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Commemorative speeches and orations

easter2015lurgan.jpg A selection of the speeches and orations delivered at the 2015 Easter commemorations.

Published April 11, 2015

The Rising and its aftermath

proclamationflat.jpg The second in a two-part historical feature on the 1916 Easter Rising.

Published April 4, 2015

Easter commemorations 2015

sfeasterdublinold.jpg A round up of Easter commemorative events by republican organisations this year. Please check locally for more information. UPDATED April 3rd.

Published March 28, 2015

The background to the Rising

irbbig.jpg From the foundation of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) to the fateful days of Easter 1916, when Irish Volunteers took to the streets to fight for our freedom. The first in a two-part historical feature.

Published March 28, 2015

In memory of Gerry McKerr

gerrymckerr.jpg A researcher at Amnesty International recalls Gerry McKerr, one of the Hooded Men, who passed away this week as his case against torture continues before the European Court of Human Rights.

Published March 21, 2015

Dublin govt struggles with legal chaos

kennyqueen.jpg Laws stating that Queen Elizabeth is the king of Ireland and that anyone selling horses outside greater Dublin shall die are to be repealed, the Dublin government has announced.

Published March 14, 2015

Hannah Sheehy-Skeffington

hannahsheehyskeffington.jpg Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington devoted most of her life to campaigning for the rights of women and Ireland’s independence.

Published March 7, 2015

Thank you, Mr Tubridy

ryantubridy.jpg On open letter by blogger Ciaran Tierney on last weekend’s hostile live television interview of Paul Murphy TD by Ryan Tubridy, presenter of the Irish state broadcaster’s main light entertainment programme, the Late Late show.

Published February 28, 2015

Freedom for Seamus Daly

seamusdaly.jpg The family and friends of a South Armagh man have condemned his continued imprisonment pending a possible prosecution in regard to the 1998 Omagh bomb attack.

Published February 21, 2015

Concerns over new UDA mural

udamuralcarrickfergus.jpg A new mural calling for people to join the UDA was recently painted in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, prompting fears that the unionist paramilitary group is again recruiting.

Published February 14, 2015

When genocide became “famine”

faminebook.jpg A campaign to change the way the tragic events of 1845-1850 are recounted.

Published February 7, 2015

‘Conditions never better to achieve United Ireland’

mcguinnessomaghagm.jpg The address by Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness to his party’s Six-County AGM in Omagh last weekend.

Published January 31, 2015

Resist - Bloody Sunday commemoration 2015

marchforjusticeresist.jpg The Bloody Sunday March for Justice programme will see a raft of civil rights events and speeches held in Derry. This year’s programme of events has been themed ‘Resist’.

Published January 24, 2015

Letter from the Craigavon Two

woottonmcconville.jpg An open letter written by miscarriage of justice victims Brendan McConville and John-Paul Wootton, followed by a recent synopsis of the case.

Published January 24, 2015

A citizens’ initiative for 2016

rv1916launch.jpg A group of concerned individuals has established “Reclaim the Vision of 1916--A Citizens’ Initiative for 2016,” in order to reassert the political principles and objectives that animated the 1916 Rising and to show their continuing relevance for Ireland today.

Published January 10, 2015

The appalling vista of the Derry Four case

mcgowankellytoner.jpg There was news this week that the prosecution of former RUC members over their abuses of nationalist youths in the original ‘Derry Four’ case has been inexplicably dropped, following communications between Crown prosecutors and the Police Ombudsman. In this article, Martin Galvin looks back at a notorious episode in policing in the North.

Published December 20, 2014

A second chance for the Irish language

learningirishcard.jpg Like many Irish people, I wonder how I could have studied a language for 13 years, and, in my head, find nothing but a few straggling nouns and the sense of dread that I carried into the classroom each day.

Published December 13, 2014

‘I was hooded and tortured by the British army’

hoodedonnelly.jpg Declassified British government documents relating to a secret ‘interrogation centre’ were released to the press in August 2013 and one of those hooded, beaten and subjected to brutal psychological ‘techniques’ then told his story.

Published December 6, 2014

List of republican prisoners

prisonersmural.jpg December is the traditional month for republicans to think of our political prisoners. A list of the IRPWA and Cogus supported prisoners behind bars this Christmas.

Published December 6, 2014

Water meter installation halted in North

belfastwatermeter.jpg The Stormont parties have been embarrassed by reports that 35,000 water meters have been secretly installed at homes across the Six Counties at a cost of more than 13 million pounds.

Published November 29, 2014


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