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Protest grows outside Central Bank in Dublin

occupydamestreet.jpg An internet-based campaign of peaceful resistance to the political and economic corruption of the 26-County state has taken to the streets.

Published October 14, 2011

No murder charge for loyalist killers

kevinmcdaid.jpg The family of Kevin McDaid has described a decision to drop murder charges against seven men accused of killing him as “an insult” .

Published October 14, 2011

Finucanes quit Downing St meeting over QC review plan

geraldinefinucane.jpg The widow of murdered Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane said today she felt “angry” and “insulted” after David Cameron told her he was proposing a review of her husband’s case by a QC (British government lawyer).

Published October 11, 2011

The uncivil war

mcguinnessmitchell.jpg A hysterical attempt by Fine Gael and their media allies to attack Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has seen a surge in support for Mr McGuinness’s campaign and propelled Sinn Fein into second place in the polls.

Published October 7, 2011

Govt cash bonanza for developers, advisers, bankers

kennygilmorecoalition.jpg The coalition government in Dublin has defended their decision to give further bonuses, deferred payments and inflated salaries to bank executives, property developers and political insiders.

Published October 7, 2011

eirigi man attacked after Newry raids

stephenmurney.jpg A prominent member of eirigi was detained for seven hours and charged with a string of offences after he intervened to check on the welfare of a neighbour who was having his car searched by the PSNI.

Published October 7, 2011

Truth commission ‘ruled out’ ahead of Finucane decision

owenpatersontory.jpg Britain’s Direct Ruler in the North, Owen Paterson, has dismissed Sinn Fein’s long-standing call for a truth commission to deal with the North’s past.

Published October 7, 2011

Demand for equality in the right to vote

onevoteonevoice.jpg There have been increasing calls for a referendum to allow northerners and emigrants the right to vote in the Irish presidential election.

Published October 7, 2011

Liam Adams appeals extradition

liamadamsflat.jpg The brother of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams is to appeal against his extradition to the North following a High Court decision that he should stand trial in Belfast on allegations that he sexually abused his daughter.

Published October 7, 2011

Historic campaign underway

aras11.jpg A large crowd turned out in Derry on Thursday as Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness launched his Presidential election campaign.

Published September 30, 2011

McGuinness candidacy highlights partitionist attitudes

aras11rallyderry.jpg Despite coming under intense criticism from the 26-County establishment in Dublin, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has received support from the former British Direct Ruler in Ireland, Shaun Woodward.

Published September 30, 2011

Teachers blast pension ‘larceny’

brendanhowlin.jpg The two largest teacher unions in Ireland, the INTO and ASTI, have condemned changes to pensions proposed by the 26-County Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin as “larcenous” and “probably illegal”.

Published September 30, 2011

Paper still targeted, ten years after O’Hagan death

martinohagan.jpg A decade after the murder of crime journalist Martin O’Hagan by loyalist paramilitaries, his colleagues at the newspaper he worked for are still receiving loyalist death threats.

Published September 30, 2011

Loyalists head for US talks

udagang.jpg A number of loyalist paramilitary figures are to visit US political and business leaders in a visit being organised by the Dublin government, it has emerged.

Published September 30, 2011

Rhianna encounter stranger than fiction

rhiannagraham.jpg International pop sensation Rhianna was this week confronted in a County Down cornfield by a DUP councillor who told her to “cover up” while she was on his farm.

Published September 30, 2011

Final nominations for Irish Presidential election

norrisdana.jpg The line-up for the Irish Presidential election next month has been decided tonight after controversial Senator David Norris and former pop/gospel singer ‘Dana’ Rosemary Scallon both secured the necessary support of local councillors for their nomination as candidates.

Published September 27, 2011

Carnival of reaction

mcguinnesscampaign.jpg The nomination of Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness for next month’s election to the President of Ireland has provoked a chaotic and bitter response from the 26-County ‘elite’.

Published September 24, 2011

Presidential candidate McGuinness tackles IRA past

mcguinnessgun.jpg Sinn Fein nominee Martin McGuinness was repeatedly questioned about his past involvement with the IRA this week, with the issue dominating the early days of the presidential campaign.

Published September 24, 2011

Justice comes first for Bloody Sunday relatives

lindanash.jpg Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the British government intends to make a cash payment to the families and wounded of the Bloody Sunday massacre.

Published September 24, 2011

Ongoing harassment of republicans and families

breandanmaccionnaith.jpg Runai ginearalta eirigi [the general secretary of eirigi] Breandan Mac Cionnaith has condemned the continuing harassment of Lurgan republicans after three homes were raided on Wednesday morning by the PSNI.

Published September 24, 2011


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