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Energy And Repressive Politics

Twenty years ago a bitter environmental conflict over the Franklin dam in Tasmania ended with a victory for environmentalists concerned to prevent needless destruction of their country's ecosystem.

Published November 28, 2003


As the dust begins to settle following Wednesday's Assembly election, Republican joy at Sinn Fein's success has been tempered by near-misses in many areas and the deep crisis now facing the peace process.

Published November 28, 2003

New Republican Assembly members profiled

A look at the assembly election candidates

Published November 28, 2003

Public inquiry demanded after tampering of evidence

Two men accused of a dissident republican bomb plot in September last year were formaly acquitted of the charges today after the prosecution incredibly offered no evidence against them.

Published November 28, 2003

Quotes from the count centres

The electorate have given a clear message to the Ulster Unionist Party. The last five and a half years have not delivered what they had hoped for. It has been a series of failed negotiations.

Published November 28, 2003

PSNI, loyalists harass Sinn Fein candidate

Sinn Fein has said it will complain to the police ombudsman about harassment by the PSNI police outside a County Down count centre.

Published November 28, 2003

Get out and vote Sinn Féin

There is only a matter of hours left in which northern nationalists and republicans can act directly and peacefully to improve their lot.

Published November 26, 2003

Warning to Ahern on suppression of Barron report

The Dublin government has been criticised for its plan to block out certain names in a report into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

Published November 26, 2003

Election previews - Greater Belfast

This is the final installment of a five-part constituency by constituency analysis of the parties and candidates in the up-coming Belfast Assembly elections, to be held on November 26th.

Each of the 18 parliamentary constituencies will return 6 members by single transferable vote (STV) to sit in the Stormont Assembly, thus making up its 108 members.

Published November 26, 2003


Voting is underway in the North of Ireland in the twice-delayed election to the Belfast Assembly, but some voters have been turned away from the polls, according to reports.

Published November 26, 2003

British govt sits on Cory report

Pressure is growing on the British government to publish a report into some of the most controversial killings of the troubles.

Published November 26, 2003

Budget 2004 - Main Points

The following are the main points of the 26-County Budget, from the speech in the Dail today by the Irish Minister of Finance, Charlie McCreevy.

Published November 26, 2003

26-County election date announced

The local and European elections will be held on June 11th next year, the Irish Minister for the Environment said yesterday.

Published November 26, 2003


A series of talks are to take place before Christmas with a view to salvaging the northern peace process.

Published November 26, 2003

Loyalist murder accused out on bail

A leading Belfast loyalist accused of murder was released on bail yesterday, prompting renewed question over double-standards in the judiciary.

Published November 26, 2003

McAllister returns to family pending appeal

Irish American activists are celebrating a victory of sorts following the release of Malachy McAllister from the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE) Detention Center in Newark last week.

Published November 26, 2003

New bid to have British Army killers dismissed

The mother of Peter McBride, who was murdered by two British soldiers in Belfast in 1992, has launched a third legal bid yesterday to get them thrown out of the British Army.

Published November 26, 2003

Three years of terror for marrying a Catholic

A south Belfast family last night remained defiant despite a 36th sectarian attack on their home in the last three years.

Published November 26, 2003

Ahern, Blair to discuss post-election scenario

The Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will meet the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair on Friday to discuss the peace process in the aftermath of today's election.

Published November 26, 2003

The Process of `Constitutionalisation'

Breandan Morley (from the Blanket)

Hopes for the restoration of a power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland now depend upon Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party, after the two parties emerged as the dominant forces at the assembly elections.

Published November 24, 2003


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