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British Army in raid on Saoradh HQ

saoradhhqraid.jpg The British Army were involved in a dawn raid on the national headquarters of Saoradh in Derry as concerns increase over the increasing use of British military units in political oppression.

Published October 27, 2018

Bradley paves the way for a unionist Brexit

bradleyredbook.jpg British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley has been accused of subverting democracy after postponing Stormont elections for up to ten months while prioritising the interests of unionists during Brexit.

Published October 27, 2018

Bizarre Fianna Fail rift over northern candidate

mcanespyff.jpg A potentially historic announcement of a first Fianna Fail candidate in the Six Counties has instead exposed a deep divide within the party over its stance in relation to northern elections.

Published October 27, 2018

DUP men subject unionist rival to anti-Catholic taunts

salfordstorey.jpg A former DUP minister who called Pope Francis “the anti-Christ” in a row over a Papal event in Ireland has been condemned by nationalists and is to be the subject of a formal complaint at Stormont.

Published October 27, 2018

Unanswered questions, 25 years on

gerardrorycairns.jpg Collusion continues to be suspected in the murders of Gerard and Rory Cairns, who were killed by a UVF murder squad 25 years ago this week.

Published October 27, 2018

Higgins set to be comfortably re-elected as President

mdhvote.jpg Two exit polls have predicted that Michael D Higgins has been re-elected to the largely ceremonial post of President of Ireland with well over half of the vote.

Published October 26, 2018

Brexit tensions ratchet higher

newrycustoms.jpg Concerns are growing that a failure to negotiate a solution to the issue of the border after Brexit could spark a return of serious violence in the north of Ireland.

Published October 20, 2018

Burning tyre strikes loyalist terror

magherafelt.jpg Loyalists placed a tyre at the front door of a Catholic family in Magherafelt and set it alight this week, forcing the four terrified occupants, including an infant girl, to flee the home.

Published October 20, 2018

Ni Riada would wear poppy for inauguration

presidentialdebate18.jpg A row has erupted after Sinn Fein candidate for President of Ireland, Liadh Ni Riada, said that if elected she would would wear a poppy symbol on the day of her inauguration.

Published October 20, 2018

Judges uphold coroner’s refusal to say how Pearse Jordan died

pearsejordan600.jpg The mother of an IRA Volunteer shot dead by the RUC has failed in a new legal bid to have the inquest verdict quashed.

Published October 20, 2018

Derry man reveals years of harassment

spooksoc.jpg A man has accused the PSNI of continual harassment because he has refused to work as an informer against republicans.

Published October 20, 2018

Sinn Fein MP claims deal with loyalists in 1993

franciemolloy600.jpg An unusual dispute has arisen in east Tyrone after a former IRA leader denied a Sinn Fein man’s claims that loyalists and republicans reached “an understanding” in the area after a secret meeting in the early 1990s.

Published October 20, 2018

Scotland marches for freedom

auob1018.jpg Over 120,000 people joined a march for Scottish independence through Edinburgh last Saturday in the largest ever march about the issue.

Published October 13, 2018

Tribunal blasts Garda Chief’s ‘repulsive’ lies

mccabescallinan.jpg Former Garda police Commissioner Martin Callinan led a whispering campaign of lies and defamation against police whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe and then denied it under oath, according to the findings of a sworn tribunal of inquiry.

Published October 13, 2018

Effort to open Britain’s archive of secrets

archivespic.jpg The widow of a man shot dead by a British soldier in Belfast 47 years ago has begun a High Court bid to obtain access to documents stored in secret English vaults.

Published October 13, 2018

Prison warders accused of seeking confrontation

maghaberrysplit600.jpg Maghaberry prisoners aligned to Republican Sinn Fein have condemned what it said were attempts to provoke tension at the jail by prison warders.

Published October 13, 2018

PSNI cooperation with investigations in doubt

pfni.jpg Sinn Fein has condemned the Police Federation in the North (PFNI) after it warned that current and former members of the PSNI/RUC police would not cooperate with the proposed Historical Investigations Unit (HIU).

Published October 13, 2018

Varadkar reeling as Minister quits over €500m scandal

naughtenresigns.jpg Ireland’s reputation as a centre of large-scale financial corruption has not been helped by a whirlwind of devastating revelations which brought a sudden end to the Ministerial career of Denis Naughten on Thursday.

Published October 13, 2018

Minister quits amid questions over 500m euro contract

denisnaughten.jpg The 26 County Minister for Communications Denis Naughten resigned suddenly this afternoon as a controversy escalated over his handling of a 500 million euro contract for the rollout of rural broadband.

Published October 11, 2018

Budget 2019 denounced as ‘a betrayal’

budget19.jpg Fine Gael’s Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has revealed the third and final annual 26 County budget agreed with Fianna Fail as part of their government pact.

Published October 9, 2018


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