tyrone, which had appeared to be threatened by loyalists, has passed off peacefully.

August 9, 2013

Breaking through


Up to ten thousand republicans, socialists and concerned citizens took part in a civil rights march against internment through Belfast this evening despite heavy rioting by loyalists and a political campaign to demonise those taking part.

Belfast Mayor kicked by loyalists during Woodvale walkabout

mairtinpsni.jpg A loyalist protest turned violent this week when Sinn Fein’s Mayor of Belfast, Mairtin Muilleoir, attended the re-opening of a park.

IRA statement on death of prison chief

brianstack.jpg A former IRA leader has confirmed the organisation killed Brian Stack, the only 26-County prison officer to die in the conflict, in March 1983.

Strong support for Omagh families on 15th anniversary

omaghbombpress.jpg Families of the Omagh bomb victims are being forced to go to the courts to require the Dublin and London governments to hold a public inquiry into the 1998 attack.

British Direct Ruler condemns Tyrone commemoration

villiersflat.jpg Controversy over a republican commemoration in County Tyrone this Sunday has continued after the British Direct Ruler Theresa Villiers, in an usually partisan intervention, demanded the parade be called off.

End of ‘civil war politics’ predicted

endakennymichealmartin.jpg Former Fianna Fail deputy leader Mary O’Rourke says it is time for her party and Fine Gael to seriously consider going into Coalition with each other.

British torture base revealed

shackleton.jpg The location of a secret camp used to torture 14 victims of internment, long kept secret by the British government, has finally been exposed.

Laying claim to the Volunteers of Tyrone

westtyronememorial.jpg An article by Sean Bresnahan on the upcoming Tyrone event to commemorate two IRA volunteers who died in 1973.

August 2, 2013

Castlederg massacre ‘would be a great service’

ruthpattersonflat.jpg A unionist councillor was charged by the PSNI this evening over her public support for the idea of a loyalist massacre at next week’s republican commemoration in Castlederg.

Parade tensions shift

castledergmarch.jpg The controversy over internet comments by DUP Councillor Ruth Patterson will have dramatically escalated tensions over the planned republican commemoration in Castlederg, which unionists want banned entirely.

Kenny leaves RTE ahead of new broadcasting charge

patkenny.jpg One of Ireland’s best paid public employees, television and radio personality Pat Kenny, has left Irish state broadcaster RTE (Radio Teilifis Eireann).

Thatcher’s fears over Sinn Fein publicity

adamskingmorrison.jpg Secret British documents from 1983 show the high level of concern in London at the rise of Sinn Fein, and advanced plans to limit media opportunities for the party.

Houses and cars attacked in Belfast

suffolkcar.jpg There has been a worrying increase in the number of reprisal attacks in Protestant areas as the warm summer continues to fuel sectarian clashes at Belfast’s interfaces.

McGurk’s families challenge HET secrecy

mcgurksbig.jpg Relatives of those killed in the McGurk’s Bar bombing have called on the PSNI police to release the findings of an investigation by their Historical Enquiries Team into the UVF atrocity.

Building a new Republic

adamsmacgill.jpg The address delivered by Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams at the MacGill Summer School in County Donegal on the topic of ‘How stands the Republic’

Anniversary of Internment 2013

internment.jpg Internment or Detention Without Trial is nothing new to Irish people and has been used every few decades throughout our Nation’s occupation.

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