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Coroner hears demand for broad collusion inquiry

stepinn.jpg A public inquiry must be held into the notorious Glenanne death squad whose members included UVF paramilitaries, British Army soldiers and RUC police, a coroner’s court has heard.

Published June 14, 2014

Action campaign on the past holds Dublin event

shoes.jpg Relatives of those killed or injured during the conflict will call on the Dublin government to begin a process of tackling the past during an event in the capital this Saturday, 14th June.

Published June 14, 2014

Demands for inquiry into mass graves

tuamgrave.jpg The international media descended this week on a town in the west of Ireland following shocking claims that an order of nuns may have buried hundreds of infant children in an unmarked mass grave between the 1920s and the 1960s.

Published June 7, 2014

Baggott blocking inquiries, says Police Ombudsman

baggottmaguire.jpg The North’s Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire has launched a legal action against PSNI Chief Matt Baggott over the failure to provide information on major investigations into killings throughout the conflict.

Published June 7, 2014

Torture of prisoners was approved at Cabinet level

hoodedmen.jpg British ministers sanctioned the use of torture against internees in the north of Ireland in the early 1970s, the then British Home Secretary Merlyn Rees admitted in 1977, it has emerged.

Published June 7, 2014

Dublin politics transformed by Mayor vote

christyburke.jpg Despite the combined opposition of the two main conservative parties, independent councillor Christy Burke has been elected Mayor of Dublin for 2014/2015, with Sinn Fein to hold the mayoralty the following year.

Published June 7, 2014

Catholic man slashed as loyalist attacks increase

scarredsectarian.jpg A 21-year-old chef has had to receive 17 stitches in his neck following a sectarian attack by loyalists.

Published June 7, 2014

PSNI lies exposed by video evidence

psnidragging.jpg A BBC documentary has shown evidence of the PSNI violently attacking innocent pubgoers in the predominately nationalist town of Omagh. The victims were accused of public order offences, but the cases were thrown out when contradictory video evidence was presented to the court.

Published June 7, 2014

Loyalists rerouted from Ardoyne

watercannon.jpg The PSNI are undertaking a major policing operation in north Belfast this weekend after a sectarian parade was rerouted away from nationalist areas of north Belfast.

Published June 7, 2014

Public outrage at racist remarks

mcconnellrobinson.jpg The DUP leader and First Minister Peter Robinson sparked widespread public outrage this week when he made derogatory comments about Muslims. He was speaking in defence of a north Belfast Pastor, who described Islam as “heathen” and “satanic”.

Published May 31, 2014

Renewed effort as Craigavon Two appeal is rejected

craigavontwo.jpg A group set up to oppose a miscarriage of justice in the conviction of the Craigavon Two has vowed to continue its campaign despite losing an appeal this week.

Published May 31, 2014

Orangemen seek ‘last push’ for Ardoyne; Haass rules out role

ardoyne2013.jpg With the summer marching season approaching and the Stormont parties further apart than ever, the US peace envoy Richard Haass has ruled out returning to Ireland to broker a deal on parades, flags and the legacy of the conflict.

Published May 31, 2014

RUC figure wins SF endorsement as new PSNI Chief

georgehamilton2.jpg The new PSNI Chief Constable in the north of Ireland has been named as George Hamilton, a veteran of the RUC who is currently serving as the Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) in the PSNI.

Published May 31, 2014

Selfish interests hiding the truth - bereaved

eugenereavey.jpg The brother of three south Armagh men shot dead by the Glenanne gang has accused the British government and political parties of “protecting their own deep secrets”.

Published May 31, 2014

Sinn Fein singing as it elects fourth MEP

mattcarthyelected.jpg Sinn Fein’s Matt Carthy has just become the party’s fourth MEP after being elected after seven counts in a marathon count in Castlebar, County Mayo.

Published May 27, 2014

Martina Anderson returned as MEP for Six Counties

andersonadams.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson has been deemed elected to the European Parliament after topping the poll in the North on the first count.

Published May 26, 2014

Tanaiste Gilmore quits amid election drubbing

gilmorequits.jpg Eamon Gilmore has resigned as Labour party leader and as the Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) of the 26 County state.

Published May 26, 2014

Lynn Boylan is elected as Dublin MEP; SF adds to gains

boylanelected.jpg Sinn Fein’s Lynn Boylan became the first Irish MEP to be elected to the European Parliament in this election, topping the poll in the Dublin constituency by a very wide margin over her mainstream party rivals.

Published May 26, 2014

‘Shindependents Day’ as political landscape is transformed

mcdonaldadamscount.jpg “Something profound has happened in the people’s attitudes to politics,” said Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald, as results came in across the 26 Counties on Saturday.

Published May 25, 2014

Sinn Fein support surges in Dublin and across 26 Counties

electioncountrds.jpg An extraordinary election result is unfolding in the 26 Counties as tallies show that Sinn Fein is now the largest party in Dublin by some distance, and the three main establishment parties only winning the support of half of the electorate across the state.

Published May 24, 2014


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