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The ‘94 Cessation – how it happened

1994ceasefirestatement.jpg Gerry Adams looks back at the historic peace initiative of August 1994 when the Provisional IRA declared a ceasefire. (For Léargas).

Published August 30, 2019

Amazon fires put the planet at risk

amazonfire.jpg Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the US Center for Biological Diversity, on the race to save the Amazon (for The Hill).

Published August 23, 2019

August 1969 - when ‘the Troubles’ began

rossville.jpg Fifty years ago this week in the space of five days, the north of Ireland changed for ever.

Published August 17, 2019

The Gaelic League and the 1916 Rising

conradh.jpg This week 126 years ago – 31 July 1893 – the Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge) was founded. A look at the role it formed in the Easter Rising.

Published August 2, 2019

Expecting Ireland to be servile is part of a British tradition

punchcartoon2.jpg An analysis piece by Limerick academic Richard McMahon which was published in both the Irish and British media this week

Published August 2, 2019

Voting for the next President of Ireland

voteforthevote.jpg The right of citizens living outside the southern State to vote for the President of Ireland is now a significant issue of debate, especially here in Dublin. This is a campaign we should all get behind, writes Gerry Adams.

Published July 26, 2019

Francie McCloskey’s last hours

franciemccloskey.jpg A series of events has taken place this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the murder of Francie McCloskey, considered by many to have been the first fatality of the current phase of the conflict.

Published July 19, 2019

UDR must be held to account for Patsy Kelly murder

patsykelly600.jpg Long before the deadly word ‘collusion’ entered into the public vocabulary of the conflict, Teresa Kelly and her family experienced ‘collusion’ in all its grotesque forms.

Published July 19, 2019

We need to talk about the Monarchy

queenscotland.jpg On the occasion of the royal visit to Scotland to mark the 20th anniversary of the Edinburgh parliament, a Scottish republican examines the future role of the British Royal family.

Published July 12, 2019

Catalans protest outside the European Parliament

catalaneu.jpg The Catalan independence movement has made a new show of strength in Europe with a protest against the exclusion of its three MEPs.

Published July 5, 2019

The Springhill Massacre

springhillmassacre.jpg British Army snipers killed five civilians at the Springhill estate in west Belfast on 9 July 1972, eleven months after the Ballymurphy massacre, and 47 years ago this week.

Published July 5, 2019

Miriam Daly

miriamdaly.jpg Miriam Daly, an Irish republican socialist and university lecturer, was assassinated by the loyalist Ulster Defence Association (UDA) in a killing which continues to provoke questions. Her body, bound and shot, was found by her nine-year-old daughter after she returned from school in Andersonstown, 39 years ago this week. In this interview, Anthony Neeson spoke to Jim Daly, her widower

Published June 28, 2019

Voting rights extension is a no-brainer

higginsgaa.jpg An analysis by Brian Feeney of the move by the Dublin government to extend voting rights to northerners and emigrants in the case of Presidential elections.

Published June 28, 2019

Give us justice – arrest the Loughinisland killers

loughinislandvictims2.jpg As the anniversary of Loughinisland is remembered, a look at an extraordinary campaign for justice which continues to battle cover-up and collusion.

Published June 22, 2019

Remains of Great Hunger victims emerge, 172 years on

remainshunger.jpg A storm has exposed the bones of Irish children on a Canadian beach, recalling a holocaust of greed that devastated Ireland and changed the world.

Published June 15, 2019

The first rule of Fine Gael: don't get caught

varadkarbailey.jpg Calls for Maria Bailey to be kicked out of Fine Gael for damaging the party are unfair when she represents everything they stand for... absolutely nothing but themselves.

Published June 8, 2019

45th anniversary of Michael Gaughan’s death

michaelgaughanflat.jpg Michael Gaughan was killed by the prison and medical authorities of Parkhurst Prison on 3 June 1974, 45 years ago.

Published June 1, 2019

25th anniversary of Widow Scallans attack

docodoherty.jpg This week marks the 25th anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Martin ‘Doco’ Doherty, who died defending a Sinn Fein function at the Widow Scallans pub in Dublin from a bomb attack by the UVF.

Published May 25, 2019

The troubling case of Julian Assange

assangearrest.jpg Julian Assange continues to ripple and roam as a cipher through the political and media scape of the world. Detained in Belmarsh maximum security prison, the sort of stately abode only reserved for the most dangerous of criminals, many with indeterminate sentences, he electrifies and concerns.

Published May 4, 2019

The final days of Bobby Sands

sandscoma.jpg A contemporaneous account of the last-ditch efforts to save the life of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died this week 38 years ago.

Published May 4, 2019


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