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US Urgent Action Appeal

An action alert issued on behalf of the McAllister family, which is facing deportation from the US.

Published September 27, 2007

The Flight of the Earls

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the ‘Flight of the Earls’. We conclude our series of historical articles on a major event in Irish history.

Published September 20, 2007

Nairac commanded Miami massacre

He was a guitar player in one of Ireland’s biggest bands but after their tour bus was stopped at a checkpoint on a lonely country road near Newry on July 31 1975, nothing would ever be the same for Stephen Travers.

Published September 12, 2007

German charade

Like a cruel joke, the German demand for Roisin McAliskey’s extradition was delivered 10 years to the day after she gave birth to Loinnir, under armed guard, in a London hospital.

Published September 5, 2007

The SSSS Experience

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams recalls his experiences over the years at the hands of US security officials (from the Guardian newspaper).

Published August 30, 2007

Feile a credit to its organisers

A vicious massacre of defenceless people, written out of history, is now being written back in by the relatives of those so cruelly cut down.

Published August 22, 2007

No turning back for truth campaign

The full text of the address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams at the ‘March for Truth’ rally at Belfast City Hall on Sunday.

Published August 16, 2007

Plans for Love Ulster Parade cancelled

The organisers of a highly controversial sectarian parade in Dublin, which had to be abandoned after heavy rioting last year, have said they have cancelled plans to hold another similar march through the capital later this year.

Published August 8, 2007

The wrong force in the wrong place for 38 years

The behaviour of British soldiers in the North was a recruiting sergeant for the IRA.

Published August 8, 2007

Consultation fails to meet needs of Irish speakers

Gerry Adams urges the DUP to copper- fasten the rights of citizens and to implement the agreement on the Irish language made at St Andrews.

Published July 31, 2007

The Siege of Kinsale

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the ‘Flight of the Earls’. We examine the background to that major event in Irish history with a series of historical articles.

Published July 25, 2007

Past will dictate plans to update Orange Order

For most of its more than 200-year history the Orange Order and the British government have been inextricably linked.

Published July 18, 2007

éirígí - Rise Up

éirígí [meaning ‘rise up’] is a new Irish, Socialist Republican, political organisation committed to ending the British occupation of the six counties and the establishment of a thirty-two county Democratic Socialist Republic.

Published July 11, 2007

Immigrants’ American Dream ends in tragedy

175 years ago this month, a group of Irish immigrants left for the New World to help build a pioneering railroad. Six weeks later all were dead. Now a search is underway to trace their history and find their bodies.

Published July 4, 2007

Orations at Bodenstown

Three orations were made collectively at the graveside of Theobald Wolfe Tone in Bodenstown on the 17th June, 2007, by three traditionalist republican groups.

Published June 27, 2007

We need to remember why Saville was set up

Hayes, Hutchinson and Patten are undermining the argument promoted by relatives’ organisations that the British Crown forces should be held to account for the killing of civilians during the conflict.

Published June 18, 2007

Action Alert for Roisin McAliskey

An action request from the Irish Freedom Committee in response to the British attempts to once again extradite Roisin McAliskey

Published June 11, 2007

Censorship complementing cover-up

Despite progress in the peace process, British forces in Ireland are still stifling freedom of information, writes Anthony McIntyre.

Published June 4, 2007

The anguish of Roisin McAliskey

An article by Nell McCafferty, originally published in December 1996, recalls the campaign to free Roisin McAliskey following British attempts to extradite her to Germany.

Published May 29, 2007

Key constituency profiles

A look at the constituencies where republican candidates could make gains in Thursday’s 26-County election.

Published May 21, 2007


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