August 29, 2005

United Ireland debate?

Republicans and loyalists have launched rival political campaigns to achieve or prevent a transition to a united Ireland.

Words but no action on sectarian violence

The British government has promised “a crackdown” on sectarian violence after a three-month-old Catholic baby was showered with glass and paint by a loyalist hate gang last week.

Dublin divided over IRA ‘treason’

The 26-County Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, has broken with his Prime Minister by declaring that membership of the Provisional IRA will continue to be illegal despite its recent declaration of an end to its armed struggle.

Parade problems continue

Violence erupted at a parade by the Protestant Royal Black Institution in the nationalist town of Castlederg in County Tyrone at the weekend.


Concern is growing for the human right of an Irish republican who is currently languishing in a Spanish jail cell, under threat of extradition to Germany.

Death of Gerry Fitt

Gerry Fitt, one of the founders of the nationalist SDLP party, passed away on Friday.

Who fears to speak?

By Tom McGurk (for the Sunday Business Post)

What strange sights are to be seen around Moore Street this week? The southern Irish political establishment are to be found there now wandering around with their history books, looking for Number 16.

The day the people won

By Des Wilson (for the Andersonstown news)

What a good idea it was to have a ceili on the worn out site of the old British military/police barracks on the Andersonstown Road junction.

August 25, 2005

Shell urged to lift injunction

The daughter of one of five Mayo men jailed for opposing a high-pressure Shell gaspipe line tonight dismissed the oil giant’s latest statement as a publicity stunt.

Real IRA threatens retaliation

Republican hardliners have threatened unionist paramilitaries involved in the ongoing sectarian campaign against nationalists in County Antrim.

Real IRA threatens retaliation

Republican hardliners have threatened unionist paramilitaries involved in the ongoing sectarian campaign against nationalists in County Antrim.

Multi-nationals cut and run

Donegal suffered the latest in a series of employment setbacks yesterday when 560 workers at a US-owned pharmaceuticals plant were told they are to lose their jobs.


It is feared that several nights of orchestrated rioting in north and east Belfast could be the precursor of weeks of sectarian interface violence.

Minister’s action raises Garda independence issue

By Aisling Reidy
Director of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties
(for the Sunday Business Post)

In the Seanad last March, justice minister Michael McDowell said he wanted to prevent the spectre of “a minister lifting a phone in a bad humour one afternoon [and] influencing the outcome of any individual investigation or prosecution”.

Demilitarisation move reversed

A British commitment to close two spy bases in County Fermanagh has been reneged upon, it was announced yesterday.

McDowell tirade over Colombia 3

Sinn Féin has dismissed comments made by the 26-County Minister for Justice on the Colombia 3 as “his usual anti-republican

Ceili at the crossroads sparks memories

By Danny Morrison

Coming up to 2pm -- the starting time advertised -- things did not look too promising. The small marquee to provide shade for the Trasna Ceili Band was only being erected. The only crowd that had gathered was a demoralised one across the road -- the overspill from McEnaney’s pub, where on television Rangers was giving Celtic a drubbing.

August 20, 2005

Republican arrested over Army base attack

Republicans have urged Spanish authorities to free of a Dundalk republican in Spain on the foot of a German extradition warrant.

Mo Mowlam remembered

Tributes have been paid on the death of former British Secretary of State, Mo Mowlam, who finally succumbed to a brain tumour on Friday morning.

Harassment of republican parade organiser

A civil liberties group has expressed concern after the organiser of a republican paraade was banned from entering Derry city by the PSNI police.


Sinn Fein has accused unionist politicians of doing nothing to stop paramilitary attacks against nationalists.


Relatives for Justice have launched an online petition of support for the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by the London Metropolitan police.

When will we hear the UVF's real plan?

Where are all the 'peace' groups and those politicians opposed to paramilitary violence, drug-pushers and criminality?

Time for the PSNI to cut the mustard

What would it take for a senior PSNI officer to appear on TV after a pipe bomb attack, a petrol bomb attack, a serious assault, even the murder of a Catholic and say, 'This is a sectarian attack, one of a series carried out by loyalist terrorists in this district'?

August 16, 2005

Family flees loyalist fire-bomb campaign

Another family has been forced to leave the under-siege village of Ahoghill after sectarian paint bombers launched new attacks on a Catholic chapel, school and house.

Ireland’s Alamo falling into ruin

The last refuge of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising should be converted into an interpretative centre before it becomes a ruin, heritage campaigners have said.

Apprentice Boys parade passes quietly

Saturday’s parade by the Protestant Apprentice Boys organisation through the city centre of Derry passed off without major incident.


Elements within the UVF murdered a Catholic child as he shopped for sweets with friends last week and yesterday shot dead a paramilitary rival.

