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Ombudsman forces mother to relive her grief

damienwalsh.jpg The mother of a Catholic murdered by the unionist paramilitary UDA has added to calls for Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson to resign after she was again fobbed off over a report on her son’s murder.

Published September 24, 2011

Coalition selling state assets to pay private debts

esblogo.jpg There were rowdy scenes in the Dublin parliament this week between the 26-County government and Sinn Fein over the planned sell-off of part of the ESB (Electricity Supply Board), the semi-state body which until recently held a monopoly on Ireland’s energy market.

Published September 24, 2011

A Presidential opportunity

martinmcguinnesssmile.jpg On the centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016, it could be Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness taking the salute outside the GPO in Dublin, following a dramatic and imaginative proposal by the party this weekend for his nomination in next month’s Presidential election.

Published September 18, 2011

Renewed IRA attacks on PSNI

bombs1109.jpg Breakaway IRA groups carried out four separate attacks against the PSNI this past week, including an attack in County Antrim in which members of the police force are reported to have received minor injuries.

Published September 18, 2011

British apology after 40 years

billymcgreanery.jpg The head of the British Army has written a letter of apology to the family of a Derryman who was shot dead in 1971.

Published September 18, 2011

Orangemen reprimanded over Kerr funeral

elliottkennedy.jpg The leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Tom Elliott, and UUP Assembly member Danny Kennedy are to face disciplinary proceedings from the Orange Order for attending the funeral mass of PSNI member Ronan Kerr in April.

Published September 18, 2011

Germany’s humiliation agenda

flags.jpg Germany’s European Union [EU] commissioner Guenther Oettinger caused an outrage this week after he called for the Irish tricolour to be flown at half-mast in Brussels to embarrass the country over its economic problems.

Published September 18, 2011

Boundary changes pose electoral questions

newconstituencies6cos.jpg Proposals to radically change the Westminster constituencies in the North are expected to see the main unionist DUP party, as well as the nationalist SDLP, both lose a valuable seat in the Westminster parliament in London.

Published September 18, 2011

Martin McGuinness set to contest Presidency of Ireland

mcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has confirmed reports that the party’s Ard Chomhairle [high council] is to meet on Sunday morning to discuss a proposal from the party’s leadership to nominate Martin McGuinness to stand in the 26-County presidential election.

Published September 16, 2011

‘A new Republic for 2016’

sfardfheis11.jpg The Sinn Fein annual conference has heard calls for a national conversation on the future of Ireland, between now and the centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016.

Published September 11, 2011

Warning as supergrass trial goes ahead

supergrassprotest.jpg British Special Branch double-agent Mark Haddock ordered the murder of a paramilitary rival and smirked as he told the gunmen, “try not to shoot the kids”, a high-profile trial in Belfast was told this week.

Published September 11, 2011

As cuts deepen, NAMA keeps developers in style

namaprotest.jpg Bankrupted Irish property speculators are being paid ‘salaries’ of up to 200,000 euro (US$280,000) a year by the Dublin government, it was revealed this week.

Published September 11, 2011

Waterford facing employment meltdown

talktalk.jpg A surprise announcement of the loss of almost 600 jobs from a call centre operation in Waterford has shocked staff and left government officials struggling to frame a response.

Published September 11, 2011

The case for Gerry McGeough

gerrymcgeough2.jpg Pressure is growing on the authorities at Maghaberry prison to release internee Gerry McGeough, who suffers from a serious heart condition, into hospital care.

Published September 11, 2011

The brutality is not ‘systematic’, it’s the lying

britsiraq.jpg The death of Baha Mousa reminded Robert Fisk of his days working as a journalist in the North of Ireland.

Published September 11, 2011

Address by Gerry Adams at 2011 Sinn Fein Ard Fheis

gerryadamsflat.jpg The Presidential address to this year's Sinn Fein annual conference this [Saturday] evening.

Published September 10, 2011

Flash: ‘Love unionists’, McGuinness tells party conference

mcguinnesslatimer.jpg Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has told his party’s Ard Fheis [annual conference] today that unionists are “brothers and sisters” who are to be “loved and cherished”.

Published September 10, 2011

Margaret Ritchie to quit as SDLP leader

margaretritchie.jpg The leader of the smaller of the two nationalist parties in the North of Ireland is to stand down, it was announced this afternoon.

Published September 8, 2011

Showdown for Mount Vernon gang

markhaddock.jpg A trial involving 14 unionist paramilitaries which begins this week could see new revelations of conspiracy, collusion and hidden agendas by the PSNI police.

Published September 6, 2011

Ombudsman mulls resignation

alhutchinson.jpg The man charged with handling complaints against the police in the North of Ireland has said he may consider his position following the public release of the latest damning report into his handling of historic cases.

Published September 6, 2011


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