September 29, 2020

New legal bid likely after massacre prosecutions decision

sunday600.jpg There was disappointment in Derry today after Crown Prosecutors confirmed that they will not prosecute 15 British soldiers in connection with Bloody Sunday.

Hunger strike ends with transfer of prisoner

maghaberryprotesthijjawi.jpg A hunger protest by republican prisoners ended today after Palestinian prisoner Dr Issam Hijjawi was transferred to Roe House, the section of Maghaberry jail where political prisoners are housed.

September 25, 2020

Solidarity camp at Maghaberry gates

hungerstrike2020.jpg Protests in support of hunger striking prisoners are due to take place in Belfast and outside Maghaberry Prison on Saturday, where a solidarity camp is to be established.

New investigation into Ludlow murder

ludlowbanner.jpg The family of Seamus Ludlow, who was shot dead in County Louth in 1976, have announced that an independent police investigation is to take place into his murder.

Tories treating north of Ireland as a ‘pawn’ - O’Neill

unleashingjohnson.jpg The people of the North are being used as pawns in a political game by the British government, Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill has warned.

MI5 to get legal backing for informers’ crimes

mi5base.jpg Legislation introduced at Westminster is set to shore up the legality of murders and other crimes committed by state agents and informers in Britain and the north of Ireland.

Seán Mac Stíofáin claim ‘propaganda’

haugheymacstiofain.jpg An attempt to boost the reputation of the former Fianna Fáil leader Charles Haughey with an allegation that former IRA leader Seán Mac Stiofáin was a double agent has been rejected by a former colleague.

Pressure grows for BBC to sack talk show host

nolan.jpg There are fresh protests against the institutional sectarianism of the BBC in Ireland as infamous radio and TV presenter Stephen Nolan continues to generate intense anger among nationalists.

100 years since Rineen Ambush

rineen.jpg Tuesday September 22nd, marked the 100th anniversary of the most significant event in the War of Independence in Clare.

The appointment of Drew Harris, revisited

harrisconfirmed.jpg Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have this week called for the current Garda Commissioner, former RUC Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Drew Harris, to resign from his post over his past connection to collusion in the north of Ireland.

September 19, 2020

Solidarity hunger strike at Maghaberry

hijjawi.jpg The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association have said they are gravely concerned at the “medieval” behaviour of the Maghaberry prison regime towards Palestinian prisoner Dr Issam Hijjawi.

US leaders unite to oppose Johnson’s move on border

joebiden600.jpg A transatlantic war of words has broken out over the British government’s move to break the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and its protections for peace in the north of Ireland.

TV broadcast on collusion ‘confronts the narrative’

unquiet.jpg A historic turning point in the long battle against state censorship in the 26 Counties was reached this week when ‘Unquiet Graves’, the story of the loyalist Glenanne Gang and their links to the British Crown Forces, was finally aired by state broadcaster RTE.

UDA expel Catholic woman over domestic dispute

udasouthbelfast.jpg A west Belfast Catholic woman has described how the unionist paramilitary UDA turned up at her door in March to force her out after her housemate became involved in a dispute with neighbouring residents.

Barbados leads the way in shedding imperial past

barbadosmottley.jpg Countries around the world are re-examining their post-colonial identity after Barbados moved to remove the English queen as the head of state. The island has said that it is planning to become a republic as it moves to withdraw from the Commonwealth and “leave its colonial past behind”.

‘Patriots’ using virus to sow division

yellowvest.jpg There is concern that far-right groups are taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to build support for bogus ‘patriot’ organisations involving fascists, loyalists and English Brexiteers.

Reprisals were a colonial tactic

sackofbalbriggan.jpg The President of Ireland Michael D Higgins has said Britain must face up to its history of reprisals in Ireland, and that the sack of Balbriggan 100 years ago was rooted in assumptions of racial superiority.

Unquiet Graves and the continuing cover-up

glenannevictims.jpg ‘Unquiet Graves’ was on RTÉ ONE last night and it made for hard viewing.

September 11, 2020

Perfidious Albion 2020

johnsonpinocchio.jpg The political clock has been turned sharply back as the world grapples once again with a British government acting in bad faith on Ireland and blithely reneging on peace deals.

MI5 oppression condemned

chriswilliamson.jpg A prominent former British MP has hit out at the use of entrapment by MI5 in Ireland and their attempts to criminalise lawful political activity.

PSNI linked to UDA sectarianism

raids.jpg A mother-of-three has had to leave her home in south Belfast after being assaulted by loyalists when she refused to hand over her child’s Catholic friends for a punishment shooting.

Crown refuses to say when it will hand over documents to inquest

leonorneybig.jpg A coroner has spoken out over delays by the Crown Forces in providing information to the inquest of a teenager shot dead by British soldiers in 1975.

Family of Gerard McMahon still await inquest

mcmahonvigil.jpg Four years on from his death, the family of a man who died following his arrest in Belfast city centre have been calling for the truth.

Parties urged to stand up for Liam Campbell’s human rights

campbellprotest.jpg Protests are being organised nationwide in support of Dundalk republican Liam Campbell, who is facing extradition to Lithuania on arms charges despite never having been to the country.

‘A choice between Brexit Britain and a New Ireland’

michelleoneill2.jpg Ireland is entering a decade of opportunity, according to Sinn Féin’s Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill.

Johnson’s behaviour is no surprise

govejohnson.jpg The only surprise about the British government’s unilateral plans to legislate for its own version of the procedures for operating the Irish Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement is that anyone is surprised.

September 9, 2020

Tories admit to breaking international law on Ireland

roguestate.jpg The British government has been accused of creating a “rogue state” as it published a bill to violate the Irish protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, an international treaty.

September 7, 2020

British backsliding could wreck Brexit peace deal

johnsoncummings.jpg Reports that legislation is to be introduced by the British government to “eliminate the legal force” of parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, and specifically in relation to the border through Ireland, have sent shock waves around Europe.

September 4, 2020

Alliance blocks Irish signage

naomilong600.jpg The latest proposals for dual Irish and English language street signs in Belfast were voted down this week as the leader of the supposedly cross-community Alliance Party claimed that the sight of the Irish language in public is “contentious”.

MI5 still trawling for agents and informers

mcfadden2.jpg Just days after a senior member of Saoradh was named as an MI5 agent, a republican activist revealed three individuals who identified themselves as members of the “security services” had tried to recruit him.

Facts of massacre emerge despite ‘lost’ military files

logfileimprint.jpg A secret behind a British Army log sheet that went ‘missing’ has been uncovered thanks to the detective work of an archive researcher.

Hardline unionists back Trump in US election

duptrump.jpg The DUP and other unionists have been endorsing Donald Trump to win the US Presidential election in November.

Information sought over horror arson attack

dempseyfamily.jpg Relatives for Justice have appealed for information to help a family who were targeted in a sectarian fire bomb in 1976 in which three lives were lost.

Heritage site faces ‘West Brit’ wrecking ball

orahillyhouseprotest.jpg Efforts are underway to save a building which played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising and the War of Independence in Dublin, the home of the 1916 martyr known as ‘The O’Rahilly’.

The Drumnakilly Ambush

drumnakilly600.jpg The killings near Drumnakilly, County Tyrone, of brothers Martin and Gerald Harte, and Brian Mullen, three local IRA Volunteers, took place on 30th August 1988, 32 years ago this week.

Partition sucks. It doesn’t merit celebration

partitionold.jpg British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to establish a Centenary Forum and a Centenary Historical Advisory Plan as part of his government’s plans to mark 100 years of the Northern state.

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