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Remembering Tomas Ceannt: soldier, patriot, revolutionary

kentarrest.jpg Like many other men and women before and since Tomas Ceannt demonstrated incredible courage and selflessness in the struggle to free Ireland from British occupation.

Published September 26, 2015

The French Invasion of Ireland, 1798

castlebarhumbert.jpg Bill Peterson looks at the extraordinary military campaign of France’s General Humbert 217 years ago this week, which some historians say laid the groundwork for the Easter Rising over a century later.

Published September 5, 2015

Interview with Martin McGuinness

mcguinnessflat2.jpg In a wide-ranging interview, Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness insists that a united Ireland is inevitable.

Published August 15, 2015

Commemoration row breaks out amid rival re-enactments

rossareenactment.jpg A row has broken out over rival commemorations to mark the hundredth anniversary of the funeral of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, one of the most significant events in the lead up to the 1916 Easter Rising.

Published August 1, 2015

‘One Ireland, One Vote’ petition and campaign

barrymonteith.jpg The 1916 Societies recently launched a petition for an All-Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity. This address on the campaign is by Barry Monteith, an independent Councillor from Tyrone, with a link to the petition.

Published August 1, 2015

Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, 100 years on

odonovanrossafuneral.jpg A number of events are planned to mark the centenary of the funeral of Irish patriot Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. An account of his life, and the full text of the famous oration delivered by Patrick Pearse at his graveside, one hundred years ago this week.

Published July 25, 2015

Selling out the Greek people

syriza.jpg The democratic opposition of the Greek people to austerity has been overthrown by the EU capitalist system with the collaboration of the Syriza leadership, according to the IRSP.

Published July 18, 2015

Bodenstown address by Francie Mackey

32csmbodenstown15.jpg Before us lies an unprecedented opportunity to reintroduce that sense of comradeship that is desperately required, according to Francie Mackey of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Published July 11, 2015

The Falls Road curfew

fallsroadcurfew.jpg The Falls Road curfew of the summer of 1970 is regarded as a major turning point in the early history of the conflict.

Published July 4, 2015

The forgotten ‘disappeared’

seamusruddy.jpg Thirty years ago, Seamus Ruddy disappeared in France. Dominique Foulon, former editor of Irland Libre and Solidarite Irlande, calls for his body to be returned to his family.

Published June 27, 2015

Tear down the wall of silence

whitehall.jpg Collusion has never had a place in democratic values. It remains a grim monument to the failure of colonialism and tragedy of partition.

Published June 20, 2015

A call to action to save the Irish language

gaeltachtsize.jpg Few question the value to our country’s sense of itself of that language which is uniquely ours.

Published June 13, 2015

Film gives a glimpse of a jailhouse sisterhood

akindofsisterhood.jpg A new film ecords the stories primarily of republican women (activists in the IRA and Cumann na mBan) who were imprisoned in Armagh gaol and Maghaberry prison during the armed conflict.

Published June 13, 2015

The assassination of Eddie Fullerton

eddiefullerton.jpg A Police Ombudsman investigation is reported to have uncovered serious concerns about collusion in the murder of Sinn Fein councillor Eddie Fullerton. A look back at an infamous assassination, 24 years ago this month.

Published June 6, 2015

We are Irish citizens who want to have our vote

hometovoters.jpg Ireland’s emigrant voting legislation remains among the most restrictive in Europe, despite calls for reform dating back to the last mass exodus of the 1980s.

Published May 30, 2015

Margaret Perry - the forgotten victim of Mullaghmore

margaretperry.jpg There is a forgotten victim of Mullaghmore - another life lost as a result of British interference in Ireland’s affairs - another victim of Britain’s dirty war in Ireland.

Published May 23, 2015

Sean McCaughey

seanmccaughey.jpg A look at the life and death of prominent Belfast republican, Sean McCaughey, who died on hunger-strike in Portlaoise prison on May 11, 1946.

Published May 16, 2015

Westminster election round-up

belfastcountelection.jpg A constituency-by-constituency look at the Westminster election results for each of the 18 seats in the North.

Published May 9, 2015

Westminster election 2015 - constituency profiles

constituencies6co.jpg A round-up of the 18 Irish constituencies being contested in the Westminster general election on Thursday.

Published May 2, 2015

The Armenian genocide

armeniangenocide.jpg With many governments still failing to acknowledge it, including those in Dublin and London, we present a brief history of the Armenian genocide, one hundred years ago today.

Published April 25, 2015


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