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Drawing on the memory of the heroes of 1916

eamonceannt.jpg Dave Kenny’s family is steeped in Easter Rising history. Here he recalls finding a letter from the Eamonn Ceannt’s son, revealing how he lived his life in his father’s shadow.

Published April 26, 2014

Calls for recognition of Travellers’ distinct identity

travellers.jpg A committee of the Dublin parliament has recommended that Travellers be recognised as an ethnic minority to combat discrimination as the issue begins featuring in local election campaigns in the 26 Counties.

Published April 19, 2014

The Battle of Clontarf

brianboru.jpg A struggle to free Ireland of foreign domination resulted in a heroic victory -- but the death of a great Irish leader -- a thousand years ago this week.

Published April 19, 2014

Five things we know after last night in Windsor

queenmcguinnesstoast.jpg Relations between Britain and Ireland have now entered the realm of the surreal.

Published April 11, 2014

The legacy of Cumann na mBan

cumannnamban.jpg The revolutionary women’s movement, Cumann na mBan, was set up 100 years ago this week. It maintained the struggle for independence following the Easter Rising and in 1921 became the first organisation to reject the treaty which partitioned Ireland. A look at their stand for equality and unity.

Published April 5, 2014

The Shannon One

margarettaout.jpg 79-year-old Irish peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy’s was this week released from prison, after serving a three month sentence for protesting the use of Shannon Airport by those engaged in war crimes.

Published March 29, 2014

Govts turning backs on innocent Irish people

paddyhillgerryconolonold.jpg Gerry Conlon and Paddy Hill, two men who suffered among the worst miscarriages of justice in British history have accused the Irish and British governments of turning their backs on innocent people sent to prison.

Published March 22, 2014

Derry’s great escape artist

hughmcateer.jpg Seventy-one years ago Derry republican Hugh McAteer pulled off a series of daring feats and in the process made headlines around the world. Michael McMonagle looks at his extraordinary life.

Published March 22, 2014

Tony Benn

tonybenn.jpg Former British cabinet minister and lifelong radical Tony Benn died today [Friday] at the age of 88.

Published March 15, 2014

Indomitable spirit of hunger striker lives on

bobbysandsplain.jpg There are events in one’s life, big and small, which are life-defining and life-shaping, even though at the time you might not know it. Meeting Bobby Sands for the first time became for me life-defining.

Published March 15, 2014

Murney describes Maghaberry horror

stephenmurney2.jpg Eirigi press officer Stephen Murney has given an account of the physical and mental torture he endured while interned at Maghaberry prison, outside Lisburn over the past 14 months.

Published March 8, 2014

“We broke Armagh, it never broke us”

armaghwomenreturn.jpg The reflections of a group of republican women ex-prisoners and the trauma, emotional and physical, that many of these women suffered and overcame during their time in prison.

Published March 8, 2014

The death of Sam Marshall

johnware.jpg As preliminary hearings into his inquest get underway, a look at the murder of Sam Marshall, a close friend of veteran Irish Republican Colin Duffy, which took place 24 years ago this week, and the efforts of assassinated human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson to pursue justice in the case.

Published March 1, 2014

Basque group moves to disarm

basquesdisarm.jpg The Basque armed group ETA has made a significant step towards decommissioning the weapons used in its campaign for independence and freedom -- but the Spanish government immediately rejected the move.

Published February 21, 2014

Geraldine Finucane ‘determined, not angry’

geraldinefinucanebig.jpg The widow of Pat Finucane has said she believes the full truth behind his murder has yet to be exposed - but when it is, it will affect other families.

Published February 15, 2014

Removing barriers to reconciliation

declankearneyardfheis.jpg In an address to the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis this [Friday] evening, Declan Kearney examines the state of the political process in the north of Ireland.

Published February 7, 2014

Mapping out the future

breandanmaccionnaith2.jpg Breandan Mac Cionnaith, general secretary of eirigi, sets out his party’s views on the conflict in the Six Counties and the challenge to republicanism.

Published February 7, 2014

Bloody Sunday revisited

sundaymarchforjustice.jpg Despite the report of the Saville Inquiry in 2010, Eamonn McCann doesn’t believe that the British have told the whole truth about Bloody Sunday.

Published January 31, 2014

Stories of ordinary volunteers in the Easter Rising

risingvolunteers.jpg A new collection of personal stories contained in the Military Service Pensions Collection has now been published online.

Published January 17, 2014

Bloody Sunday March for Justice 2014

bloodysundayposter2014.jpg A look at the background and current context of this year’s Bloody Sunday March for Justice, which will mark the anniversary of a massacre in which 14 civil rights protestors were shot dead by the British Army.

Published January 11, 2014


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