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The crisis of the Spanish state

catalandemo.jpg Ahead of the October 1 referendum on self-determination, the Spanish government is engaged in a level of political repression in Catalonia not experienced since the days of the Franco dictatorship.

Published September 30, 2017

A prisoner’s final and most terrifying weapon

thomasashe600.jpg The oration delivered by Tommy McKearney, a former Hunger Striker, over the grave of Thomas Ashe at the national hunger strike commemoration of the 1916 Societies.

Published September 30, 2017

The sack of Balbriggan

sackofbalbriggan.jpg A look at an infamous event in the Tan War in County Dublin, 97 years ago this week.

Published September 23, 2017

Republican politics must be relevant

franciemackey600.jpg The text of the oration delivered by Francis Mackey (pictured) of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement at the graveside of Alan Ryan earlier this month.

Published September 16, 2017

Britain out of Ireland

irspdoc.jpg The Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) has said it is supporting a ‘border poll’ on unity as part of a new campaign for a United Ireland outside of the EU. An extract from its new policy document, ‘Britain out of Ireland - Ireland out of the EU’.

Published September 9, 2017

Tom Williams

tomwilliamsbook.jpg IRA Volunteer Tom Williams was hanged at age 19 by the British on 2 September 1942, 75 years ago today.

Published September 2, 2017

The most audacious Australian prison break

fremantle6.jpg The most successful prison break in Australian history was an international rescue effort that took years to organise, and which finally freed six Irish republicans from a British jail in Fremantle.

Published August 26, 2017

India’s partition: The British game of ‘divide and rule’

partitionindia.jpg Seventy years after the partition of India, it is hard to look back without horror at the savagery of the country’s vivisection.

Published August 19, 2017

The Battle of the Bogside

battlebogside600.jpg For years the nationalist majority of Derry had suffered a unionist gerrymander of the city which left many Catholics living in slum conditions.

Published August 12, 2017

‘Uniting Ireland and its People in Peace and Prosperity’

markdaly.jpg An abridged introduction to this week’s report of Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and a summary of its recommendations.

Published August 5, 2017

The RUC and its deadly legacy in Sri Lanka

srilankastf.jpg A Tamil widow who says 10 of her relatives were massacred by Sri Lanka’s police in 1986 has lodged a complaint with the Police Ombudsman in the North after links from the RUC (now PSNI) to the country’s security forces emerged.

Published July 29, 2017

Modernising internment

internment1971.jpg A look at the evolution of internment, from a speech delivered by National PRO of Republican Network for Unity, Nathan Stuart, at a picket organised by the Anti-Internment Group For Ireland (AIGI).

Published July 15, 2017

Michael Collins and the killing of a Field-Marshall

fieldmarshall.jpg The IRA assassination of British Field-Marshall Henry Wilson, 95 years ago this week, was a turning point in Irish history, writes Rob Baker

Published July 1, 2017

Solidarity through the centuries

choctawsculpture.jpg A simple act of kindness 170 years ago by an Oklahoma Indian tribe was celebrated in County Cork this week.

Published June 24, 2017

Advancing towards Irish Unity - in the United Irish tradition

bodenstown2017.jpg Sinn Fein chairperson Declan Kearney delivered the keynote address to the party’s annual Wolfe Tone commemoration in Bodenstown last Sunday.

Published June 24, 2017

Grenfell will forever stand as a rebuke to the right

grenfellfire.jpg Grenfell Tower is a story of inequality, of the poor herded into a cramped building made unsafe because it was prettified to improve the view of the nearby rich.

Published June 17, 2017

Westminster election - results round-up

gildernewhazzard.jpg A look at the results of the Westminster election in each of the 18 constituencies in the Six Counties.

Published June 10, 2017

Westminster election - constituency profiles

constituencies6co.jpg A quick look at each of the 18 Westminster constituencies in the North of Ireland, and what to expect when the election results come rolling in next week.

Published June 3, 2017

The last hanging

newgatehanging.jpg The last public hanging in England took place in London, outside Newgate Prison (now the Old Bailey) on 26 May 1868, 149 years ago this week.

Published May 27, 2017

End the marginalisation of Irish

anladeargsign.jpg Thousands have been making their way to Belfast to support the increasing calls for legislative protection for the Irish language, in the form of an Irish language act.

Published May 20, 2017


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