October 29, 2011

Inquiries amendment rejected

shatterhowlin.jpg The 30th Amendment to the Irish constitution, to give more powers of investigation to the Dublin parliament [Oireachtas], has been defeated in a shock reverse for the coalition government.

Final election results declared

aras11result.jpg Michael D Higgins has finally been declared elected as President of Ireland following the fourth and final count in Dublin Castle this afternoon.

October 28, 2011

Higgins is President-elect as rivals concede

michaeldvictor.jpg Labour Party candidate Michael D Higgins is now certain to be inaugurated the ninth 26-County President and will be declared elected later tonight, when the results of the final election count are revealed in Dublin Castle.

Michael D Higgins set to claim Presidency

michaeldhiggins.jpg Labour veteran Michael D Higgins is likely to win the 26-County Presidential election over independent Sean Gallagher with the help of transfers from a strongly placed Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein, according to early tallies of votes coming in from constituencies across the State.

October 26, 2011

The fixer, unmasked

seangallagher.jpg The 26-County presidential election campaign erupted in a major controversy in its final days as so-called independent candidate Sean Gallagher admitted he secured substantial Fianna Fail ‘donations’ in exchange for dinner in the company of then Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Report confirms rampant sectarianism within North’s prisons

maghaberrycells.jpg Catholics prisoners in the Six Counties are far more likely to be subjected to violence (or prison ‘discipline’) than their Protestant counterparts, a new report has revealed.

Concerns over broad new powers for politicians

pollingstation.jpg Two referendums to be put to the voters of the 26 Counties on Thursday, the same date as the Presidential election, are facing increasing criticism over the lack of public debate as well as the content of the constitutional changes proposed.

MI5 targeting young people in Fermanagh

mi5logo.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has said it has been made aware of more approaches by MI5/Special branch who have been actively targeting “vulnerable” members of society in an attempt to recruit them as informers.

Campbell ‘has strong grounds’ to appeal conviction

michaelcampbell.jpg An appeal is to be launched after Louth man Michael Campbell was sentenced to 12 years in a Lithuanian prison following an MI5 sting operation.

Voting for change in Dublin West

pauldonnellyruthcoppinger.jpg As well as voting in two referendums and the presidential election on Thursday, the constituents of Dublin West will be voting in a by-election to fill the seat vacated by the death of Brian Lenihan earlier this year.

Francis Hughes and Raymond McCreesh

francishughersraymondmccreesh.jpg A look at the lives and deaths of two of those who died on hunger strike in the struggle for Irish freedom on the anniversary of their deaths.

All go at Gallagher

higginsmcguinnessgallagher.jpg Gallagher is part of the Fianna Fail machine even if the tracks of his party membership have been covered with a floor mat upon the face of which ‘independent’ is brightly stencilled.

October 20, 2011

The search for a new Judas

cashenvelope.jpg British Intelligence agencies sent the wife of a former IRA prisoner an envelope stuffed with cash in an extraordinary attempt to recruit her as an informer.

Finucanes expose Cameron’s deception

finucanesconference.jpg The family of Pat Finucane have released documents which confirm the British Prime Minister deliberately reneged on a promise to hold a public inquiry into the murder of their loved one.

Hutchinson cover-up revelations continue

ombudsmanprotest.jpg The highly controversial Police Ombudsman in the North, Al Hutchinson, refused a request by former police chief Hugh Orde to investigate allegations that IRA informer Freddie Scappaticci was ordered by his handlers to kill other IRA Volunteers.

Tragic incident was ‘major success’ for British Army

dannylennon.jpg A confidential British government document has been unearthed that describes one of the most painful incidents of the conflict, resulting in the deaths of three children, as a “carefully planned operation” and “a major success”.

IRA families reject McGuinness comments

martinmcguinnessflat.jpg Families of some IRA men executed by the British Army have accused Martin McGuinness of betrayal as he attempts to woo voters in the South’s Presidential campaign.

