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‘Why we oppose British murder march’

saoradhprotest.jpg Saoradh Beal Feirste explain its opposition to the march of former British soldiers through Belfast city centre on Good Friday.

Published April 7, 2017

Dublin has a duty to ensure ‘special status’ for north

kennymayhandshake.jpg Now that Article 50 has been triggered a period of what is likely to be long and protracted negotiations will begin. The north will not be represented at those negotiations.

Published April 1, 2017

Martin McGuinness was a committed republican - Adams

mcguinnesssons.jpg The death of my friend and comrade Martin McGuinness has left a deep void. It is a huge blow to all of us who knew and loved him, especially his wife and family.

Published March 24, 2017

The Milltown massacre

milltownmassacre.jpg An account of the attack on Milltown cemetery, 29 years ago this week, carried out by loyalist serial killer Michael Stone.

Published March 17, 2017

The Fenian Rebellion

fenianrising600.jpg A historical account of the abortive republican insurrection of 1867, 150 years ago this week.

Published March 4, 2017

An election about integrity

sfae17.jpg We are determined to rebuild the political process but it must be on the basis of genuinely progressive power-sharing where we work with one another in the best interests of everyone in society.

Published February 24, 2017

Injustice breeds injustice

ballymurphyvictims.jpg A former British soldier backs calls for prosecutions for the Ballymurphy Massacre of 1971, when eleven unarmed civilians were killed by the British Army.

Published February 17, 2017

Large crowds recall mass shootings of 25 years ago

ormeaucommemoration.jpg Hundreds of people have commemorated the 25th anniversary of the murder of five people by unionist paramilitaries at a betting shop in south Belfast as well as the murder of three at a Sinn Fein office in west Belfast.

Published February 10, 2017

The aftermath of Bloody Sunday - a diffusion of anger

bloodysundayprotest.jpg A description of how the Bloody Sunday killings set off an unprecedented wave of protests in the 26 Counties - and prompted words but no action from Jack Lynch’s government

Published February 3, 2017

Bloody Sunday March for Justice 2017

bloodysundaymarch2017.jpg Events to mark the annual commemoration of the Bloody Sunday massacre begin this week in Derry building to the march and rally on Sunday, January 29. A look at this year’s context and the programme of events, which are spread over two weeks.

Published January 20, 2017

Martin McGuinness’s resignation letter

mcguinnesscar.jpg The full text of Martin McGuinness’s resignation letter, which was addressed on Monday to Robert Newton, Speaker of the Stormont Assembly.

Published January 13, 2017

Reavey and O’Dowd families seek answers, 40 years on

reaveyodowdfamilies.jpg In January 1976, the Reaveys and O’Dowds - two Catholic families living within 15 miles of each other in Co Armagh - each lost three loved ones at the hands of a notorious Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) gang reputed to contain dozens of members of the British Crown forces.

Published January 6, 2017

Why we have occupied Apollo House

apollohousegig.jpg Ultimately homelessness and its causes will only be resolved by a movement in policy towards housing that is based on citizenship as much as profit, that puts human decency above uncaring ideology.

Published December 24, 2016

William Shanahan and Michael McNamara

shanahanmcnamara.jpg The story of two IRA men who were tortured and killed by British forces, 96 years ago this week.

Published December 17, 2016

Remember republican prisoners at Christmas

prisonersflagharp.jpg December is the month when thoughts are traditionally with Irish republican prisoners, and vigils have been taking place in their honour. The following is a recent list of those who are supported by the two largest Irish republican prisoner welfare organisations, underneath their addresses.

Published December 10, 2016

Death of a revolutionary hero

adamsfidel.jpg Fidel was a friend to those engaged in the struggle for justice across the world.

Published December 3, 2016

Presidential Address to RSF Ard Fheis

desdalton600.jpg The full text of the address by RSF President Des Dalton to the 2016 Republican Sinn Fein Ard Fheis.

Published December 3, 2016

Fidel Castro

fidel.jpg A look at the life and legacy of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, by French author and historian Salim Lamran

Published November 26, 2016

How the RUC protected the UDA

andytyrie.jpg A big arms find in UDA’s Belfast HQ in 1981 proved embarrassing for a British government resisting calls to outlaw the group but trying to appear even-handed. An extract from ‘A State in Denial: The British Government and Loyalist Paramilitaries’ by Margaret Urwin.

Published November 19, 2016

The Black and Tan War - nine things to know

tanwarbig.jpg A few snippets about the Tan War, or Irish War of Independence, which ran from January 1919 to July 1921, when the IRA first took on the British constabulary and army forces.

Published November 19, 2016


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