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Northern Bank trial opens

The trial has begun before a juryless Diplock court in Belfast of a bank official for the robbery in 2004 of the Northern Bank.

Published September 12, 2008

UVF assault raises feud fear

Members of a notorious unionist paramilitary death sqaud have been accused of carrying out a savage assault in which a young mother was held down by four men and bitten on the face.

Published September 12, 2008

Strong turnout urged in Fermanagh by-election

Next Thursday sees an important local council by-election in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

Published September 12, 2008

Dublin govt admits economic crisis

The 26-County government, facing an unprecedented budget deficit, has brought forward its annual economic policy statement by two months amid heavy criticism of its failure to act over a looming meltdown in the Irish economy.

Published September 5, 2008

Irish Navy deploys for Shell destruction

Eight more environmental activists were arrested in County Mayo today [Friday] after an extraordinary confrontation between the Irish Naval Service and campaigners attempting to halt the construction of a potentially dangerous high-pressure gas pipeline.

Published September 5, 2008

Controversy mounts over British military parades

Belfast City Council this week voted that a civic reception for British troops should go ahead in November, despite nationalist opposition

Published September 5, 2008

Prison warders urged to reveal CR gas concern

The British government is coming under renewed pressure to admit a cancer-causing gas was used on republican prisoners during a 1974 Long Kesh riot.

Published September 5, 2008

Obama seeks to recover from Irish policy blunder

US Presidential candidate Barack Obama has asked former senator George Mitchell and six leading Irish-American politicians to advise him on Ireland amid a backlash over his campaign’s handling of Irish issues.

Published September 5, 2008

IRA leadership ‘has ceased to function’ - IMC

The Provisional IRA’s ruling Army Council that once directed its armed struggle is no longer operational, a report for the British and 26-County governments has declared.

Published September 3, 2008

Crisis talks at Stormont

Sinn Féin has called for urgent talks with the Democratic Unionists to resolve the crisis that is said to be confronting the new political institutions in the north of Ireland.

Published August 29, 2008

IRA prisoners seek to clear record

IRA prisoners falsely imprisoned are to attempt to have their convictions overturned and their records cleared.

Published August 29, 2008

Obama downplays Irish issues

Barack Obama could abolish the post of US special envoy to the north of Ireland if he becomes president as he responds to the Taoiseach’s call for a review of the relationship between Ireland and the US.

Published August 29, 2008

Sharp reaction to Lisbon re-run proposal

Opposition parties in the 26 Counties joined forces this week to strongly criticise the Dublin government’s Europe minister Dick Roche after he said that a second referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty was on the cards.

Published August 29, 2008

Ogra Shinn Féin goes postal

Sinn Féin’s youth wing has been causing controversy over attempts to literally ‘green’ the north - one postbox at a time.

Published August 29, 2008

British soldiers observed murder of teenager

A Police Ombudsman investigation into the murder of Belfast teenager Damien Walsh will confirm British soldiers watched the killing by the unionist paramilitary UDA and did not intervene, it has been reported.

Published August 22, 2008

Wreathes not enough for Omagh victims

A cross-border public inquiry is the only proper tribute to relatives bereaved by the Omagh bomb blast, a memorial service heard on Sunday.

Published August 22, 2008

Controversy at hunger strike commemoration

Unionist condemnation of the use of a replica machine gun during a republican commemoration ceremony has pointed up the hypocrisy of the current debate on weapons decommissioning.

Published August 22, 2008

PSNI involved in killing, inquest told

A PSNI Special Branch agent was involved in the brutal assassination of a Belfast man outside a school in the North of Ireland, an inquest heard today.

Published August 22, 2008

Fr Troy moved from Belfast

The priest hero who famously went to the defence of besieged Catholic schoolgirls in Belfast’s Ardoyne in the face of loyalist attacks is moving against his wishes to Paris, as a chaplain to English-speaking residents there.

Published August 22, 2008

Paisley calls for return of shoot-to-kill

Policing Board member Ian Paisley Jnr today urged the PSNI to shoot republican militants on sight following an abortive rocket attack in County Fermanagh at the weekend.

Published August 19, 2008


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