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Pressure on PSNI over informer allegations

There have been calls on PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde to comment on the disappearance of Armagh man Gareth O'Connor after it was alleged that O'Connor was a police informer who had set up four other men for arrest.

Published January 9, 2004

Review of GFA to begin January 29th

The Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, has confirmed the review of the Good Friday Agreement will start on January 29th.

Published January 9, 2004

Agreement Review starts work

The first working sessions of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement review are being chaired by British Direct Ruler Paul Murphy at Stormont.

Published January 9, 2004

DUP must talk

The following comments were made by Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness at a party meeting in Belfast.

Published January 9, 2004

The Nationalists of Northern Ireland

The Nationalists of Northern Ireland 1918-1973.
By Enda Staunton.
Columba Press. Dublin. Price #12.99.

Published January 9, 2004


Judge Peter Cory has suggested he may defy the British government by making public his reports into cases of collusion in murder by the British Crown forces.

Published January 9, 2004

John Hume was Jack Lynch's agent - RUC

A secret document compiled by RUC Special Branch claimed that former SDLP leader John Hume and three colleagues worked as agents of the Dublin government at the time of Bloody Sunday.

Published January 9, 2004

Killer soldier loses appeal

A former British soldier with the UDR regiment jailed for murder lost an appeal against his conviction in a Belfast Court today.

Published January 9, 2004

Leaked corruption claim threatens Ahern

The Dublin government and opposition parties clashed today over renewed allegations about a former minister's tax evasion.

Published January 9, 2004

PSNI stall on review of investigations

A special police team to review unsolved paramilitary murders has yet to be set up despite an announcement on the move almost a year ago, it has emerged.

Published January 9, 2004

A Man for All Seasons?

Last week's resignation by Jeffrey Donaldson from the UUP is not at all surprising. What was a surprise is that it took him so long. Citing the abandonment of principle by the UUP as the main reason for falling on his sword, Donaldson at once began the face-saving spin that would have have been at least a lot harder, if not impossible after his certain forthcoming expulsion at the start of 2004.

Published January 9, 2004

Colombia 3 - Judge for Yourself

The following is a summary of the report `Colombia 3 - Judge for Yourself' written by international human rights observers following the trial of the Colombia 3.

Published January 9, 2004

Government influence seen in constituency changes

Smaller parties and independents have expressed dismay at the report of the independent Constituency Commission, which has made proposals for changes to constituencies across the 26 Counties.

Published January 9, 2004


The PSNI police have been accused of racism amid a loyalist pogrom against ethnic minorities in south Belfast.

Published January 9, 2004

Gardaí accused of perjury and torture

A retired Circuit Court judge has alleged that members of Garda Siochana had lied in his court, provoking a new furore over policing in the 26 Counties.

Published January 9, 2004

Bullies and bigots rail against Colombia 3

In a few weeks time in Bogota Judge Acosta will rule on the fate of the `Colombia Three', the Irishmen arrested at an airport in August 2001 and charged with training left-wing FARC guerrillas.

Published January 7, 2004

Constituency shake-up for 26 County politicians

The Constituency Commission has recommended an increase in the number of constituencies for the Dublin parliament but says that the number of TDs should remain at 166.

Published January 7, 2004

Coroner to see British documents on killings

The British Ministry of Defence has agreed to hand over documents and video footage relating to ten controversial killings in the North to a coroner investigating the cases. However, a `public immunity' order could still be used to suppress embarrassing details emerging into the public domain.

Published January 7, 2004

Councillor threatened following Bushmills attack

The UDA in north Antrim have issued a public threat to Sinn Féin Councillor Oliver McMullan through a local newspaper after he highlighted a sectarian incident in Bushmills.

Published January 7, 2004

The 1973 government papers

Some of the highlights from the annual release of government papers from 1973 under the 30-year-rule.

Published January 7, 2004


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