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Defend Sean Garland

seangarland.jpg An account of the strange predicament facing the 76-year-old IRA Veteran and former Workers’ Party leader, Sean Garland.

Published August 30, 2011

Micky Devine - a typical Derry lad

mickydevine.jpg INLA Volunteer Micky Devine was the last to die in the H-Block hunger strike of 1981, thirty years ago this week.

Published August 24, 2011

The rising of the moon

camloughhunger2.jpg If they aren't able to destroy the desire for freedom, they won't break you.

Published August 19, 2011

The Ballymurphy Massacre

ballymurphy1970.jpg This Tuesday marked exactly 40 years since the beginning of one of the most horrifying periods in the history of West Belfast.

Published August 13, 2011

Thomas McElwee

thomasmcelwee.jpg IRA Volunteer Thomas McElwee died on hunger strike at Long Kesh prison, thirty years ago today. A brief biography of Thomas, who was known for being sincere, easy-going and full of fun.

Published August 8, 2011

Interview with Roisin Lynch

roisinlynch.jpg An interview by ‘Street Voice’ with Roisin Lynch, the partner of ailing prisoner Brendan Lillis and head of the campaign to release him before he dies in jail.

Published August 8, 2011

A dedicated republican and an outstanding soldier

kierandoherty.jpg A profile of republican hero Kieran Doherty who died on hunger strike at Long Kesh jail on August 2nd, 1981, thirty years ago this week.

Published August 3, 2011

Address to Kieran Doherty commemoration

dohertycommemoration.jpg The full text of an address by Sinn Fein TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin in Monaghan to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of hunger striker Kieran Doherty.

Published August 3, 2011

Norwegian killer praised Bloody Sunday

breivik.jpg Right-wing mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik made a bizarre reference to Derry’s Bloody Sunday in his 1500 page manifesto, it has emerged.

Published July 29, 2011

Somalia - a failure of politics

somaliafamine.jpg Famine is a terrible word. It conjures up frightening images and for many in Ireland a folk memory of the Great Hunger of the 1840’s.

Published July 29, 2011

Why did the Nelson Inquiry not mention collusion?

rosemarynelson.jpg It was set up specifically to definitively address the allegations of collusion but after a six-year probe costing £46.5 million, the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry made no reference to the “c” word in its final report.

Published July 24, 2011

Joe McDonnell and Martin Hurson

mcdonnellhurson.jpg A look at the lives of two Volunteers who died on hunger strike 30 years ago this month.

Published July 14, 2011

Emigrant-turned-rebel was ‘enemy alien’

diarmuidlynch.jpg Diarmuid Lynch was said to have been the last man to leave the burning GPO during Easter week in 1916. A naturalised US citizen, he was eventually deported in 1918, but the British had long wanted rid of him before the Rising.

Published July 8, 2011

Victim of anti-Catholic bigotry pardoned

johngordon.jpg An Irish immigrant who was the last person to be hanged in Rhode Island in the US was this week pardoned more than 150 years after his death.

Published July 3, 2011

Charles Stuart Parnell

parnell.jpg The man known as the ‘Uncrowned King of Ireland’ was born on June 27th, 1846, 165 years ago today.

Published June 27, 2011

Address to ‘Unite Ireland’ conference in Dublin

adamsmedia.jpg The full text of an address by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to a conference in Dublin at the weekend on the theme of Uniting Ireland.

Published June 22, 2011

Bloody Sunday, the ongoing cover-up

sundayreportrelatives.jpg A year later, it should be possible to acknowledge that the Saville Report was far from flawless.

Published June 17, 2011

An independent international truth commission

peacedove.jpg The legacy of the past is one of the big issues which remains to be resolved in the outworking of the peace process.

Published June 17, 2011

Liam Kelly

liamkelly.jpg Liam Kelly, a pivotal figure in republican politics who uniquely held seats simultaneously in Belfast and Dublin parliaments, died this week.

Published June 12, 2011

Background to the hunger strikes

hungerstrike30.jpg An account by the Bobby Sands Trust of how the famous 1981 hunger strike, 30 years ago this year, came into being.

Published May 30, 2011


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