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Letter from Edinburgh

edinburgh.jpg Telling Scotland not to “go” is a bit like saying: “We don’t want you to run your own affairs. You must always have the governments we give you.”

Published September 6, 2014

Escape from Portlaoise prison

portlaoiseold.jpg This week marks the 40th anniversary of the escape from Portlaoise prison of 19 republican prisoners of war.

Published August 23, 2014

The Irish of the US Civil War

irishbrigadeabsolution.jpg Those who left behind poverty in Ireland only to die in America’s internal conflict should also be remembered.

Published August 16, 2014

Address at Kevin Lynch commemoration

kevinlynchinla.jpg The text of the speech delivered by the IRSPs Michael McLaughlin at the 33rd Kevin Lynch Commemoration in Dungiven earlier this month.

Published August 16, 2014

A prisoner’s salute to Bobby Sands

bobbysandsmuralbig.jpg Last year 30,000 men in California’s prisons went on hunger strike against solitary confinement.

Published August 9, 2014

Revisionism protestors pepper-sprayed

glasnevinprotest.jpg Protestors at a British royal military ceremony were attacked by Gardai police off camera as an ongoing battle to rewrite the history of events one hundred years ago played out live on Irish television.

Published August 2, 2014

Bodenstown address by Francie Mackey

mackeyboden13.jpg Francie Mackey, Chairperson of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, delivered the main address at the organisation’s annual gathering at the grave of Wolfe Tone in Bodenstown recently.

Published July 26, 2014

Henry Joy McCracken

henryjoymccracken.jpg With no rising in sight in Ulster despite the signal coming from Dublin, one man seized the initiative and assembled the United Irish forces to assert Ireland’s right to independence. That man was Henry Joy McCracken, who died 216 years ago this month.

Published July 19, 2014

Israel’s rampage at close range

idf.jpg Two women are interviewed about conditions where they live since Israel began intensifying its war on Palestinians nearly four weeks ago.

Published July 12, 2014

The haunting of Iraq and Palestine

middleeastmandates.jpg A look at the effect of British colonial betrayal a century ago on the Middle East of today.

Published July 5, 2014

A very British injustice

gerryconlonout.jpg An account of the events leading to the Guildford 4 and Maguire 7 miscarriages of justice, adapted from Bob Woffinden’s 1987 book ‘Miscarriages of Justice’.

Published June 28, 2014

Michael Gaughan

michaelgaughanbig.jpg The 40th Anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Michael Gaughan, who died while on Hunger Strike in Parkhurst Prison, took place earlier this month.

Published June 21, 2014

The Battle of Ballynahinch

1798battle.jpg An account of the battle which ended the United Irish Rebellion in Ulster, 216 years ago this week.

Published June 14, 2014

Complete 2014 election results

boylanelected2.jpg Facts and figures of a historic election for Sinn Fein, in which it won 21% of the national vote across all 32 counties and officially became the largest party in Ireland.

Published May 31, 2014

Massacres recalled as demands for truth grow

dmfortiethwreath.jpg A number of events took place last weekend to remember those killed in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, and wreathes were laid at the Talbot Street memorial in Dublin and in Monaghan town centre.

Published May 22, 2014

Noonan revisits failed Fianna Fail policies

trumpshannon.jpg The 26-County Minister for Finance Michael Noonan took part in a grovelling welcoming party for billionaire businessman Donald Trump at Shannon airport earlier this week.

Published May 17, 2014

European and local election candidates

sfeurocandidates.jpg The most recent compiled list of Sinn Fein and other republican candidates contesting this week’s elections, with short biographies of the Euro candidates.

Published May 17, 2014

What were my accusers’ motives?

adamsconfused.jpg His four days of interrogation was an assault on the peace process itself, writes Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

Published May 10, 2014

Petition to retain name of Raymond McCreesh park

raymondmccreeshpark.jpg A petition calling for a children’s play park to continue to be named after IRA hunger striker Raymond McCreesh has so far received more than 1,000 signatures of support.

Published May 3, 2014

Easter statements 2014

milltowneaster2014.jpg A round up of the statements and orations delivered this week to mark the anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1916.

Published April 26, 2014


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