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‘UDA threats’ used to help Poots become DUP leader

pootsuda.jpg An allegation by DUP leadership contender Jeffrey Donaldson that the UDA threatened some of his team while he was campaigning to become party leader has brought a new focus to the long history of links between loyalist paramilitaries and DUP extremists.

Published May 29, 2021

Community in fear after cameras found trained on popular inn

spycameras.jpg Three British cameras and a transmitter hidden on a hillside and looking down on one of the north’s busiest roadside inns are believed to have been used to spy on republicans in the Tyrone area for months or even years.

Published May 29, 2021

Precedent set as ‘double agent’ found liable for Drumbeg massacre

alanoliver.jpg Britain’s secret murder campaign in Ireland has been further exposed after a court found one of its alleged loyalist agents murdered three civilians in a shop in Drumbeg, Craigavon in 1991.

Published May 29, 2021

Tributes to hunger strikers on 40th anniversary

inlamural.jpg The Irish National Liberation Army performed a gun salute to hunger striker Patsy O’Hara with a volley of shots close to his family home in the Bishop Street area of Derry last weekend.

Published May 29, 2021

Council accused of deception over royal visit

charlesgullion.jpg There have been calls for resignations at the nationalist-controlled Newry, Mourne and Down council after a historian was fooled into taking part in pro-British propaganda exercise during a recent visit of England’s Prince Charles.

Published May 29, 2021

Loyalist teen threatens MPs with Brexit violence

joelkeys.jpg The use of violence in response to port checks is ‘not off the table’, a 19-year-old linked to loyalist paramilitary gangs told Westminster MPs in an extraordinary meeting on the consequences of Brexit.

Published May 22, 2021

PSNI chief dodges meeting with councillors over harassment

darrinjones.jpg The head of the PSNI police in Derry and Strabane has been criticised by councillors after he refused to attend a meeting to discuss anger at sectarian and political policing in the area.

Published May 22, 2021

Ballymurphy families express anger at latest non-apology

johnsonapology.jpg A formal ‘apology’ by Boris Johnson in the House of Commons to the families of the Ballymurphy massacre victims has been condemned as partial and insincere.

Published May 22, 2021

New evidence ties British regiment to death of schoolgirl

marthacampbell2.jpg Fresh evidence has been uncovered which proves the British Army was active in an area of west Belfast where a 13-year-old girl was shot and killed during the conflict.

Published May 22, 2021

SAS assassins challenged to come forward

loughgall600.jpg Relatives of people murdered by an ‘elite’ British Army unit in targeted operations have said those who carried out the killings should be held to account for their actions.

Published May 22, 2021

TDs urged to support campaign for truth

gavinmcshane.jpg Members of the Dublin parliament have been briefed on the murder of two Catholic teenagers in which collusion is alleged between the British state and unionist paramilitaries.

Published May 22, 2021

Joy turns to anger at mealy-mouthed apology

ballymurphyafter.jpg The families of the Ballymurphy massacre victims have rejected a British letter of apology and have called for the disbandment of the regiment responsible for the slaughter of their loved ones.

Published May 15, 2021

Irish horror at Israeli bombings in Palestine

gazahell.jpg Irish groups have joined others around the world in expressing their shock and condemnation at escalating Israeli acts of war and war crimes against Palestinian communities.

Published May 15, 2021

DUP backs Poots for new leader

pootsbeattie.jpg ‘Turkeys voting for Christmas’ is how some have described the DUP’s decision to elect unionist extremist and religious fundamentalist, Edwin Poots, as its new leader.

Published May 15, 2021

Britain holds fresh talks with loyalist gangs

frostfinucane.jpg Sinn Féin has said the British government needs to clarify whether it retains a “cosy relationship” with illegal armed criminal gangs after senior British ministers met with representatives of the UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando on Monday.

Published May 15, 2021

Anderson family speak out over sudden purge

andersonhs19.jpg The family of former Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson have accused the party of “publicly humiliating” her.

Published May 15, 2021

Scotland signals support for end to Union

sturgeonelection.jpg Following a landslide vote for her party in national elections, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared “it is the will of the country” for Scotland to have a second independence referendum.

Published May 15, 2021

Truth and vindication at last for Ballymurphy families


After fifty years of British state lies and cover-ups, a coroner has finally ruled today that those killed in the Ballymurphy massacre were entirely innocent.

Published May 11, 2021

Tories plan blanket amnesty for state killers

bloodysundayrites.jpg A move by the British government to halt prosecutions for any and all crimes committed by the British Crown forces in the North of Ireland has provoked widespread shock and anger.

Published May 8, 2021

Martina Anderson to quit Stormont after party request

martinaandersonsf.jpg Sinn Féin’s former MEP for the north of Ireland, Martina Anderson, is to stand down from electoral politics after being asked to do so by the party leadership.

Published May 8, 2021


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