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McAliskey mounts extradition defence

A defence lawyer has told an extradition hearing in Belfast that Roisin McAliskey was not in Germany at the time it is claimed she was involved in an attack there.

Published August 30, 2007

Euro legal action against Tara motorway

Environmental campaigners are to take legal action against the 26-County State to stop the destruction of heritage sites in the Tara valley during the construction of the M3 motorway.

Published August 30, 2007

Rabbitte resigns as leader of Labour Party

Pat Rabbitte has resigned as leader of the Labour Party following Labour’s disappointing showing in May’s general election in the 26 Counties.

Published August 23, 2007

Sectarian rampage in Tyrone village

A loyalist mob rampaged through the Catholic district in the Tyrone village of Castlederg last week.

Published August 22, 2007

Executive ‘fudge’ as UDA violence continues

Supporters of a disaffected UDA gang are believed to have been behind a spate of attacks in Carrickfergus at the weekend including one on the home of a single parent mother of two.

Published August 22, 2007

Paisley vows to block language rights bill

A letter by the DUP leader Ian Paisley promising to block legislation aimed at preserving the Irish language in the North of Ireland has been condemned by Sinn Féin.

Published August 22, 2007

Talks break out in Shannon dispute

Aer Lingus pilots have agreed to call off their planned 48 hour strike after airline bosses went into talks over the airline’s controversial announcement two weeks ago to axe the Shannon Heathrow route and open a hub in Belfast.

Published August 22, 2007

Bridging the way to an independent Scotland, united Ireland

Cross-border proposals are being prepared to link Ireland to Scotland through a 21-mile bridge or tunnel from the Antrim coast to Galloway in south-west Scotland.

Published August 22, 2007

Omagh trial described as a ‘farce’ by victim’s husband

The husband of a victim of the Omagh bomb says the only man in the North to stand trial in connection with the attack should be acquitted.

Published August 16, 2007

Furore over airport decision

A decision by Aer Lingus to set up a new base in Belfast at the expense of existing services at Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland has created an escalating controversy which could see the airline completely grounded next week - by its own pilots.

Published August 16, 2007

Vulnerable autistic child deported

There is public anger after an autistic boy and his family were forcefully deported from Dublin this week.

Published August 16, 2007

Apprentice Boys march ‘an example to others’

The Apprentice Boys parade in Derry at the weekend saw eight nationalist youths arrested as petrol bombs were thrown during clashes with the PSNI, but without major violence.

Published August 16, 2007

Danish apologise for Viking invasion

The Danish government did its bit for the peace process this week when it expressed regret over the Viking invasion of Ireland more than 1,000 years ago.

Published August 16, 2007

Adams calls for Truth Commission

An independent truth commission, including international experts, should be considered for dealing with the past conflict, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said on Tuesday.

Published August 8, 2007

Craigavon riot after bomb find

Republican youths fought running battles with the PSNI police on Monday following a day-long military-style police operation in the town of Craigavon, County Armagh.

Published August 8, 2007

All-island bid to stop foot and mouth disease

The Dublin government and the Belfast Executive have promised to co-operate closely to stop foot and mouth disease spreading from England to animals across the Irish Sea.

Published August 8, 2007

ritish Army to use North as training ground

The North of Ireland is to be used increasingly to train British soldiers before they are sent to conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq, it has been confirmed.

Published August 8, 2007

Anger at PSNI role in South Armagh

The 32-County Sovereignty Movement has accused Sinn Féin of making “choreographed” moves to bring the PSNI police into South Armagh.

Published July 31, 2007

Hamill inquiry delayed again

The legal battle by RUC/PSNI police bidding for anonymity during a public inquiry into the 1997 killing of Catholic man Robert Hamill was sent back to the High Court in Belfast today.

Published July 31, 2007

DUP says no to Irish language rights

The DUP’s minister for culture in the Six Counties, Edwin Poots, has given no commitment on providing an Irish language Act despite a high-profile meeting with Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams.

Published July 31, 2007


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