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Hume praised for peace efforts

There have been many tributes to former SDLP leader John Hume, after he confirmed that he is to step down from the European Parliament and Westminster, drawing a line under his political career.

Published February 6, 2004

No funding for Belfast's St Patrick's Day festival

A petition has begun calling on Belfast city council to provide funding for this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Published February 6, 2004

Cory report suppressed - Adams; Review begins

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams today said that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has ``no intention'' of publishing a report on four of the most controversial killings in the North.

Published February 4, 2004

My report on Lord Hutton


The judge's ruling was no surprise. For decades in Northern Ireland he was a guardian angel of the establishment.

Published February 4, 2004

Dissidents plant bomb at Ballykelly base

The group calling itself the `Real IRA' tonight said they planted a bomb inside a British Army base.

Published February 4, 2004

Adams opening address to the Review

The following were the opening Remarks by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP MLA to the Review of the Good Friday Agreement.

Published February 4, 2004


A decision by SDLP leader John Hume today that he is to stand down as a member of the European Parliament could clear the way for Sinn Fein to elect its first MEP this summer.

Published February 4, 2004

Human rights groups slam new Irish immigration law

Controversial new immigration laws is being rushed through the Dublin Parliament despite widespread criticism from opposition parties and human rights groups.

Published February 4, 2004

Kerry statement on Irish policy

The leading candidate in the race to become the Democratic Party nominee to oppose George Bush for the US Presidential election in November has made a statement on his Irish policy.

Published February 4, 2004

PSNI Special Branch force man to act as informer

The PSNI police have been accused of abducting a young Derry man and forcing him to work as an informer for them.

Published February 4, 2004

Minister links Ahern to `bribed' developer

The Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has again claimed that he does not recollect attending a 1989 meeting with property developer Tom Gilmartin - despite testimony from former Fianna Fail minister Mary O'Rourke that he was present at such a meeting.

Published February 2, 2004

Ombudsman begins series of RUC inquiries

The Police Ombudsman has launched an inquiry into how RUC police officers investigated the killing of a Portadown teenager 12 years ago.

Published February 2, 2004

Review begins tomorrow

Dublin's Minister for Foreign Affairs and the British Direct Ruler in Ireland, Paul Murphy, will jointly chair the first session of the Good Friday Agreement review at Stormont buildings outside Belfast tomorrow.

Published February 2, 2004

Stop concealing the truth

The following remarks were made by Sinn Féin Dublin EU candidate Mary Lou McDonald, speaking at the 32nd commemorative Bloody Sunday march and rally.

Published February 2, 2004

Crowd defies rain to remember Bloody Sunday

Thousands marched through driving rain in Derry yesterday to remember the Bloody Sunday massacre on the 32nd anniversary of the atrocity.

Published February 2, 2004

Inspiration at Budrus

Mary La Rosa writes on the experiences of the International Womens Peace Service, a team of women working for social justice in Palestine's West Bank.

Published February 2, 2004


British govt oppose human rights case at Lords

The family of an IRA man, shot dead in an RUC shoot-to-kill operation, have taken the fight to uncover the truth surrounding his death to the House of Lords.

Published February 2, 2004

Govt still hindering abuse inquiry - Laffoy

Justice Laffoy has strongly criticised the Dublin government, the religious congregations and lawyers in the third interim report of the Commission into Child Abuse, published yesterday.

Published February 2, 2004

Spooks and spin-doctors win again

The Hutton fiasco shows the need, more than ever, for a full international inquiry into collusion and the nest of vipers that calls itself ``British intelligence''.

Published January 30, 2004

Diplomat accuses British of collusion

A former senior Irish diplomat, Sean Donlon, has told a parliamentary sub-committee in Dublin that be believed there was British security force collusion in the 1974 bombings of Dublin and Monaghan.

Published January 30, 2004


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