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A question which won’t go away

A question haunts reports into collusion -- how high up the chain did knowledge of and complicity in these atrocities go?

Published November 9, 2006

The Burning of Long Kesh

The first in a series of articles looking back at the history of Long Kesh prison.

Published November 4, 2006

Negotiating war and peace

An extract from Lives Entangled, an essay by Bernadette McAliskey included in Britain & Ireland: Lives Entwined II.

Published October 30, 2006

Noel Maguire appeal

An action alert on behalf of the Irish Political Status Coalition.

Published October 25, 2006

History of Whitewash Continues

The British have a long history of setting-up what are variously named inquiries, commissions or tribunals as part of a blatant strategy of whitewash or cover-up.

Published October 20, 2006

Much work to be done - Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said “bringing rejectionist unionism into the peace process would be an enormous achievement”.

Published October 16, 2006

A great loss to cause of Ireland’s freedom

Michael Ferguson's death is a great loss not only to his family but to Sinn Féin and to the cause of Ireland’s freedom.

Published October 10, 2006

Current prisoner list

A partial list of republican prisoners published earlier this month.

Published October 5, 2006

DNA and Diplock: A Recipe for Injustice

Fears are being voiced that “Birmingham Six” style justice is about to be meted out to South Armagh Republican Sean Hoey, with suspect DNA evidence being the lynchpin of the framework.

Published September 30, 2006

Hunger strike message echoes down the years

The prisoners died but a generation later as one contributor describes it, “....they shine a light that is purer than ever and that points a steady beam to our future”.

Published September 25, 2006

Equality - the rhetoric and the reality

A new report by the Belfast-based civil liberties group, the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), has criticised the British government's sectarian approach to targeting social need.

Published September 19, 2006

Healthcare is a right

A summary of Sinn Féin’s new all-Ireland policy document on healthcare.

Published September 15, 2006

Irish process is template for peace worldwide

Gerry Adams has brought a message of hope to the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Published September 10, 2006

Relatives of bomb victims need to know truth

Even if the involvement of British intelligence is proven in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, it may still be kept secret.

Published September 5, 2006

US ‘Fax Blitz’

An urgent action alert is being distributed by a number of Irish-American organisations.

Published August 31, 2006

Border lines

Partition is alive and well in Ireland.

Published August 27, 2006

Mickey Devine

The tenth and final hunger striker to die in the 1981 hunger strike was Mickey Devine. He died 25 years ago on Sunday.

Published August 22, 2006

Famine tale uncovers common Irish ancestry

A little known shipping disaster which claimed the lives of almost 50 people from south Armagh during the Famine has inspired a new book.

Published August 18, 2006

Alert - US/UK Extradition Treaty

An action alert for US readers from the IAUC.

Published August 13, 2006

Thomas McElwee

The story of the ninth hunger strike to die in the 1981 hunger strike. He passed away on August 8th, 1981.

Published August 10, 2006


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