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Progressive alliance stumbles

right2change.jpg A weak and largely negative response by socialists and social democrats to a vote transfer pact with other progressive election candidates could have opened the door to a further five years of right-wing government in Dublin.

Published October 31, 2015

Second bullet found in massacre victim

patrickmurphy.jpg The family of a victim of the Ballymurphy massacre has been vindicated in their decades-long struggle for justice after his exhumed body appears to contain a bullet.

Published October 31, 2015

Disturbing racial incidents in Belfast

pigsheads.jpg A Sudanese father and his five-year-old daughter have been forced to flee their home in east Belfast after suffering racist intimidation.

Published October 31, 2015

Dublin shooting a case of collusion, family says

martindocodoherty.jpg The family of a man killed by the unionist paramilitary UVF in Dublin in 1994 is to sue the PSNI police over collusion with the killers.

Published October 31, 2015

LVF blamed for arson attacks

lvf.jpg A small loyalist paramilitary group, the Loyalist Volunteer Force, is believed to have been responsible for a firebomb attack that destroyed a car in a residential area of County Down this week.

Published October 31, 2015

Kenny accused of ‘make-believe’ politics

kennygrandiose.jpg Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been accused of suffering from ‘Walter Mitty’ syndrome after one of his infamous ‘tall tales’ was finally exposed as an invention.

Published October 31, 2015

Contradictions multiply at Stormont talks

talksresumesf.jpg DUP Ministers suddenly returned to work and multi-party talks have resumed following the publication on Tuesday of a British intelligence report that claims the Provisional IRA, INLA, UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando all still exist and control arms, but are ‘committed to peace’.

Published October 23, 2015

Duffy trio freed as case falls apart after two years

duffys.jpg Three relatives of prominent republican Colin Duffy, who were due to stand trial on IRA charges later this year, have been acquitted of all charges against them and walked free from court on Thursday.

Published October 23, 2015

PSNI ‘attempting to put RNU out of business’

carlreilly.jpg Carl Reilly, the chairperson of Republican Network for Unity has been arrested and charged with ‘directing terrorism’, while another member of the RNU leadership, Paul Crawford, was also arrested on IRA charges.

Published October 23, 2015

Sinn Fein double agent exposed

44parnell.jpg The Dublin government had a top-level informer in Sinn Fein over ten years ago, former Justice Minister Michael McDowell has revealed.

Published October 23, 2015

Catholic couple targeted in UDA attack

arsonattack.jpg Just hours after an official British ‘security’ report deliberately avoided any reference to such attacks, a Catholic couple’s home was wrecked by the north Antrim UDA.

Published October 23, 2015

Plea for information in suspected collusion case

mckearneys.jpg The sons and daughters of a couple shot dead by the unionist paramilitary UVF 40 years ago have urged people to search their memories and hearts to help them get justice.

Published October 23, 2015

British report says PIRA still exists, controls arms

villierscommons.jpg The future of the political institutions remains uncertain following an MI5/PSNI review of the status of the Provisional IRA and loyalist paramilitary groups which found that the PIRA continues to exist and control some arms caches, but in a “much reduced” form.

Published October 20, 2015

The Loyalist Blackmail Council

lccstatement.jpg A statement issued in the name of the main unionist paramilitary organisations vowing to “eschew all violence and criminality” has been greeted with profound scepticism across the political divide.

Published October 16, 2015

Coalition sells budget in bid to buy re-election

howlinnoonanmedia.jpg A desperate pre-election giveaway budget may have backfired for the Fine Gael/Labour government in Dublin as research shows that that their bid to buy off the relatively wealthy has come at the expense of the rest of society, particularly those worst off.

Published October 16, 2015

Civil case against state agents blamed for 100 deaths

murphyfamily.jpg A sectarian killer who wrote his nickname on the road at the scene of a ghoulish killing is to be the subject of a civil action by the family of the victim after they were failed by the criminal justice system.

Published October 16, 2015

A tale of two tragedies

carrickmines.jpg The state’s hierarchy for victims couldn’t have been clearer this week when one family was accorded a state funeral while others have been subjected to a discrimination and hate campaign.

Published October 16, 2015

Anniversary of Grew and McCaughey

mccaugheygrewbig.jpg Fresh details have emerged on the deaths of two IRA men shot dead 25 years ago as republicans took part in a series of events in east Tyrone to mark the anniversary.

Published October 16, 2015

Frazer sees red over tourist green

leprechaunfrazer.jpg Loyalist lobbyist Willie Frazer is set to organise protests at Belfast Airport over the sale of tourist merchandise he has described as “pro-Irish paraphernalia”.

Published October 16, 2015

Budget 2016 - main points

howlinnoonan.jpg The main points of the annual statement of taxation and other policy changes for the 26 County Exchequer, announced this afternoon by Finance Minister Michael Noonan and Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin.

Published October 13, 2015


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