Loyalist feuding set to escalate

UVF gunmen who assassinated a delivery driver outside a south Belfast shop have pledged to intensify their onslaught against their paramilitary rivals.

One out - all out!

A look at the growing campaign to free Dessie O’Hare, one of a handful of prisoners qualifying for release under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement but who remain in jail by order of the 26-County government.

Open letter to Shell

In this open letter to Shell, the Rossport Five call on the company to lift a court injunction so they can leave prison and attend talks with the oil company over its controversial plans to build a gas refinery near their County Mayo homes.

IRA departure opens new political scenario

By Jim Gibney (for the Irish News)

The declaration by the IRA that the armed struggle was over received worldwide political and media attention.

August 11, 2005

Speculation grows over new policing moves

New British legislation, providing for the eventual transfer of policing and justice powers to the Belfast assembly, is expected to be passed in October, according to reports.

Councillor targeted in murder bid

A Sinn Féin councillor has escaped injury in a petrol bomb attack on his County Down home.

McBride family in US talks

Campaigners for justice in the case of murdered Belfast teenager Peter McBride have met US consul-general Howard Dean Pittman to discuss a U.S. link to the killing

Marchers call for release of republican

A number of Catholic homes were attacked by unionist paramilitaries in Ballymena following a republican march in the town.


There is increasing evidence that there is no legal basis nor political will to return three victims of a miscarriage of justice to Colombia or to imprison them in Ireland.

Towards Justice

The Washington-based lobbyist Father Sean McManus gave the annual Damian Walsh lecture last week.

Continuity IRA mount bomb attack

Dissident republicans placed a bomb in a hijacked vehicle and told its driver to park it outside a PSNI station on Tuesday.

DUP’s world of fantasy comes crashing down

By Danny Morrison

The fantasy world of the DUP and its voters came crashing down around them in the space of a few days last week. In their delusional world - which became even more heady when the DUP outpolled the Ulster Unionist Party to become the chosen representatives of the unionist people - the DUP are masters of the universe and the UUP “sell-out” would not only end but be reversed.

August 7, 2005

Sinn Féin seeks to build momentum

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called on both governments and all political parties to build momentum in the peace process following a meeting with Tony Blair.

RIRA ruling puts pressure on non-jury system

Calls were made last night for an overhaul of the 26-County justice following a ruliong by the Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin ruled that the conviction of five men charged with Real IRA membership may be unsafe.

Shell accused of ‘red herring’

Shell Ireland has announced that it will not lay the offshore section of pipeline for the Corrib gas field until next year after heavy protests by local residents and environmentalists.

Unprecedented lottery win for Limerick woman

Limerick housewife Dolores McNamara has collected the biggest jackpot in European Lottery history, sustaining frenzied tabloid coverage of the extraordinary windfall.


Joy for Colombia 3 families

Caitriona Ruane, who led the ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign for the Colombia 3, described the moment when the families were reunited as “one of the memories that will remain with me for the rest of my life”.

Feuding continues as police move in

A shooting in north Belfast which left a man seriously injured has been blamed on the unionist paramilitary feud as police efforts to mount a crackdown have led to serious rioting.

The story of the Colombia 3

A summary of the case, trial, acquittal and conviction on appeal of the Colombia 3.

North political momentum must be maintained

By Gerry Adams (for the Irish Times)

On Tuesday, I stood with the residents of Divis Tower in west Belfast, as the British army began dismantling the infamous spy post that has blighted their lives for more than three decades.

August 3, 2005

Paisley blasts British ‘surrender’

The Dublin and London governments have been threatened with the “righteous indigination of the unionist population” if efforts continue to restore a local power-sharing administration in the North of Ireland.

Ballymena parade to go ahead

The organisers of a republican parade planned for Ballymena next week have dismissed an appeal by Sinn Féin to call it off.

Loyalists kill, maim, burn, bomb

A third man has been murdered in Belfast in the latest upsurge in the feud between unionist paramilitary groups as a wave of sectarian attacks continues.


The British Army has begun dismantling some of its most infamous spyposts in the North of Ireland as part of a major programme of demilitarisation and troop withdrawal.

Mystery of the Miami murders

The question of collusion has continued to dominate the silence since the night the music died in July 1975.

Northern MPs to gain Dail speaking rights

Reports indicate that the 26-County Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will soon grant the North’s 18 elected MPs and three European MEPs the right to address debates in the Dublin parliament and possibly participate in parliamentary committees.

Human rights group backs McCord collusion claim

A dossier on a unionist paramilitary murder at the centre of allegations of police collusion in murder has been sent to the United Nations and US Congress.

Onus is now on both governments

The onus is now on the two governments to implement the outstanding tenets of the Good Friday Agreement and it means they no longer have to kow-tow to the demands of the unionist intransigents.

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