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Historic vote against Palestinian occupation

seanadvoteisrael.jpg Irish senators on Wednesday passed a bill to ban the import of goods from Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

Published July 14, 2018

Plastic bullets fired as Derry riots escalate

derryriot1807.jpg A sectarian parade through the centre of Derry provoked heavy rioting in the city last night as youths threw petrol bombs and the PSNI responded with potentially lethal plastic bullets.

Published July 13, 2018

Wave of bonfire violence in UVF backlash

bonfires1807.jpg The north of Ireland saw some of the worse violence in recent years as unionist paramilitaries hit back at a first step by authorities against their towering and toxic ‘Eleventh Night’ bonfires.

Published July 12, 2018

Clashes continue in the Bogside

vanfire.jpg Disturbances involving nationalist youths in the Bogside area of Derry has seen another night of trouble as appeals from a wide spectrum of politicians fell on deaf ears.

Published July 10, 2018

May under threat as top Tories quit over Brexit

johnsondavis.jpg Boris Johnson has resigned as British Foreign Secretary, following the departure earlier today of Brexit Minister David Davis, amid a growing crisis within the Conservative Party over London’s Brexit strategy.

Published July 9, 2018

Savagery of bonfire thugs


A Catholic man was dragged from his car and severely beaten in broad daylight in a rabid attack by loyalist thugs enraged by the failure of their bonfire nearby. It is believed the victim was attacked randomly and was only identified as Catholic by the football jersey he was wearing.

Published July 7, 2018

Nationalists hemmed in for sectarian march

shortstrandsomme18.jpg Steel barriers sealed off the nationalist Short Strand last Monday to facilitate the passage of a sectarian parade by the anti-Catholic Orange Order, infuriating local residents but without causing any of the violence seen in previous years.

Published July 7, 2018

Clashes in Derry as flags intimidation escalates

confederateflags18.jpg There was some trouble in Derry last weekend amid tension in the city ahead of major sectarian marches to be held on Thursday by the Orange Order.

Published July 7, 2018

McGurk’s Bar families have inquest denied

mcgurksbanner2.jpg Calls for a fresh inquest into the McGurks Bar Bombing in Belfast have been rejected by the Six County Attorney General.

Published July 7, 2018

British Brexit spin questioned

mayspin.jpg Sinn Fein has cast doubt on claims that a newly agreed British cabinet positon on Brexit could prevent a hardening of the border and a diminution of the rights of the citizens in the north of Ireland.

Published July 7, 2018

Death of Sean Scott

seanscott.jpg Republicans have mourned the passing of veteran IRA figure Sean Scott, of Ballyforan, near Ballinasloe in County Galway, whose funeral took place on Wednesday.

Published July 7, 2018

Collusion monster is Garda Commissioner


Widespread shock at the appointment of a sinister RUC figure as 26 County Garda police commissioner has been followed by a row after Sinn Fein vowed to “hold him to account”.

Published June 30, 2018

Crown force oppression as marching tensions escalate

barmyruc18.jpg An elderly nationalist collapsed as he was arrested by PSNI police after he tried to remove provocative banners in praise of an infamous loyalist paramilitary in Moygashel, County Tyrone, on Thursday.

Published June 30, 2018

Gestures could signal Stormont turning point

fosterclones.jpg A series of choreographed political gestures could be preparing the way for a return of the Stormont Assembly as both Sinn Fein and the DUP have said they are ready to restore the Six County political institutions.

Published June 30, 2018

Pressure grows on SCC over fast-track convictions

sccgreenest.jpg A conviction by the juryless ‘Special Criminal Court’ (SCC) in Dublin has been overturned on appeal, raising new questions over a court whose main purpose has always been to efficiently imprison Irish republicans.

Published June 30, 2018

Finucanes take justice quest to Supreme Court

finucanes0618.jpg The widow of murdered Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has said she is optimistic that the Supreme Court in London will finally rule in favour of a full public inquiry into her husband’s death.

Published June 30, 2018

Census could be used as border poll test

mclaughlinqub.jpg Sinn Fein has said the public appetite for a border poll in the North should be tested with a question in 2021 census.

Published June 30, 2018

Notorious RUC figure to be made Garda Commissioner

drewharris2.jpg Drew Harris, a current Deputy Chief Constable of the PSNI police in the Six Counties, is to become the new Garda police commissioner in the 26 Counties, it has been confirmed.

Published June 26, 2018

Collusion strategy published after 38 years

patrickwalker.jpg A secret MI5 report that resulted in the RUC (now PSNI) police protecting its agents and informers regardless of their role in the conflict has been made public after 38 years.

Published June 26, 2018

Sham prosecution falls apart

damienmclaughlin.jpg A judge in the non-jury trial of a prominent republican has admitted the prosecution was based entirely on allegations extracted by police threats and ordered him to be released, more than five and a half years after he was initially charged.

Published June 23, 2018


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