Father wins rights to abandoned NAMA property

williamtuohy.jpg He was on the housing list for five years and, out of desperation to find somewhere to call home, eventually resorted to squatting in one of the thousands of empty houses in ghost estates littering Ireland.

Seizing the moment in the Basque Country

basqueprotest.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams spoke at the International Conference to promote the resolution of the conflict in the Basque Country, in San Sebastian on Monday.

An absence of decency

camerondowningst.jpg At the very least you would have expected Cameron to reflect in his attitude and demeanour the reality that in front of him was a grieving family whose father and husband was killed by those in the British government's pay.

Basque peace development welcomed

The Basque armed group ETA has issued a statement tonight saying it is ending its 43-year armed campaign for independence, and calling on Spain and France to open talks.

October 14, 2011


finucanesdowning.jpg The peace process was rocked this week by the sudden British declaration that a public inquiry will not now be held into the assassination of Pat Finucane.

Bomb strikes Derry’s ‘UK culture’ headquarters

cityofculturebomb.jpg The ‘UK City of Culture’ offices in the centre of Derry was badly damaged on Wednesday night by a small but powerful ‘Real IRA’ bomb.

RTE launches anti-McGuinness campaign

miriamocallaghan.jpg Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness has said that an election debate on state-run RTE television on Wednesday night amounted to a “trial by television”.

Loyalists attack Catholic, Polish families

houseattacked.jpg A couple have fled their east Belfast home after a sectarian attack by a loyalist mob left their young daughter injured.

Protest grows outside Central Bank in Dublin

occupydamestreet.jpg An internet-based campaign of peaceful resistance to the political and economic corruption of the 26-County state has taken to the streets.

No murder charge for loyalist killers

kevinmcdaid.jpg The family of Kevin McDaid has described a decision to drop murder charges against seven men accused of killing him as “an insult” .

Writing the next chapter

mcguinnesselection.jpgg The text of the speech delivered by Presidential election candidate Martin McGuinness at the Mansion House event in Dublin on Thursday night.

The past and the present

mckeownmcintyre.jpg Two contrasting views about how republicans can attempt to come to terms with political change.

October 11, 2011

Finucanes quit Downing St meeting over QC review plan

geraldinefinucane.jpg The widow of murdered Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane said today she felt “angry” and “insulted” after David Cameron told her he was proposing a review of her husband’s case by a QC (British government lawyer).

October 7, 2011

The uncivil war

mcguinnessmitchell.jpg A hysterical attempt by Fine Gael and their media allies to attack Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has seen a surge in support for Mr McGuinness’s campaign and propelled Sinn Fein into second place in the polls.

Govt cash bonanza for developers, advisers, bankers

kennygilmorecoalition.jpg The coalition government in Dublin has defended their decision to give further bonuses, deferred payments and inflated salaries to bank executives, property developers and political insiders.

eirigi man attacked after Newry raids

stephenmurney.jpg A prominent member of eirigi was detained for seven hours and charged with a string of offences after he intervened to check on the welfare of a neighbour who was having his car searched by the PSNI.

Truth commission ‘ruled out’ ahead of Finucane decision

owenpatersontory.jpg Britain’s Direct Ruler in the North, Owen Paterson, has dismissed Sinn Fein’s long-standing call for a truth commission to deal with the North’s past.

Demand for equality in the right to vote

onevoteonevoice.jpg There have been increasing calls for a referendum to allow northerners and emigrants the right to vote in the Irish presidential election.

Liam Adams appeals extradition

liamadamsflat.jpg The brother of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams is to appeal against his extradition to the North following a High Court decision that he should stand trial in Belfast on allegations that he sexually abused his daughter.

The pensioner who stood up to the ESB

teresatracey.jpg On Thursday Teresa Treacy was released from jail, still vowing to protect what is left of her carefully nurtured wooded estate from the pylon men and their diggers.

Hypocrites’ house of cards risks collapse

seanmaceoin.jpg A carefully constructed a narrative about the origins of the 26-County state is being challenged.

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