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General links demilitarisation to IRA-DUP deal

A suggestion by a British military chief that some troops could be withdrawn from the North of Ireland by Christmas in the event of a political deal has been greeted with cynicism by republicans.

Published April 26, 2004

Former IRA men jailed over Bloody Sunday inquiry

The sentencing of a 54-year-old-man to three months in jail for contempt of the Bloddy Sunday Inquiry by refusing to attend and give evidence has been called a “scandal” by the brother of a victim of the British massacre.

Published April 26, 2004


New statistics show that nationalist areas of the North are being starved of inward investment while job-creation is being directed to mainly Protestant areas.

Published April 26, 2004

Reality check

By Bill Delaney

It is now clear that, in all and any circumstances, the hardline loyalist ‘Love Ulster’ parade could not have passed through city centre Dublin on Saturday without causing violence.

Published April 26, 2004

Outrage as march forced through Lurgan centre

For the second time this week, the PSNI police have ignored a Parades Commission determination and forced an anti-Catholic parade through a nationalist community.

Published April 26, 2004

Nixon backed prayer, positive thinking

Former US president Mr Richard Nixon considered sending evangelist preacher Billy Graham and the then Catholic Cardinal of New York, Terence Cooke to Ireland to “heal” Ireland following the Bloody Sunday massacre.

Published April 26, 2004

Colombian injustice revealed

The basis for the decision of a Colombia court to reverse a lower court’s decision and find three Irish men guilty of training rebels has proved shocking.

Published April 26, 2004

Demands for release of Sean Kelly

Pressure is growing on the British government to free prominent republican Sean Kelly, who was jailed last month without explanation.

Published April 26, 2004

Adams meets Raymond McCord

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams yesterday held talks with the father of a unionist paramilitary murder victim and vowed to back his campaign for justice.

Published April 26, 2004

PSNI use CS gas in Bogside assault

Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan is to be asked to investigate the use of CS gas during disturbances in Derry’s nationalist Bogside.

Published April 26, 2004

Warning over commitments on inquiries

Human rights groups have demanded in a letter to Tony Blair that he ensures his government sticks to its commitments on inquiries into the collusion of British forces in three controversial murders.

Published April 26, 2004

Delaying the inevitable

There is no-one seriously arguing that republicans are to blame for this deal not being struck this week.

Published April 26, 2004

The Long War

By Danny Morrison (for the Andersonstown News)

Last week the official, or rather some of the official, British and Irish government documents were released under the ‘30-year rule’.

Published April 26, 2004

Feud may lead to PUP sanction

A unionist politician has challenged the British government to arrest him if it believed his party had a say over the actions of the paramilitary ‘Ulster Volunteer Force’ and ‘Red Hand Commando’.

Published April 26, 2004

Weaker social bonds fuel suicide

Suicide rates in the North of Ireland have risen as community spirit in the face of the conflict has declined, according to new research published.

Published April 26, 2004

The Blanketmen prepare for the ultimate step

Another in our continuing series of retrospectives on the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hnger strike. An account of the 1980 hunger strike from the Irish People.

Published April 26, 2004

‘Real UDA’ in attempted murder

Armed unionist paramilitaries who were intent on murder raked the home of a Catholic family with gunfire on Tuesday morning.

Published April 26, 2004

Key elements of the proposals

A summary of the proposals considered during the talks. ----- KEYWORDS:

Published April 26, 2004


Efforts are being made to save the northern talks process following controversial allegations on Friday by the northern police chief Hugh Orde.

Published April 26, 2004

UDA mount attacks

The unionist paramilitary UDA has carried out another series of sectarian attacks, putting pressure on the British government to admit that the organisation is not abiding by its professed ceasefire.

Published April 26, 2004


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