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Thursday 7 May, 1998


United we stand

The Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle has tabled two important emergency motions for the party's resumed Ard Fheis this Sunday 10 May. more

Balcombe Street Volunteers come home

``Welcome but long overdue'' was the verdict of Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle member Martin Ferris on the transfer of six republican prisoners to Ireland from Britain.

Dublin man killed in Garda shoot-to-kill operation

Sinn Féin has backed the call for an independent public inquiry into the death of Dublin man Ronan McLaughlin who was shot dead by gardaí on Friday.

Former SF councillor's home attacked

A loyalist pipe bomb attack in the early hours of Tuesday morning nearly cost former Craigavon Sinn Fein councillor Brendan Curran his life.

Residents thwart loyalist gunmen

Vigilance by local residents thwarted the getaway of an armed loyalist gang during a sectarian assasination attempt in the Poleglass area of Belfast.

Apprentice Boys refuse to talk to residents

Donncha MacNiallais has described Derry's Apprentice Boys' call for the Bogside Residents Group to be excluded from the city's forum on parades as `arrogant'.

Nationalists beaten in Castlederg

A number of nationalists were attacked after a Loyalist march in the County Tyrone town of Castlederg on Saturday, April 25.

Outrage at Garda racist attack

The Garda Síochána conducted a violent attack on a refugee living in Dublin, it was alleged.

From positive neutrality to nuclear insanity

The `No' campaign to the Amsterdam Treaty is being led by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) to which Sinn Féin is affiliated.

Bessbrook demands demilitarisation

A protest in the South Armagh village of Bessbrook has called for an end to Crown forces harassment of the local people.

New evidence on Loughgall Martyrs

New independent evidence regarding killing of eight IRA Volunteers and one civilian at Loughgall on 8 May 1987, has been revealed by the Loughgall Truth and Justice Campaign.

Lessons from the H-Block struggle

A letter from the prisoners in the H-Blocks on the message of the 1981 hunger strike for our continuing struggle.

New NIO `peace' wall fails first test

Nationalists from the beseiged Whitewell Road area of North Belfast have bitterly condemmed a series of loyalists attacks last weekend.

Women's Coalition member forced out after loyalist threat

Women's Coalition member Pearl Sagar had to move home after she was threatened by loyalists in East Belfast.

RUC `survey' Catholic schools

North Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Danny Lavery has criticised the principals and teachers of two Catholic secondary schools who allowed the RUC to conduct a survey among their sixth formers.

The democratic revolution is not complete

An Phoblacht's Neil Forde interviews Valli Moosa, the South African Minister for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development and ANC National Executive member.

Beware NIO doublespeak on language

A leaked briefing paper from a chief NIO civil servant, reveals anti-Irish language attitudes are still being peddled by the British bureaucracy.

Sackville Six raise low pay

Six members of Sinn Féin Youth's Direct Action Committee were arrested last Friday at Dublin's May Day march.

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