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Haass of history?

mcguinnesshaassrobinson.jpg Talks on a range of contentious issues involving the North’s main political parties collapsed for a second time within a week on New Year’s Eve, with mediators Richard Haass and his colleague, Meghan O’Sullivan, again returning swiftly to the US.

Published January 4, 2014

Ambush inquest described as ‘charade’

campbellmcgirrmemorial.jpg Relatives of two IRA Volunteers shot dead by the British Army’s SAS regiment in County Tyrone 30 years ago are to sue the British government after a new report found that they were shot in the back.

Published January 4, 2014

Trial begins for loyalists accused of mob killing

kevinmcdaidbig.jpg A court has heard how a group of men shouting “We’re the UDA” descended on a Coleraine street and set upon two Catholic men, leaving one dead, after Glasgow Rangers FC won the Scottish Premiership title in May 2009.

Published January 4, 2014

Repartition plan considered by Thatcher

fitzgeraldthatcher.jpg Extraordinary plans to redraw the partition of Ireland, including the possibility of west Belfast being governed by the 26-County state, were considered by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, according to previously classified state papers released today.

Published January 4, 2014

Prisoners key to international peace moves

basqueprotestflag.jpg Basque political prisoners have agreed to endorse a political strategy as part of a number of key statements by the prisoners aimed at finding a solution to the ongoing independence struggle in the Basque Country.

Published January 4, 2014

Talks fail to deter parade tensions

twaddellbanners.jpg The parades issue is continuing to provoke confrontation and incident, particularly at the Ardyone interface with the loyalist Twaddell Road in Belfast, where loyalists engaged in a protest camp are again planning a major sectarian parade through the city.

Published January 4, 2014

Stopping Sinn Fein

adamsmcguinnessold.jpg The Dublin government was deeply concerned at the British government’s failure to counter growing support for Sinn Fein in 1983, historical papers have revealed. Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald even believed a British policy was in place to support the party and protect its leaders from arrest.

Published December 28, 2013

Time added on for Haass talks

haassroundtable.jpg Talks on flags, sectarian parades and the past in the North will continue this weekend but are facing increased scepticism after the process was announced to have ended in failure on Christmas Eve.

Published December 28, 2013

Shocking levels of deprivation in Catholic communities

childpoverty.jpg Fifteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, there has been no sign of a decrease in the level of poverty among the Catholic population in the North. A new study has shown that those schools with the largest number of children from deprived backgrounds are almost entirely Catholic.

Published December 28, 2013

Loyalists forced out over a thousand families in 2013 - McCord

raymondmccordbig.jpg The number of people driven out of their homes by loyalist or sectarian intimidation in the north of Ireland is at a five-year high, according to figures published today.

Published December 28, 2013

Gun attack on Fermanagh barracks

lisnaskeapsni.jpg Shots were fired at Lisnaskea PSNI station in County Fermanagh on Monday, December 23rd is the latest gun attack by the breakaway IRA groups.

Published December 28, 2013

Unemployed presented with impossible choice

philhoganbig.jpg Unemployed workers may be required to take up new positions in 26-County local authorities from early next year, working on projects such as drainage schemes and outdoor maintenance for just one euro an hour, or face cuts to their dole payments.

Published December 28, 2013

Haass talks falter after unionist ‘histrionics’

haassosullivan2.jpg US mediator Richard Haass has been forced to remove a reference to the Irish tricolour flag as unionists ratcheted up their demands in ongoing talks on flags, parades and the past in the north of Ireland.

Published December 20, 2013

Vicious assault in black ops incident

eddiebreen.jpg The discovery of a military tracking device on a workman’s van led to an attack on a Craigavon republican at his home as Crown force personnel brutally attempted to retrieve the device.

Published December 20, 2013

Persecution of prisoners extends beyond Maghaberry

maghaberrybig2.jpg The IRPWA (Irish Republican Prisoners’ Welfare Association) has condemned the harassment of republican prisoners following their release from jail in the north of Ireland.

Published December 20, 2013

Troika auditors depart amid spin, recriminations, allegations

choprabarroso.jpg The day-to-day oversight of the finances of the 26-County state by international ‘bailout’ loan managers ended this week in a verbal tussle over who should have shouldered the cost of the collapse of the state’s banks.

Published December 20, 2013

British courts struggle with anti-Irish racism

victornealon.jpg An Irishman who was wrongly imprisoned for 17 years by a British court was finally released this week -- but was forced to spend his first night of freedom on the streets.

Published December 20, 2013

Adams comments on Mandela funeral

adamsmandelafuneral.jpg Gerry Adams was applauded at the Nelson Mandela funeral in South Africa last Sunday, December 15th, 24 hours after joining an ANC guard of honour for ‘Madiba’.

Published December 20, 2013

Clashes as Colin Duffy is returned to jail

colinduffybeard.jpg Lurgan republican Colin Duffy is back behind bars today and is facing a potentially lengthy period of internment without trial.

Published December 17, 2013

Second ONH bomb explodes

stannesbombonh.jpg A small bomb exploded Friday night in the centre of Belfast, causing no injuries but raising fresh fears of a return to a more serious level of conflict in the north of Ireland.

Published December 14, 2013


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