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Thursday 29 January, 1998


Sectarian slaughter

Dublin has been urged to highlight the collusion between elements of the British military machine and loyalist murder gangs. more

Need for a new agreement

Fern Lane looks at the progress in the talks which were held this week at Lancaster House in London.

IRA intercepts intelligence documents

British Intelligence documents which have been intercepted by the IRA show that British soldiers have recently been operating in the 26 Counties.

Sinn Féin storm home in Omagh

Party activists in west Tyrone are jubilant that their by-election campaign has paid off so handsomely.

1798 in Wexford

Fionntán O Súilleabháin looks at the 1798 Rebellion in Wexford which led the way in that revolutionary year.

Ardoyne raided while death squads roam

At a time when senior RUC members are busy `reassuring' the nationalist community that they are doing their best to protect them, the story on the ground is different.

Australian Labour support Adams visa bid

The Australian Labour Party has passed a resolution calling on the conservative government to allow West Belfast MP Gerry Adams to visit Australia.

British soldier fired brick at youth

18 year old Lurgan youth Brendan McCartan received six stitches in a head wound after being hit by a brick thrown by a British soldier from the top of a landrover.

Former POW beaten

A former republican POW, from North Belfast has told of a vicious RUC attack upon him last weekend.

Community empowerment for Limerick East

The Sinn Féin candidate in the Limerick East by-election has emphasised the need for more community empowerment.

The Master's Voice

If anything has nudged the Dublin government into adopting a more assertive position towards its British counterpart, it has been the peace process pushed by Sinn Féin, argues Meadbh Gallagher.

Dungannon man receives death threat

A Dungannon man who has been subjected to continuous Crown Forces harassment has been told that a loyalist death threat has been issued against him.

Bloody Sunday in London

Two thousand people marched through London on 24 January to commemorate the victims of Bloody Sunday and to demand that the truth be told.

Hartley harassed

Sinn Fein Councillor Tom Hartley has said the presence of the RUC and British Army is inflicting pain and grief by their provocative actions and petty harassment.

Larne threats

The Larne Gazette received an anonymous phone call from a woman who claimed to be reading a prepared statement from a group calling itself the Loyalist defence force (LDF).

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