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Real IRA case collapses

The trial of four men charged with membership of the breakaway `Real IRA' has collapsed after documents were mislaid by a senior garda police detective.

Published March 26, 2004

Irish-America blasts `undiplomatic' Reiss

Irish-American groups in the US have attacked US envoy to Ireland Mitchell Reiss over his accusation that Sinn Féin told ``massive untruths'' in a New York Times advertisement about policing.

Published March 26, 2004

UUP defections predicted if Trimble stays

The Ulster Unionist Party could face `meltdown' if, as expected, party leader David Trimble comfortably defeats a challenge to his leadership tomorrow.

Published March 26, 2004

`Casement Three' man faces deportation from U.S

One of the men known as the `Casement Three', jailed for alleged involvement in the 1998 killing of two British soldiers, faces deportation to Belfast despite being freed under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published March 24, 2004

Colombia VP `has no understanding of human rights'

The international observers who travelled to Colombia to observe the trial of the three Irishmen currently detained in Colombia met with Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos in Dublin on Tuesday.

Published March 24, 2004

British spin on Cory dismissed

Speculation that four reports on collusion by the British forces in murders in the North of Ireland will be published on April 1st has been described as a premature April Fool's Day joke.

Published March 24, 2004

Ireland and post-colonial theory

Edited by Clare Carroll and Patricia King
Cork University Press, 2003

Postcolonial theory has recently emerged as one of the most influential modes of socio-cultural analysis currently shaping Irish studies. It is a school of thought inspired largely by the work of Edward Said, Frantz Fanon, and Indian Subaltern Studies. The ``post'' means ``since colonialism began'' rather than ``after colonialism ended''.

Published March 24, 2004


The PSNI police chief, Hugh Orde, has infuriated nationalists by insisting that the mainstream IRA must permanently disband before any moves are made to reduce the British military garrison in Ireland.

Published March 24, 2004

Justice seen possible in Glengormley

Two men have been convicted for the brutal sectarian murder in 2001 of Glengormley man Trevor Lowry, who was killed because he was mistaken for a Catholic.

Published March 24, 2004

Government `vocabulary' must change

By now you'll have read the studiously bland communique from Hillsborough that Irish and British officials agreed before Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair met yesterday.

Published March 24, 2004

British spy seeks asylum in U.S.

A British Army agent threatened with jail for his allegations of Crown force collusion is seeking political asylum in the United States.

Published March 24, 2004

145 Divis Street

IT wasn't supposed to be like this, thought one of Ian Paisley's lieutenants as he looked out across the front lawn of the City Hall. Above him the Union Jack flew, but before his eyes were thousands of St Patrick's Day revellers; dancing and singing; children on their fathers' shoulders applauding Girls Aloud. A sea of green - but worst still were flags coloured green, white and orange: the hated Tricolour. What had gone wrong?

Published March 22, 2004

Tongue of my father

Dhúchas. This word is frequently translated into English as heritage. A word that is full of death and stasis. But to an Irish speaker, it means one's native place, a shared tradition, a collective soul, a kindred affection, a natural affinity.

Published March 22, 2004


A series of meetings are to take place tomorrow in Belfast in the latest attempt to resuscitate the peace process in the North of Ireland.

Published March 22, 2004

Hamill case struck out

The family of murdered Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill have expressed shock and anger after charges relating to an alleged attempted cover-up were suddenly withdrawn on Friday.

Published March 22, 2004

John Kerry blasts British failure on Cory reports

United States presidential candidate John Kerry and six other leading U.S. senators have demanded Tony Blair immediately disclose the long-awaited Cory reports on allegations of collusion by the British government in four notorious murders in the North of Ireland.

Published March 22, 2004

No conviction over potential UVF atrocity

The only person charged in connection with an attempted mass murder at a busy fair in County Antrim was acquitted yesterday.

Published March 22, 2004

Sinn Féin must reconsider PSNI - Reiss

George Bush's new envoy to Ireland has clashed with Sinn Féin over the party's refusal to support the PSNI policing in the North.

Published March 22, 2004

Pawn stalks for knight in latest UUP intrigue

An apparent `stalking-horse' has emerged in the bid to oust David Trimble from the leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Published March 22, 2004

St Patrick's Day messages

The annual St Patrick's Day message by the Irish President, Mary McAleese.

Published March 19, 2004


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