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Date set for treaty referendum

eureferendum.jpg The date for the referendum on the European Union’s permanent austerity treaty has been set as Thursday, May 31st, opening the way for a debate on a treaty which, if passed, could restrict Ireland’s economic freedom forever.

Published March 30, 2012

Decades of lies

bertieahernflat.jpg Corruption affected every level of government from cabinet ministers to local councillors during two decades of political dominance by Fianna Fáil, according to the final report of the Mahon planning tribunal.

Published March 23, 2012

Dessie Grew shot as he lay dying, inquest hears

dessiegrew.jpg An SAS soldier celebrated with drinks after shooting dead an IRA man, a Belfast inquest heard this week.

Published March 23, 2012

Evacuations and arrests as loyalists march on St Patrick’s

cormeenloyalists.jpg Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy has described a loyalist march which was allowed to take place as local residents were celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the centre of Armagh, as having “killed the spirit of St. Patrick”.

Published March 23, 2012

UUP man backs border poll

mikenesbitt.jpg The main contender for the leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party has said unionists should have nothing to fear from a border poll in the North on reuniting Ireland.

Published March 23, 2012

Protest blocks British Army recruitment campaign

britsinfield.jpg Amid signs of increased patrols by British soldiers, a group of activists at Queens’ University in Belfast has succeeded in preventing a British military recruitment exercise on the campus.

Published March 23, 2012

Adams seeks votes for emigrants, northerners

obamakennyovaloffice.jpg A number of Irish political leaders gathered in Washington this week for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams thanked US supporters for their past commitment to the peace process and discussed a number of ongoing issues.

Published March 23, 2012

St Patrick’s Day message from President Michael D. Higgins

michaeldhiggins.jpg I wish to send warm greetings on this St Patrick’s Day to Irish people at home and abroad and to our wider Irish family around the world.

Published March 17, 2012

Adams rejects British statements

patersoncameron.jpg A referendum within the Six Counties on the future of the border in Ireland is “inevitable”, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said.

Published March 16, 2012

Shoot-to-kill inquest opens

grewmccaughey.jpg One of the oldest outstanding inquests in the North of Ireland has finally begun in Belfast.

Published March 16, 2012

‘Stand up for Ireland’, Kenny told

adamsdail.jpg The Dublin government’s futile attempts to secure relief from its budget and banking crises continued this week in the face of increasingly arrogant debt repayment demands by European Union authority figures.

Published March 16, 2012

RAAD not republican

raad.jpg Pressure is growing to disband a ‘vigilante group’ in Derry after two men from republican families were injured in gun attacks.

Published March 16, 2012

‘Spooky’ encounter for west Belfast man

eirigi.jpg An eírígí activist has said he was offered a cash inducement in return for information about the organisation’s future direction during a disturbing roadside encounter on the outskirts of Belfast.

Published March 16, 2012

Irish overcome St Patrick’s Day provocations

borisjohnson.jpg Mayor of London Boris Johnson and US sports wear manufacturer Nike have both been forced to apologise to the Irish community after making insults related to St Patrick’s Day.

Published March 16, 2012

A managed murder

sammarshall.jpg The family of Sam Marshall are to seek a full inquest into his death after it was revealed this week that he was under observation by at least nine British soldiers when he was killed in 1990.

Published March 9, 2012

Sinn Féin chairman urges party members to ‘say sorry’

declankearney.jpg One of the most senior figures in the Sinn Féin leadership has challenged members of the organisation to “say sorry for the human effects of all actions during the armed struggle”.

Published March 9, 2012

Fine Gael parties as it evicts opponents

occupyeviction.jpg The early-morning destruction by the Gardai police of the ‘Occupy Dame Street’ protest camp took place as the divide between Ireland’s 99% and a ruling elite appeared wider than ever.

Published March 9, 2012

Loyalists to march into St Patrick’s Day celebrations

cormeenloyalistband.jpg A loyalist march has incredibly been given permission to march directly through the centre of Armagh next Saturday, on a night when thousands of people will have descended on the city for its annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Published March 9, 2012

Ford claims spirit of prison agreement adhered to

damianmclaughlinnobeard.jpg The Six County ‘Minister for Justice’ David Ford has clashed with a prisoner recently released from Maghaberry over the treatment of political prisoners and the ongoing ‘dirty protest’ at the jail.

Published March 9, 2012

Marian Price campaign gains momentum

marianpriceconwaymill.jpg A packed meeting in Belfast on Thursday night heard prominent speakers denounce the continued internment of veteran republican Marian Price.

Published March 9, 2012


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