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Pressure for uncensored Cory report

The families of four people killed with the collusion of the British state have received their copies of the Cory Report into the killings.

Published March 31, 2004

Republican Fianna Fáil?

Fianna Fáil has denied a report that it has dropped `the Republican Party' as part of its name.

Published March 31, 2004

Review becoming a `farce' - Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has described the review of the Good Friday Agreement review as ``now little more than a farce'' after the British and Irish governments cancelled talks for two weeks.

Published March 31, 2004

British Military Intelligence - Double edged sword

An extract from Bombed and Abandoned - The experience of the bereaved and maimed of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings, originally published in 1999.

Published March 31, 2004


An Irish parliamentary committee has called for another investigation by an international judge on the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings after it concluded hearings on a previous inquiry by Ireland's Justice Barron.

Published March 31, 2004

Sectarian attacks continue

Tension has risen in north Belfast after a series of loyalist attacks.

Published March 31, 2004

South-east and midlands are new poorest regions

The counties of the midlands and the south-east are now the most disadvantaged areas in the 26 Counties, with household income in the midlands and south-east below 85 per cent of the national average for household income.

Published March 31, 2004

Smoking ban divides Ireland

Irish culture underwent a culture shock today as a complete ban on smoking in pubs, restaurants and other workplaces came into force.

Published March 29, 2004

Trimble strengthens hold on UUP leadership

Ulster Unionist party leader David Trimble won 60 per cent of the vote in the latest leadership contest for the still-divided party on Saturday.

Published March 29, 2004

Unionists refuse to lower flag at City Hall

Sinn Féin has threatened court action after unionists dismissed a legal warning about the permanent flying of the Union Jack flag at Belfast City Hall.

Published March 29, 2004

SF response to US envoy

Sinn Féin has revealed its response to criticism by US envoy Mitchell Reiss of its New York Times advertisment on policing in the North of Ireland.

The following, taken from an IAIS report, contains the points made in the NY Times advertisement in quotes, followed by Sinn Féin's defense of their claim.

Published March 29, 2004

Death of Harold Gracey

Harold Gracey, the Portadown Orange leader during the Drumcree disputes, has died following a long illness.

Published March 29, 2004


You'll often hear it said by people, even those without a word of Irish, that TG4 produces some fabulous television programmes. On Saturday night past we saw one of those programmes screened as part of the Belfast Film Festival.

Published March 29, 2004


A new leader of the unionist paramilitary UVF is suspected of ordering last week's murder of Andrew Cully in County Down.

Published March 29, 2004

Human Rights Commission chief to quit

The head of the scandal-plagued Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has confirmed he is to leave the post.

Published March 29, 2004

Awaiting `No' to planned breach of Agreement

By Eamonn McCann

Could it be racism which has discouraged northern outrage at the plans of the Dublin Government to change the Belfast Agreement without consultation with parties in Northern Ireland?

Published March 26, 2004

Loyalists may have planned festival carnage

A car bomb abandoned by unionist paramilitaries near Belfast city centre last week was destined for the city's St Patrick's Day carnival, it is believed.

Published March 26, 2004

Irish, in the wrong place, at the wrong time

By Breandán Morley (for the Blanket)

Amidst the current focus on the continued activities of paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, I recently had a very personal experience of the extent to which the British police remain unaffected by the peace process when dealing with Irish people travelling to the UK.

Published March 26, 2004


Five tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium and thousands of gallons of contaminated sludge have been discovered at the bottom of a pond at Sellafield, Britain's nuclear waste treatment facility.

Published March 26, 2004

IRA disbandment possible despite loyalist violence - SF

The IRA will cease to exist if there is an ``irreversible'' political process in the North, a Sinn Féin source has said.

Published March 26, 2004


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