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St Brigid’s holiday celebrates Irish women

stbrigid.jpg The first Irish bank holiday to be named after a woman has taken place in Ireland.

Published February 9, 2023

Learn the Irish national anthem

irishflag1200.jpg A new campaign is calling on everyone in Ireland to learn the words to Amhrán na bhFiann.

Published February 2, 2023

Be prepared for more stupidities

heatonharrisbaker.jpg Stupidity like the British Government’s exclusion of the Sinn Féin President from recent talks needs to be highlighted, according to Gerry Adams.

Published January 26, 2023

A year of real change

declankearney1200.jpg 2022 was an unprecedented political year, and the momentum for constitutional change will continue growing throughout 2023.

Published January 12, 2023

British used colonial playbook in north

sasafghans.jpg People campaigning for justice will have exchanged knowing looks after last week’s announcement of ‘an independent judicial inquiry’ into the SAS killings of 54 Afghan civilians in 2010-11.

Published December 22, 2022

How British colonialism killed 100m Indians in 40 years

colonialism.jpg Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined.

Published December 15, 2022

Marie and Martin Ferris

adamsferrises.jpg A week or so ago on November 18 in Killarney 820 republicans broke bread together in honour of Martin and Marie Ferris. It was a great night.

Published December 1, 2022

DUP failing to see the danger ahead

vdlsunak.jpg It’s surprising that there’s any surprise about support for increased Irish government involvement in the north in the absence of a devolved administration here as evidenced in the latest LucidTalk poll.

Published November 16, 2022

The kite that couldn’t fly

paisleyjr1200.jpg Unionist politicians, I sometimes think, compete with each as to how they can make the rest of us gape, open-mouthed in wonder.

Published November 16, 2022

Conway Mill

conwaymill.jpg Conway Mill has been at the heart of west Belfast for over almost 200 years. Last week it celebrated its 40th birthday.

Published November 3, 2022

Sheena Campbell

sheenacampbell1200.jpg Sheena Fagan Campbell was an activist, a law student, and a rising star in the Sinn Féin hierarchy. She was a single mother in Belfast who was determined to provide for her young child and at the time of her murder, she was engaged to be married.

Published October 20, 2022

The Yank

theyank.jpg An extract from a new book, ‘The Yank , in which former US Marine John Crawley delivers an unvarnished account of his role in the Irish armed struggle.

Published October 13, 2022

Operating a British agenda

stormontunionjacks.jpg In light of the latest census figures, constitutional nationalists have been jumping for joy, receiving this news as vindication of their strategy. Likewise reactionary unionists have been apoplectic with anger and fear, understanding this news as evidence of impending Rome Rule.

Published October 6, 2022

Unionists must engage in unity debate

unionists1200.jpg The latest census figures show that fundamental change is unstoppable and points towards a referendum on Irish reunification.

Published September 29, 2022

The battle for survival

keshcell.jpg An essay written in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh prison by hunger striker Bobby Sands, first published in January 1979.

Published September 22, 2022

Aodh Ruadh - A magnificent Gaelic leader

redhugh1200.jpg Saturday marked the 420th anniversary of the death of Aodh Ruadh, Red Hugh, the last of the great Gaelic leaders of Donegal.

Published September 15, 2022

Former Unionist: Why I’m now for Irish Unity

bencollinsbook.jpg My conversion to the New Ireland cause was not an overnight decision and predates Brexit. I have always felt Irish and while initially this was in addition to feeling British, my thinking has changed over time.

Published September 7, 2022

‘Shot on sight’ – Paddy Mulvenna and Jim Bryson

brysonmulvenna.jpg The ambush in which IRA Volunteers Paddy Mulvenna and Jim Bryson were assassinated by the British Army took place 49 years ago this week. An account of their lives cut short, based on a report by Relatives for Justice.

Published September 1, 2022

Is Liz Truss a rerun?

thatchertruss.jpg They say those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. It’s 1979 all over. Here we go again.

Published September 1, 2022

Michael Collins is a divisive figure

michaelcollins1200.jpg There is no doubting the indelible imprint Collins left on the national psyche.

Published August 25, 2022


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