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Dismay at Ombudsman’s report on forensic interference

The North’s Police Ombudsman, Mrs Nuala O’Loan, has denied that the PSNI police pressurised a forensic scientist into acting improperly.

Published August 8, 2004


Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams has told republicans they need to be prepared to remove the IRA and the issue of weapons as an excuse for unionists to block political progress.

Published August 8, 2004

Irish victims of Mideast conflict

An Irish man was shot dead in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, while an Irish victim of the Iraq war was remembered in Dublin this week.

Published August 8, 2004

Treating Oppression and Depression

In light of a further spate of suicides among young people in nationalist areas of Belfast, we present a political analysis of the issue of mental illness in the North of Ireland.

Published August 3, 2004

West Belfast Feile

The highlights of this week’s programme for the annual West Belfast festival

Published August 3, 2004


An informer said to be wanted for questioning by the PSNI police about the Omagh bombing is living in Britain under a government witness-protection scheme and using a false name, it has been reported.

Published August 3, 2004

Harney backs inequality, opposes tax on wealthy

The 26-County Deputy Prime Minister, Tanaiste Mary Harney, has opposed greater taxation of Ireland’s wealthy, and said she hoped they would make charitable donations instead.

Published August 3, 2004

Pipe-bomb attack linked to march tension

A pipe bomb left outside a Catholic home on the Ligoniel Road caused a major security alert in north Belfast today. The device, described as ‘viable’ by the PSNI, was defused.

Published August 3, 2004

Racism fuels further violence

Two homes in north Antrim were attacked yesterday by racists thought to be linked to the unionist paramilitary UDA. Meanwhile, a riot in south Belfast at the weekend has been linked to a PSNI bid to prevent racist attacks in the area.

Published August 3, 2004

‘Stormontgate’ report disputed

The police Ombudsman’s office has clashed with Sinn Féin over a report which rejects accusations that a 2002 raid on Sinn Féin’s Assembly offices was politically motivated.

Published August 3, 2004

SF negotiating ‘in good faith’

Sinn Féin is very focused on making sure the September political negotiations are successful in addressing all of the outstanding issues, the party said yesterday.

Published August 3, 2004

Schedule unveiled for crunch talks

Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy has urged the British government to “build a bridge towards democracy and equality” following the setting of a timetable for intensive discussions on the peace process next month.

Published July 30, 2004

IMC is nothing more than a tool of the NIO

The latest IMC report is a mix of carelessness, pomposity, arrogance and toe-curling subservience to their masters in the NIO.

Published July 30, 2004

Bank robbery

Irish political parties have united to condemn seriously illegal activity at the National Irish Bank following a damning report by two High Court inspectors.

Published July 30, 2004

Free Seamus Doherty

By Martin Mulholland, IRPWA

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association demands the immediate unconditional release of Derry Republican Seamus Doherty. There is widespread alarm within the Republican community that this miscarriage of justice is being allowed to continue despite serious doubts regarding the credibility of the charges against him.

Published July 30, 2004


Relatives and survivors of the 1974 Monaghan and Dublin bombings have accused the Irish government of a “betrayal of trust” over a continued failure to set up a full public inquiry into the attacks.

Published July 30, 2004

Kerry campaign disappoints Irish activists

Irish Americans have expressed dismay at the failure to give weight to the Ireland issue in the Democratic Party 2004 Platform for the US Presidential election.

Published July 30, 2004

March decisions provoke nationalist anger

Tension surrounds two sectarian parades tonight after controversial decisions by the Parades Commission on marches in Maghera and north Belfast.

Published July 30, 2004

Racist attacks escalate

Unionist politicians have been urged to speak out after a series of racist attacks in working-class unionist areas of the North.

Published July 30, 2004

Uncle Joe

By Danny Morrison

Years ago I heard a very young Siobhan O’Hanlon talk about her Uncle Joe, clearly proud of her connection, through her mom, to the Cahill clan. I had first got to know Joe - let’s say, professionally - to the extent that as far as I was concerned he was first and foremost an IRA man who could produce miracles, usually in respect to money.

Published July 27, 2004


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