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British secrecy efforts multiply

arlenearkinson.jpg A British government minister has approved the withholding of files from the inquest of a schoolgirl abducted in County Donegal in 1994 over ‘national security’ concerns.

Published February 13, 2016

Gardai attack anti-fascist protestors

gardariot.jpg Gardai chaotically clubbed anti-fascist protestors as well as members of the media when a racist event in Dublin city centre last weekend was opposed by left-wing and republican groups.

Published February 13, 2016

Voters to get their say on juryless courts

scc.jpg The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has backed Sinn Fein’s position on abolishing the non-jury Special Criminal Court, and condemned the manipulation of the issue for short-term electoral gain.

Published February 13, 2016

Racism and bigotry from unionists

frazerwells.jpg Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer has claimed that “Fenian-looking” people are “snaking about” the Markethill area of County Armagh and watching his house.

Published February 13, 2016

Inquiry demanded as alleged informer flees

murrays.jpg A former commander of the Provisional IRA in Ardoyne has said he has been forced to flee his home after receiving death threats over allegations he was a state agent, which he denies.

Published February 6, 2016

‘Stakeknife’ repercussions become public

hodginsmorrison.jpg A row has broken out among republicans in Belfast over the impact of infiltration by informers in the aftermath of the apparent exposure of another highly-placed double agent within the Provisional IRA.

Published February 6, 2016

Fine Gael flounders as election campaign gets underway

noonankenny.jpg The 26 County general election campaign has begun with a major embarrassment for the coalition parties after their annual spending plans were found to have overestimated available state funds by several billion euro.

Published February 6, 2016

Strength and resilience at Bloody Sunday commemoration

bloodysundaymarch2016.jpg Several thousand people took part in a rain-soaked march in Derry last weekend to mark the 44th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday killings.

Published February 6, 2016

Politicians in a flap as ‘Brexit’ likelihood increases

brexit.jpg Concern is mounting in Ireland at the prospects of a British withdrawal from the European Union and the implications this would have for border crossings and the economy.

Published February 6, 2016

British Army link to Larne killings revealed

rodneymccormick.jpg It has taken the British authorities 35 years to tell the family of a Catholic man that his killer was a former British soldier.

Published February 6, 2016

Election called for February 26th, parliament dissolved

kennyburton.jpg The 26 County President, Michael D Higgins, has dissolved parliament at the request of Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who has called a general election.

Published February 3, 2016

British war crime on the Shankill

shankilbomb2.jpg There has been a shocked reaction to evidence that the 1993 Shankill Road bomb, in which nine civilians and one IRA Volunteer died in a premature explosion, was planned by a double-agent working in concert with the British Crown forces.

Published January 30, 2016

Hamilton reveals hierarchy of conflict investigations

georgehamilton2.jpg PSNI Chief George Hamilton has warned that most conflict-related cases will be shelved as pressure is heaped on the force to cooperate with inquest investigations.

Published January 30, 2016

No plan to question main suspect in O’Connor murder

garethoconnor2.jpg The main suspect in the murder of republican Gareth O’Connor has still not been questioned almost thirteen years after his death it has emerged. The man in question has also received an ‘OTR letter’ from the PSNI which could allow him to permanently evade prosecution for the murder.

Published January 30, 2016

Clashes as petrol bombs are thrown at PSNI

lurgantrouble0116.jpg There was a riot in Lurgan, County Armagh on Sunday night when more than 100 petrol bombs were thrown by nationalist youths after police cordons were set up in the Lake Street area.

Published January 30, 2016

Noonan accused in nine billion euro giveaway

michaelnoonanbig.jpg The 26 County Minister for Finance Michael Noonan blew over nine billion euro of government funds when he failed to stand up to EU bank chiefs over the state’s bank debts, the banking inquiry has revealed.

Published January 30, 2016

Thousands of protestors turn out to oppose water charges

waterprotest0123gpo.jpg Tens of thousands of protestors turned out to oppose water charges at Right2Water demonstrations across the country last Saturday. In Dublin City Centre, at the largest rally, community and political groups were joined by representatives from six trade unions.

Published January 30, 2016

High level informer behind Shankill Road bomb

shankillbomb.jpg Decrypted classified documents obtained by the Provisional IRA have shown that a state agent was behind one of the most notorious tragedies of the conflict, the Shankill Road bomb attack in 1993.

Published January 25, 2016

It’s 1984, not 2016, in the Irish Police State

tricolourgardai.jpg The staggering amount of surveillance being undertaken by the authorities in the 26 Counties has been revealed with more than one thousand new spy requests on citizens initiated every month.

Published January 23, 2016

No ‘Twelfth’ invite for Martin McGuinness

orangeorderbig.jpg The anti-Catholic Orange Order has said it has no intention of inviting Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness to its July Twelfth marches and rallies after the Deputy First Minister in the Six Counties said he would be willing to attend.

Published January 23, 2016


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