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Tories to hire mercenary academics for history ‘update’

historians.jpg A plan by the British government to craft its own “official history” of the conflict is being described as an Orwellian attempt to cover up the truth of its actions in Ireland.

Published November 20, 2021

Questions after ‘UVF’ march gets police escort

shankillmarch.jpg Despite confirming that the unionist paramilitary UVF was involved in the hijacking and burning of at least one bus this month, the PSNI has refused to confirm that the organisation is not on ceasefire.

Published November 20, 2021

US rally opposition to British cover-up plan

congress.jpg US Congress members have called on the US Secretary of State to publicly oppose a massive British government cover-up plan which would end prosecutions of members of the British Crown Forces and their agents for their actions in the conflict in Ireland.

Published November 20, 2021

Support for Ireland against perfidious Britain

article16.jpg An international effort is coming together to try to stop the British government from collapsing the Irish Protocol of Brexit and causing potentially catastrophic damage to the peace process.

Published November 13, 2021

Questions mount over provocations

lanarkway.jpg The PSNI’s approach to loyalist violence and their efforts to incite nationalist youths in west Belfast is the subject of continuing controversy.

Published November 13, 2021

Family of collusion victims to take legal actions

hastylundy.jpg The family of a footballer shot dead by loyalists almost 50 years ago are set to launch a legal action against the British state over his death.

Published November 13, 2021

Judicial review bid against amnesty plan

burnsmccready.jpg The families of two victims of killer British soldiers are to make a last-ditch plea against the plans for an overarching amnesty.

Published November 13, 2021

Supporting John Pat and his family

namejohnpat.jpg After a British Army killer received an exaggerated and politicised military funeral in England on Thursday, there are calls for people to remember his innocent victim, John Pat Cunningham, by holding up a simple sign and photographing it.

Published November 13, 2021

Relatives mark 100 years since Spike Island escape

spikeisland.jpg A number of relatives of seven IRA men who made a famous escape from Spike Island prison in County Cork attended a special commemoration on Tuesday night to mark the occasion exactly 100 years on.

Published November 13, 2021

Loyalist leader ‘no longer supports GFA’

hutchinsonbus.jpg A spokesperson for one of the main loyalist organisations has said he no longer supports the 1998 peace Good Friday Agreement in a statement which could further set the scene for a move by London to trigger the collapse of the Brexit accords.

Published November 8, 2021

Triggering trouble

lanarktrouble.jpg Children in loyalist areas are again being manipulated by unionists and Tories to provide the illusion of ‘street chaos’ for their own selfish political agenda.

Published November 6, 2021

‘Conflict is over’ as Sinn Féin defends courts move

mcdonaldkerins.jpg Sinn Féin has come in for sustained criticism after it broke with republican tradition by dropping its outright opposition to the use of non-jury courts and other special legislation used to suppress the struggle for Irish reunification in the 26 Counties.

Published November 6, 2021

Grieving prisoner abused, assaulted by warders

paddymcdaid.jpg The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association has condemned the treatment of republican prisoner, Paddy McDaid, at Maghaberry prison following his return from a visit to see his dying father.

Published November 6, 2021

Cover-up fears over death of Noah Donohoe

noahflat600.jpg The PSNI’s use of a gag or secrecy order has raised concerns of a potential cover-up of a state role in the disappearance and death of Belfast teenager Noah Donohoe in June of last year.

Published November 6, 2021

PSNI unreformed, 20 years on

psnispringfield2021.jpg The PSNI (formerly RUC) police have marked the 20th anniversary of their rebranding by attempting to provoke some nationalist youths into violence, while at the same time recruiting others to act as spies.

Published November 6, 2021

Tone walks the streets of Belfast

tonenapier.jpg A Belfast walking tour celebrating the birthplaces of Irish democracy in the late 1700s has welcomed a descendant of the family of legendary Irish leader Theobald Wolfe Tone.

Published November 6, 2021

Sinn Féin to support juryless courts

mcdonaldaf.jpg A motion before Sinn Féin’s annual conference to rescind the party’s opposition to the Special Criminal Court could be key to unlocking its access to government in Dublin.

Published October 30, 2021

Deadline missed for Irish Language Act

achtanoismps.jpg Sinn Féin’s Vice President Michelle O’Neill has said she is not worried by the failure of the British government to honour its commitment to legislate for the Irish language by the end of October.

Published October 30, 2021

Irish ‘turnip farmers’ route around car-crash Britain

ferryroutes.jpg Despite a senior British minister claiming that a no-deal Brexit would only affect a few Irish farmers “with turnips in the back of their trucks”, huge amounts of trade between Ireland and the EU are now taking place by sea around the island of Britain.

Published October 30, 2021

Tory plan brings ‘injustice and cruelty’ to innocent families

gerardrorycairns.jpg The father of two Catholic brothers murdered by loyalists acting for the British state has accused the British government of “blocking every avenue in getting to the truth”.

Published October 30, 2021


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